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The Clash of the Entitlement Programs

Posted By M. Catharine Evans On October 1, 2010 @ 9:00 am In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

House Democrats don’t want to be thrown out of their cushy little jobs by their  food stamp-receiving constituents so they  played it smart this week. They refused to “rob Peter to pay Paul” for Queen Michelle’s anti-fat campaign.

Michelle Obama wanted $4.5 billion to provide more nutritional school lunches for the nation’s students. $2.2 billion of that budget had to come from the food stamp program:

Despite heavy lobbying from the First Lady, more than 100 House Democrats have balked at approving the Senate’ s 4.5 billion version of the nutrition bill because it is funded in part with $2.2 billion in cuts to SNAP, the federal food stamp program.

With the November elections just around the corner, the Dems are not taking any chances, they told the petulant first lady ‘No.’

Mrs. Obama should have known how sacrosanct the food stamp program is in America.  Her campaigning husband certainly understood its significance when he reminisced about his childhood. Barack Obama told adoring fans that his own mother needed food stamps when she returned to college in the early 60′s. He repeated the story over and over.

Mr. Obama’s mythical, poor, working-class background rhetoric  helped galvanize the moochers who believe that big government owes them.  He and Lady Michelle were ‘just like them,’ paying off student loans and struggling with two children.

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