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Top 5 Disturbing Truths About Nancy Pelosi

Posted By Lisa Graas On October 3, 2010 @ 8:00 am In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

She’s The Boss: The Disturbing Truth About Nancy Pelosi, by Rochelle Schweizer, promises to reveal to readers that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “image as a caring, grandmotherly public servant” is nothing more than a facade for a “ruling-class diva” whose power rests in back room deal-making and hypocrisy. The book delivers as promised. Here are the top five disturbing truths revealed in this new biography about the most dangerous and, perhaps, the most hypocritical woman in America, Nancy Pelosi.

5. Pelosi Defines “Compassion” as A System of Dealing Out Favors. Being brought up as a Roman Catholic in Baltimore’s “Little Italy”, Nancy Pelosi was very likely instructed that compassion is advanced in the world when individuals practice clearly defined works of mercy. In Pelosi’s world, this practice is cheapened and becomes more akin to “I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine”. Schweizer describes in She’s The Boss how Pelosi’s father Thomas “Big Tommy” D’Alesandro, Jr., implemented a “favor file”. This file was a record of favors given to constituents which could be called in on election day. Little Nancy was taught “compassion” by her father in the rough and tumble world of Baltimore politics with the favor file he kept to gain and maintain power. Later, in San Francisco, Pelosi came to power using her own favor file. It is this sort of “compassion” that solidifies Pelosi’s power in her district.

4. On Religion, “The Boss” Wants It Both Ways. Pelosi claims that she was not raised to be Speaker but, rather, to be holy. She pulls the holiness card when it suits the leftist agenda and, when it doesn’t, she tucks it away with the excuse of “separation of church and state”. Alternatively, she will justify her actions by redefining holiness, but again, only when it suits the leftist agenda. For example, supporting gay marriage and abortion are as holy to Pelosi as having her children sing hymns during a campaign, if not more so. In She’s The Boss, Schweizer clearly outlines strong pressure Pelosi has experienced from the Catholic bishops on such issues as embryonic stem cell research and abortion funding in healthcare. The defiance with which Pelosi has opposed the bishops is remarkable in its audacity and hypocrisy.

3. Bipartisanship is “Anathema” to Pelosi, A “Fierce, Political Animal”. Schweizer details how Pelosi has risen to power and maintains her power in the Democratic Party by commanding unity. This “unity” is not a natural occurrence but comes through Pelosi’s demands for absolute loyalty with no room being given for bipartisanship.

Pelosi seems curiously insistent on robotic groupthink. Indeed, to achieve her goal of climbing into the speakership, Pelosi knew she would need to present Democrats as a unified opposition against the policies and leadership of President George W. Bush. Doing so, Pelosi understood, would project an air of strength that would redound to her fundraising efforts.

Pelosi sees bipartisanship as the political equivalent of sleeping with the enemy, a sin wealthy leftist donors are unlikely to forgive.

I couldn’t help but think of the Democrats’ insistence that the Republican Party is the “Party of No”. Clearly, under Nancy Pelosi’s ruthless example and rule, the Democrats are not wired to characterize any alternative to their leftist power grab as anything but blatant apostasy to the all-holy agenda which includes their Holy Grails of government-run healthcare and Cap and Trade.

2. Campaigns as an Ethics Reformer, Turns a Blind Eye to Democratic Corruption. While Nancy Pelosi would like to be seen as a champion of ethics reform, and has used the issue as a central campaign message, her activities in Congress suggest that the only corruption she is interested in talking about is what she can gin up about Republicans. Schweizer details ethical problems Pelosi has brushed under the rug such as those of Congressmen John Murtha and Charlie Rangel, but more importantly, she exposes serious corruption in the office of Nancy Pelosi herself.

Pelosi has recognized, just as [her father] Big Tommy did, that maintaining and running an effective political machine means working with and backing people who don’t take much stake on ethics. Loyalty, it seems, is the character quality that really matters.

1. Nancy Pelosi’s Core Hatred for Republicans. Schweizer relates several incidents throughout Nancy Pelosi’s life that seem to indicate that at the core of Nancy Pelosi herself is an absolute hatred for the Republican Party. One of these many accounts in particular struck me as definitive.

When she was a little girl, she accompanied her parents to a polling place where a Republican poll worker gave the mayor’s young daughter a toy elephant. (A toy for a kid – how nice.) But Little Nancy was repulsed and gave it back. “He thinks I don’t know what this is,” Pelosi recalled. “I was offended.”

Questions that Nancy Pelosi’s opponents find themselves scratching their heads over generally run along these themes. Does Nancy Pelosi believe she is being compassioniate? Does she honestly think she’s a faithful Catholic? How can she claim to be a champion of bipartisanship and ethics reform? Does she really hate Republicans that much? At long last, Rochelle Schweizer effectively answers these questions and more besides in She’s The Boss: The Disturbing Truth About Nancy Pelosi.

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