California’s 9/11 Cover-Up

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The Aztlan raza-ists see their task as liberation of Mexican territory from the evil United States and its “anglo” occupiers with names like Smith, O’Hoolihan, Kowalski, and Rabinowitz. Aztlan publications are not exactly friendly to Jews. (See Voz de Aztlan)

The Aztlan concept created some difficulties during a 2003 renovation of Chicano Park with federal funding. Some thought the term was too militant, and would violate the 1964 Civil Rights Act by giving preferential treatment to Chicanos. Caltrans district director Pedro Orso decided it did not.

“There are works of art here that everyone should view and enjoy,” Orso told reporters. The Aztlan propaganda duly remained as part of the federally funded renovation. Not all the imagery is Communist hagiography or raza-ist propaganda in the familiar neo-fascist style (to see a gallery of the images, click here). Some of it is the artistic equivalent of gang and prison tattoos, but Caltrans has never considered any of it to be “graffiti,” as it did the American flag mural in Sunol. Neither Caltrans nor any government agency has ever subjected any Chicano Park mural to a cover-up; paint or otherwise.

According to news reports, when Waldron, Noda and Hanley painted the 35-foot American flag by Interstate 680, the California Highway Patrol let them work without interruption, and passing motorists honked with approval.

In his written statement following the cover-up, Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “I extend my apologies to the artists whose mural inspired drivers along 680 for over eight and a half years.” The governor, who called Caltran’s actions “unconscionable,” announced no plan to have the 9/11 American flag mural restored, but artists took up the cause on their own.

Thomas Hanley sought permission from Caltran’s officials to repaint the mural, but according to news reports, artists Jim Gallagher and Steve Giordano restored the flag mural on July 3, just in time for the July 4 holiday.

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  • Grantman

    And if I'm not mistaken, Ground Zero is still a hole in the ground. I used to say, "God Bless America" but I'm thinking of saying "God Help America" because it sure seems like we need His help more and more.


    • WTC Survivor

      You are mistaken. Construction's been ongoing since 2006. 1500+ workers per day, 6 days a week, 10 hour shifts. Please don't degrade these people's pride in their livelihoods with the tired old "hole-in-the-ground" rhetoric. Thanks.

      • Grantman

        My apologies. I was basing my comment on a friend who visited the site earlier this spring and showed me pictures of (as she described it) "not much there." There is no way I intended to denegrate or degrade anyone.

        My comment was really directed at the years and years of political BS that delayed the start of construction. Too much infighting and political correctness with that museum to tolerance (or whatever). And remember, it took less than 14 months to build the Empire State Building…410 days from first shovel. How long has it been going on as of today?

  • Fong

    I'm waiting for an investigation to uncover the nest of sedition within Caltrans behind the decision to have the flag mural painted over just prior to the Fourth of July weekend. The timing of the decision to paint over the flag mural is very, very suspect. The names of all the Caltrans employees involved should be made known to the public. Who made the decision and gave the orders?

    • Andres de Alamaya

      Right on. I was about to write in the same thing. If you live in California, petition your representatives. We have another Trojan Horse here and it needs to be exposed and indicted.

    • Dean

      Cal Trans is ran by many who belong to La Raza and other Hitler type organazaitons just as our Mayor and city council are part of the La Raza movement. And we all no what La Raza stands for, but they will stand there and tell you your the racisist.? this is all part of theLatino take over conspiracy. They talk about it amoung them selves but will never speak about to another culture

    • ajnn

      This Azlan / La Raza group is quite a bunch of jew-haters.

      "Adolf Hitler had the Ashkenazi Jews pegged and knew the harm they had done to the German native people. He organized a political party and started ousting them. During the Nazi period in Germany" (praise of Adilf Hitler?)

      "Satanic ideology that European Ashkenazis Zionist Jews" (Oy !!)

      "Many of the most malevolent Zionists oppressing the Palestinian people in the Holy Land are in fact not of the ancient Hebrew stock." (its all about color & race to Aztlan / La Raza)

      Do these people get government support or are they given an opportunity to spread their hatred of jews and Americans by state or local governments ?

      • maria

        Thanks for your information.
        I had heard about this.
        But Mexicans making connection with Al Qaeda and talking about Iran is realy something to worry about.
        Taking on the Islam religion also.
        In my book all these people here in the USA converting to Islam are nothing but traitors.

    • Dennis X

      Alot of jews work for caltrans and now for $7.50 per hour. I don't think anyone cares at that rate.

