The Left’s Pro-Burqa Problem

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Left-wing lock-steppers believe it’s racist to demand Islamic women not be covered from head-to-toe in burqas.  Banning the subjective Islamic garb that covers women completely, so they’re never seen nor heard, is abject discrimination.  If you think Islamic women have the right to be uncovered, and want the burqa banned, you’re an Islamophobe.

The left-wing rag Green Left defends the Islamic shrouding of women as beautifully liberating.  Their latest column titled “The Burqa: Reject the Fake ‘Feminism’ of the Right,” calls those saying no to the burqa a bunch of “right-wing” “fake feminists.”

Pro-burqa protests began when Australian artist Sergio Redegalli painted a giant mural in Sidney with the words “Say no to burqas.” Redegalli’s mural sparked outrage, activists deemed him racist for suggesting Islamic women should never be covered, rather free of clothing shrouding women, preventing them from being liberated human beings.

According to Kiraz Janicke, a left-wing activist for Sidney Socialist Alliance, Redegalli’s artwork “has no other value than to promote racism.”  To counter Redegalli’s liberation of Islamic women from oppression artwork, Janicke painted a Live Red Art pro-burqa mural titled “Burqa Revolution.”  Janicke argues that removing burqas and uncovering Islamic women hinders their liberation.

This is how leftist feminists champion women’s rights—deny them liberation.  Beating, stoning, and murdering Muslim women who attempt to remove their burqas is more an emancipation hindrance.

According to Green Left:

“Burqa revolution” is a contribution to the current debate about the burqa and the disturbing rise of anti-Muslim extremism…in Europe…around the world…[and in] …Australia…In the New South Wales Legislative Council, arch-fundamentalist Christian MLC Fred Nile has introduced a private member’s bill seeking to ban the wearing of the burqa.  This anti-Muslim extremism is a product of a sustained ideological campaign of Islamophobia by the media and mainstream politicians —not only to bolster support for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but…to scapegoat a sector of the population for the growing social problems stemming from the crisis of capitalism itself…A recurring theme of this ideological campaign to convince us that Muslims are ‘alien’ to the ‘Western way of life’ is that Islam oppresses women.  Thus we have ‘feminist’ arguments being used to justify the bloody war in Afghanistan, which has killed thousands of innocent women and children, as a mission to ‘liberate’ women, and hypocritical rhetoric about ‘defending women’s rights’ from politicians who at the same time are attacking women’s rights and services here in Australia.

1,400 years of Islamic murderous brutality is proof Islam is oppressive and deadly, not the War on Terror, which resulted from Islamic violence against the West.

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  • Paul Nim

    Today's publication of Jihad Watch has an article (# 2) discussing a cartoon about a superhero dressed in a burqa.

    Is anyone out there capable of artistic drawings (my ability is extremely low) that you can send me? These would be drawings of the superhero preventing rapes, child molestation, hangings, limbs being chopped off, etc. The drawings would be "strip" drawings (one after the other). The superhero, dressed in a burqa, would be the savior.

    This superhero would portray Islam in a positive way. Islam would be grateful. Please let me know.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    "Not only would banning the burqa constitute a violation of religious freedom, it is also racist because it holds only one sector of society responsible for sexism: Muslims. This false counter-position of Islam (as an oppressor of women’s rights) vs the enlightened West (as defenders of women’s rights), serves to distract from the inherent sexism of our own society."

    Once again, the convoluted logic seems to be that because there is residual sexism in the West, we must do nothing to impede the importation of a more virulent sexism from the Muslim world.

    Perfectly logical…(*rolls eyes*)

  • Simon_Gardner

    Of course the burka/niqab is oppressive. Getting rid of it is analogous to the abolition of slavery. Getting rid of this sort of gross offence against women is what the state is for. Vive la France!

    The left has picked the wrong side in the battle for freedom and liberation.

    • MarkS_JupiterFL

      When have they picked the right one?

  • Chezwick_Mac

    "Thus we have ‘feminist’ arguments being used to justify the bloody war in Afghanistan, which has killed thousands of innocent women and children, as a mission to ‘liberate’ women, and hypocritical rhetoric about ‘defending women’s rights’…"

    RESPONSE: The equation here seems to be that because the West is fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the West is innately evil, then the Burqa must have redeeming social value. Makes perfect sense…(cough, cough).

    "The best way to fight sexism, like racism, is to encourage women and oppressed minorities to fight to defend their rights through collective action. "

    RESPONSE: In other words, maintaining the Muslim "collective" identity – the very system that compels these women into their body tents – is the best way to liberate them.

    "Building the movement to stop the wars in the Middle East and to reject the sexist and racist propaganda of the politicians and media is what will in reality create a better world for women, and for all."

