Obama Calls for Bipartisan Commission on Debt. Has He Tried, You Know, Adding?

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No, really. They need a commission to figure out why there is so much of that annoying debt stuff.

President Barack Obama on Saturday called on Congress to pass a bill creating a fiscal commission amid reports that he will likely create an executive commission if Congress does not act. Obama issued a statement calling for Republicans and Democrats to join the effort, even though Republicans have already voiced their opposition to the plan.

“I strongly support legislation currently under consideration to create a bipartisan, fiscal commission to come up with a set of solutions to tackle our nation’s fiscal challenges – and call on Senators from both parties to vote for the creation of a statutory, bipartisan fiscal commission,” the president said.

You know he means business (even if he doesn’t quite grasp the concept of “business”) because he used the word “strongly” and I’m certain he was using his super serious face when he said it. If that commission doesn’t come up with solutions, stat, he will issue a very sternly worded apology, dammit!

Granted, I don’t have the economics prowess of, say, a Community Organizer, but it seems to me that, perhaps, the first step to figuring out why you are in so much debt is learning how to balance a checkbook? Practice with that first, Obama, and then we can move onto the next step.I tendered my sage advice, as a wise Scottish-ina woman, who has learned to live within a meager household budget, on twitter earlier:

I wonder if Obama’s bi-partisan commission on debt will appoint a “Stop buying things that you can’t afford” Czar?

See, that’s all you need, Obama. Since you like those Czar types so much, appoint one who will teach you that 2 plus 2 does not magically equal 10, just because you wish it so or because you think that you are so much better than the laws of Math. … Full article

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