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Make Mine Freedom: Prophetic Cold War-Era Comic

Posted By Liz Blaine On February 4, 2010 @ 12:08 am In NewsReal Blog | No Comments


While watching the news tonight I experienced a flash of dissonance, whereby my preferred perception of reality was distinctly incongruent with the moment. I found my usual optimistic outlook on events in direct conflict with the reality of America’s descent into the radical blend of Marxism, Socialism and Communism currently progressed by the Obama administration. But synchronicity would be such that, while perusing the net, I rediscovered this little gem I had almost forgotten.

This prophetic Cold War-era cartoon uses humor to tout the dangers of Communism and the benefits of capitalism. Produced by Harding College in 1948, it heralds the principles of freedom that made this country great and defines the threats posed by excessive government to these same freedoms. Considered far-fetched at the time of its release, it should be required viewing for every social studies or American history class today.


And for a look at how far America has progressed down this path check out the updated 2010 version.

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