    RESPONSE: You see….were it not for US <span class="IL_AD" id="IL_AD12">interventions</span> in Afghanistan and Iraq, Muslim women would be free. After all, before we removed the Taliban from power, the women in Afghanistan were living in a veritable feminist paradise.

    Lisa, good job getting these quotes from Janicke and "The Green Left'. Nothing is so inditing of leftist feminists than their own words.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Sexism, Schmexism, more often than not when you see a woman in the West wearing any of the head and/or face covering they wear, it has far less to do with religious observance and far more with a statement that they are at war with you. In many Muslim countries, in Europe and in Africa and in the Americas, many Muslim women had completely left behind the ancient traditional garb. It was after 9/11, which overjoyed and inspired them, that they began to wear their burkas and schmurkas. Don't delude yourself when you see them. It is their way of spitting on you.

  • No Dhimmi


    The lefty "feminists" are demented, period.

  • wesley69

    In the US, religion is a choice. It is a choice for Muslim women as well. We do not practice Sharia here. Anyone trying to enforce its harsh penalties on any woman will be subject to US criminal law. To think that throughout Muslim history, a woman's mind was/is considered inferior to that of a man's, one could argue that Muslim societies are crippled by the near-enslavement of women. Half the brain power of your country is not being tapped because of archaic rules My question is why American Feminists are silent about this injustice? How can they be silent when a woman is stoned for committing adultery?

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

  • Mark S- Jupiter, FL

    Two forces at work here on the left. First, is a good old fashioned misanthropy gussied up in various causes. Be it environmentalism, socialism or any of their myriad "isms" they profess to be for or against, they all license the adherent to hate their fellows openly. And it's always easiest, safest and convenient to hate your own first, most and always. Especially for the blessed beneficiaries of American liberty, who like spoiled teenagers, run down their own family's customs and parents without a clue of the sacrifices, diligence and hard work it takes to secure them. Thus the western left.

    Secondly, and concomitantly, is the condescension and patronization of the left. It is they who do not treat others fully as men with their own convictions and motivations apart from whatever we do. That's why when a seventh century weird-beard states his intention to conquer all the world for allah, kill or subjugate all who resist and is ready die in the trying, a liberal pulls on his chin and blithely declares the man doesn't mean what he says. No, it's all a metaphor and what the benighted denizen really means is they need more "foreign aid" or to be rid of those pesky Jews on their little patch of land.

    In the specific case of burkas and the larger issue of creeping sharia the left sees an opportunity to hate its own with that sneering glee once again. Meanwhile, they can profess to speak for but all the while condescending to muslim women. Like oblivious teenagers, they personally feel safe and could never believe they themselves are at risk so they take it as read this is merely an issue of "choice" for the odd western woman who would go veiled. Cowards that they are however, they do not see that the real test of freedom for muslim women is not whether they can veil here but what are they permitted to do there, in the "muslim world". That statement alone, "permission" and "muslim world", tells any thinking person where the real struggle and one's duty lies. As to what it would eventually mean here for women depends on how many women go veiled, the first by choice but those later perhaps not. Veiled women is a marker of creeping oppression not emancipation and liberty. History shows that with islam amongst majority populations it's all about critical mass. The more you see veiled the more it will evidence women's re-enslavement.

    We should ban, not legally but with the strictest social opprobrium possible, all outward manifestations of islamic custom here. Just as we do any who would strut down the street in Nazi regalia because I defy anyone to meaningfully delineate the two. It doesn't matter just that a woman "chooses" to wear it because it's not about her "choice" as the end-all but rather what it is she's choosing. Or rationalizing as the case may be for many who want to believe it is they deciding their course rather than a recalcitrant males about her. And just because she chooses subservience is no righteous claim on the rest of us to honor her choice. We should be as intolerant of islamic symbols as the left is outraged that an obscure candidate for Congress in Ohio once donned an SS uniform to play army with re-enactor friends on a long forgotten weekend. Oh, how reassuring to Liberty it would be if our perpetually outraged adolescents could muster the same opposition to real oppression, real theocracy, real patriarchy and real totalitarianism as they do the phantoms and ghosts of it they forever chase among their own kind.

    But that brings us to a third quality of the left- Craven hypocrisy unto suicide. Islam is the antithesis of everything every western liberal ever said they believed. In living, breathing color. And yet they embrace and defend it if it means hating their own once again. They now stand with those who deny women any vestige of person hood or autonomy, those who impose on women a life, as Mark Steyn says, "that begins with clitorectomies and ends with honor killings", those who would kill any who worship another God or none at all, those whose only debate about gays is how they should be killed, a theocracy that blends and subjugates all aspects of life to men who seek not more knowledge but violently insist all wisdom is to be found in the life of a man from the seventh century Arabian peninsula and if you don't agree it's dhimmitude or death for you. As usual, the left agitates a life for others it would never choose for itself and it does so because it feels safe. But thanks to them it might not be in the not so distant future and the future arrives faster than anyone can imagine. Just ask the western women of Europe's first cities who live close by

    Alas, there is a rough justice in this world and so as I never telling liberals about islam, "they'll cut your throat first".