  • welldoneson

    A pattern is emerging, one of anti-American actions by officials, whether this example, or bureaucratic meddling in oil clean-up efforts, or Obama "ordering" NASA to make efforts to "reach out" to Moslems. All pretty damn peculiar. You've put a quisling bastard in the White House, and you've got anti-American creeps from the days of the Weathermen and the SDS calling some of the shots. Time to take out the garbage, America!

    • Dean

      Agreed welldoneson

      NASA's new job is to reach out to Muslims? What the F&%^$#. .Wake up America
      soft tyranny to hard right before our eyes.
      They wanted change and they are getting it

  • kafir4life

    Leave California alone. They should be left to their self-created misery. We were supposed to go there for a family vacation this year, but instead just returned from Arizona…..What a beautiful state!! I had contacted the San Fran chamber of commerce, and had a very nice exchange with a lady there. I asked if Mr. Mayor was planning on inviting all the illegals that felt hurt and insulted by the Arizona immigration law, and that if he really cared, he'd put his money where his boyfriend puts his weiner.

    • pina

      why are you blaming ca. for what is going on in arizona, everyone has a choice in what they do are say and if you left at age 8 shut up what do you know about living here. and the mayor of ca. is not the mayor of arizona. maybe you should ask your boyfriend if the mayor can put his weiner where you put yours dumb s—

      • rangerdgd

        I lived there for 45 years..It's been a toilet for the last 20 years..What do I know about living there?..I know the difference between a mayor of a city, and a Governor of a state pineapple asswipe

        • trickyblain

          I live pretty good here in Califonia. Sailing SF Bay. Hiking Desolation Wilderness after having lunch in Tahoe. A toliet? Maybe your lfe just sucks. It's not our fault.

    • Dean


      Make room bud its time for the rest of us siene people to get out of Cali I wrote a letter to the LA city council thanking them for helping me make my decision to move to ARIZONA! YES!

    • Logic & Reason

      You guys are racist, homophobic, sexist Nazi right-wingers. Go to the Hell you're so obsessed with!

  • darkmorrow

    Wheres the damned earthquake we were promised that was supposed to snap Ca. in half, and dump it into the Ocean. As a person that just happened to be born in Ca., then got the hell outta there by the time I was 8, I implore the all mighty to consider allowing a 11.0 quake, just to shake things up.

    • Andres de Alamaya

      Don't blame a state for some enemies in the woodpile.

    • USMCSniper

      Don't lose hope Mr Death Wish, the big shaky one may come sooner than you think. But it may be Yellowstone, no California.

      • trickyblain

        Isn't the primary threat a supervolcano in Yesllowstone?

      • Meg

        Or the New Madrid……

    • trickyblain

      We've really missed your company since you left last year.

      Imploring a deity for the death of innocent people? You and bin Laden…


    • pina


    • darkmorrow

      Take a fucking joke much. You must be one of those that detroyed that once great state.

  • Rob

    A headline story for our dreams:

    "Former student flag-burners unite to repaint Caltrans flag"

    (Berkeley, CA.) Over 100 former Viet-nam era flag and draft-card burners have reunited at Sproul Plaza to form a "Repaint the Flag Committee" (RFC), with the goal of repainting the covered up U.S. flag. One former draft-card burner commented:

    "When I was young, I was only capable of thinking of myself and a college degree, using Viet-nam as a convenient pretext. But now that I am a man, I think about my country first, and have put away matches and joysticks.

    • USMCSniper

      Sounds like they all have a guilty consciences. Naaahhh, not this crowd ever, they just want their 15 minutes of fame!

  • david

    California is a third world country as far as I'm concerned.

    • trickyblain

      California provides 13 percent of the US GDP. It is the eighth largest economy in the world and the the world's 5th largest supplier of agrigoods.

      If that's a thrid world country, what the hell is Alabama?

  • USMCSniper

    Speaking of California. Sell a guinea pig, go to jail. That's the law under consideration by San Francisco's Commission of Animal Control and Welfare. If the commission approves the ordinance at its meeting tonight, San Francisco could soon have what is believed to be the country's first ban on the sale of all pets except fish. Hmmmm…. I guess the homosexuals will have to quit their all that gerbiling! hah hah hah

    Read more:

  • Norrin

    I was anti – American before I traveled around the world, and then I learned that actually America is a great country. In Thailand, for example, I've learned that it's still common practice for a wealthy individual to back up over some one they've hit with their car. It's cheaper to pay a death fine than an emergency room bill. And apparently people in Thailand are so friendly and nice and Americans are evil. I don't buy that garbage anymore. I never knew what evil was until I traveled to other countries outside the US.