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Jake Knotts: Vicious Racist Sleazeball

Posted By Lori Ziganto On June 5, 2010 @ 11:00 am In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Lori Ziganto’s latest article at RedState:

I didn’t address State Sen. Jake Knotts’ “raghead” comments earlier, because I had little to say to the refuted man, save for some rather colorful words. Today, he proved himself even more odious than even first thought. Via Hot Air (emphasis theirs):

He claims she is hiding her religion and he wants the voters to know about it. “We got a raghead in Washington; we don’t need one in South Carolina,” Knotts said more than once. “She’s a raghead that’s ashamed of her religion trying to hid it behind being Methodist for political reasons.”…

Knotts says he believes Haley’s father has been sending letters to India saying that Haley is the first Sikh running for high office in America. He says her father walks around Lexington wearing a turban.

“We’re at war over there,” Knotts said. Asked to clarify, he said he did not mean the United States was at war with India, but was at war with “foreign countries.”

Not only am I infuriated beyond belief for Nikki Haley, a good, decent woman whom I have supported and continue to support in her campaign to become my Governor, but I’m humiliated for my now home state. Politics are dirty in South Carolina, yes. And I know dirty politics, having been born and raised in New Jersey. But, this goes far beyond even dirty politics. This is repugnant on every level and is nowhere near the bounds of human decency. Already, the noxious scum covering Jake Knotts is sullying the people of South Carolina as a whole and is perpetuating the “dumb racist Southerners” meme.

Nothing could be further from the truth. While the vile alleged man, Jake Knotts, is muttering, barely literate, about those “foreign countries”, the people here, including the SC tea party, are fighting another battle. We are fighting against the likes of the loathsome Jake Knotts. We are fighting to end the despicable political practices in South Carolina. We are fighting to take back the government for the people, by the people. (Hint: the term “people” does not include you, Jake Knotts. You have not one shred of human decency in you)

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