  • henryCrux

    Democrats see Muslims as allies because the Muslim, like the Democrat, sees abortion as a victim-less procedure. The Muslim must believe that a baby is not a person until it gulps in it's first breath of air in which the spirit or soul of said baby is waiting to enter it and take over the once totally empty body. Democrats also believe in this superstitious view of procreation. They believe that a baby is not a baby until it breaths in its spirit from the hand of Allah, or God, or whatever. That is why all Democrats love Islam. They say, in step with the Koran, "An unborn baby is not a person yet until it breathes its spirit laden first breath". The Democrats are not fools, they know that sooner or later Abortion is apt to be made by law again into a criminal offence with real punishments – how to forestall that? Make friends with anybody anywhere who believes under penalty that Abortion murder is a VICTIMLESS CRIME ! (STILL WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH DEMOCRATS?)

  • IslamIsPolitical

    Muslim women love color and fashion, and wear it under their burka's. They can't say they like or prefer the burka, or they'd be lying, since it immediately comes off at home or when they are with only other women. To wear a burka is a sign of either oppression or rebellion, and neither one is good. But should we legislate against rebellion when it hurts no one but the one rebelling? I've read that burkas are hot, heavy, uncomfortable, etc. Any person who wants to willingly wear one deserves the misery they experience.

  • lukeweyland

    I would be surprised if any one on the left is is pro burqa or pro Chador.
    Both are hideous garments that seek to deny the humanity of their occupants.
    I personally would prefer women to choose to wear a scarf, hijab or the ilk.

    What I like however is irrelevant.
    However if certain women wish to look hideous it is their right to do so.

  • WeMustResist

    We do not need to ban the woman's right to wear the burqa or niqab. Let them have that right. What should be illegal is that anyone else has the right to force them to wear it, or suggest to them that thay should wear it, or suggest that things would be better for them if they wear it. The items of clothing are a form of imprisonment. Kidnapping is a type of illegal imprisonment, and being forced/ encouraged to wear these clothes is a type of imprisonment. Freely choosing to live in a mobile prison should not be against the law. That should be a general rule.

    • WeMustResist

      However there should be times when for public safety reasons we need to see a persons face and body to determine who they are and what they are carrying. At those times all masks should be banned, not only the niqab or burqa. I readily admit that wearing the burqa or niqab is a hostile rejection of the open society in which we live, and is a statement of enmity when worn willingly by a Muslim woman in a Western country. However punks, goths, tatooed fools and beringed idiots all have the right to show their hostility and we should not deny people their right to express their hatred and contempt for us simply because their hatred and contempt springs from their religious ideas.

  • BBQ


  • Edie

    Left wing feminists are dumbasses. Just look at NOW in the U.S. The speak out at the use of the word "whore"… then the next day the President of the Cali chapter of NOW calls Meg Whitman a whore. I mean MAKE UP YOUR MIND. Are you saying that the word whore can only be used towards people you don't like otherwise it's off limits? And I am a female who is more a feminist than members of NOW will ever be. That's why I speak out against the brutality of Sharia Law wherever and whenver I can.

  • Veronique

    Wearing a scarf is one thing, but Burqas need to be banned in western societies for many reasons.
    They are a health and safety risk as they block sunlight and causes VitD definciency which can affect mental health and cause rickets in unborn children. They impair normal vision, block periferal vision, cause personal accidents injury and even death and are not safe to drive in.
    A burqa is an affront to western society. It is insidious garment frequently used by terrorists as a disguise and in robberies and assaults. It is a security risk to people and county and is compliant with sharia law.
    It is not a religious requirement. It is oppressive to all women, discriminatory, intimidating, provocative and is downright offensive.
    Just because this is a free country does not mean you can wear a mask any more than it means you can walk down the street naked.
    Australians are normally open and transparent because they have nothing to hide.

  • poeta

    that took a long time to write

  • poeta

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  • poeta

    just like if i want to wear a scarf over my face in winter i acn
    -MEN AND WOMEN SHOULD STEP BACK FROM ENFORCING PRESSURE ON WOMEN, especially with what i am or am not going to wear out tonight.
    This is meant from both "sides" protection from religious figures, protection from political pressure, protection from work colleagues boyfriends husbands etc.
    Governments in general don't like the concept of free choices but we gotta fight for the right to party !!!