Anti-Semitic Gutter Sludge Attacks Us As “Jew Ass Kissers”

Anti-Semitic racist blogger Charles P. Adkins aka Chuck Adkins aka Paleo Pat aka Patrick aka k8cpa

On Sunday we published a post here at NewsReal that was a parody of chapters cut from Meghan McCain’s new book, Dirty Sexy Politics. Anyone who knows anything about Meghan McCain knows that it actually ended up being eerily accurate and it’s conceivable that some of our satirized “cut chapters” actually were proposed chapters – or ended up in the final product. Excerpts released by the publisher seem to indicate that. Bless her heart.

While most snickered and appreciated our post, one person in particular did not. “Patrick” over at a supposedly conservative blog called responded to our piece this way, as noted by RedState:

In response, some jackass writing at a site called felt that an appropriate response would be to call Jenn and Lori “jew ass kissers” who write for a site owned by a “neocon Jew” who is apparently interested in “keeping the Jew bankers rich.” Seriously. A screenshot of his racist filth is below:

The screenshot is necessary because “Patrick” amended the original “Jew Ass Kisser” post to be marginally less disgusting and vile. Or in his words, he “Removed all references to a particular ethnic group. Because I do not want to give the Semite-Baiting twits any more ammo, than they actually need. ” Sadly, disgusting and vile is standard operating procedure for “Patrick,” who has also gone by the name Chuck Adkins, as you’ll see in just a bit.

He then responded to the post at RedState, which had clearly exposed him for the absolute ass of a man that he is. His response was as follows:

Yep, My intended target has noticed, and now they’re threatening tactics of the far-left. Which is no surprise, seeing most of those people, are just Democrats in Republican clothing. I guess the truth must hurt. So much for them tolerate Conservatives. I thought Democrats were the only intolerant crowd?

Oh, we conservatives are so “intolerate.” It’s also hilarious that he says his “intended target” noticed. So, his intended target was a poster at RedState? Which is why he wrote an anti-Semitic rant aimed at us. In response to a post written at NewsReal. And what does he mean by “those people”? Oh yes. The Joos ™, I suspect.

For the Record….:

Bill Kristol is a JEW

Andrew BreitBart is a JEW

Pamela Geller is a JEW

Matt Drudge is a JEW

John Podhoretz is a JEW

The people I have listed, are the one’s who are shrieking the loudest about this Mosque; and yes, they are ALL JEWS. Does that make me an Anti-Semite? No. It does not. It makes me someone, who is aware of the facts —- That the Neo-Conservative JEWS are making this damned Mosque a political issue, instead of a local issue.

I can tolerate diversity of opinion, but damned dirty pool, I will not tolerate and I will expose these idiots for what they are and that are the lying scum that they are.

There is nothing I cannot STAND worse than Identity Politics of the LEFT and that is the Identity Politics and under-handed crap of the Zionist right!

Nice try guys, but this is White American Conservative that is not buying this little stunt!

Not only does his hateful bigotry have no bounds, neither does his idiocy, evidently. He’s right about one thing, though. We are intolerant of douchebaggery and hate-filled anti-Semitic racists. Changing names and attempting to delete postings doesn’t work, “Patrick,” because not everyone is as intelligence deficient as you are. Further proof of which is indicated by a taste of the lovely things he has done as Chuck Adkins:

Chuck Adkins, for those who don’t know, is the jerk who published Michelle Malkin’s home address and phone number on the internet, who also famously made enemies with the entire world by calling a recently-dead blogger’s wife a “b***h” and saying she died to avoid hanging around with him anymore.  Well, apparently he’s resurfaced with the new name “Patrick,” but the Internet always remembers.

He also called Michelle Malkin “a gook,” has a history of racist Twitter tirades, and was caught at Dan Riehl’s site submitting a comment that said that Obama is a “Muslim N***** terrorist.”  Huh. He sure spreads his hate around. More racism from “Patrick,” under yet another pseudonym, “k8cpa”:

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