The “Incitement” Card

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As reported in this story, a Muslim’s written complaint against Geert Wilders at his trial today claimed that “My family and I no longer feel safe in the Netherlands,” because of his criticism of Islam and of Muslim communities’ conduct while living in the West, and because of his film, Fitna.

The claim seems like a far-fetched sob story, but it was nonetheless part of a presentation intended to represent broader Muslim opinion in order to sway the court against Wilders. And it is part of a larger trend than this court case.

Indeed, as one recalls the past few months, there has been a detectable change in approach among Islam’s spokespeople and apologists.

One hardly even sees anymore the formerly classic moves to deflect criticism of Islam’s teachings: the old chestnuts like “You don’t speak Arabic and you’re missing the subtlety,” or “You’re cherry-picking verses and interpreting them out of context,” or the magical apologetic sleight of hand by which the “Sahih,” or “sound” ahadith suddenly become less “Sahih” when their accounts of appalling behavior by Muhammad are quoted critically by non-Muslims.

Rather, there is a curious uniformity lately in attempts to portray all criticism of Islam as incitement, and examples abound. Among others, there is Daisy Khan’s assertion that opponents of the Ground Zero mega-mosque represent a kind “metastasized anti-semitism” aimed at Muslims. There is Reza Aslan’s slanderous labeling of Stop the Islamization of America as a Neo-Nazi group, thus implying Nazi-like intentions on its part.

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  • watchful

    All my life I've heard criticism and laughter about religion and even some of my own beliefs and I never once had the thought go through my mind that I need to kill anyone over it, amazingly enough.

    Muslims act the way they do because their imam tells them to.

    Islam creates psychopathic idiocy and murderous actions. No doubt about it. I'm with Wilders.

    I read Mein Kampf in college and it was full of lunacy and idiocy also. It didn't incite me to do anything except question the sanity of people who could actually follow that book with actions.

    • ajnn

      Claiming 'hurtful speech' is the path to power. we tell everyone this, explain it, and provide examples.

      What did we think the Muslims were going to do? They are just as smart and capable as anyone else.

      The problem is not the Muslims, it is the demarcated 'pathway'.

      Wasn't some idiot on a college campus expelled for yelling out numbers corresponding to his opinion about the attractiveness of passing college women? Another idiot was prosecuted for a felony for using a Koran (privately) as toiletpaper?

      When did being a non-violent idiot become a punishable crime?

      • HOOAH


      • aspacia

        Actually, I was thinking about purchasing some tp with Mad Mo's face on it.

  • jim

    Too bad England didn't think of playing an "incitement card" back in the day of the original George W., Patrick Henry, Samual Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and the rest of their merry band of revolutionaries. But then, it would have been to no avail, because those early Americans had courage, conviction, and determination not to be intimidated by an oppressive regime.

    • Kevin in El Paso

      While I share your admiration of the good qualities of those who bore the brunt of and raised the standard of revolt against British oppression, if you mean to imply some kind of dismissive attitude toward those who would foist Sharia on us all, I would offer the soldier's caution; "the enemy always gets a vote." That is another way of saying "never underestimate your enemy." It may be comforting to heap a bunch of insults on them, but none of your words of disdain can make therm less lethal to freedom on the planet.
      And this is not merely a case of freedom of speech; this is about the freedom to speak the truth about someone, using the words he lives by as evidence to your words.

      • ajnn

        Now this is an excellent insight. well done.

        "never underestimate your enemy."

        • tgbrowning

          "Never overestimate your friends. Especially if money, sex, beer or religion is involved."

          TG Browning>>>

  • jim

    It's time for latter-day Americans, as well as other freedom-minded folks around the world, to take a stand against the attack on free speech by Muslims. So, here's a Q&A and a plea for action:

    Q: Is there justification for burning Korans or drawing cartoons of Muhammad?
    A: YES! Those who burn Korans or draw cartoons of Muhammad are sending a message that free speech is sacred and free people are not going to allow Islamic intimidation to shut it down.

    • ajnn

      I am not thrilled by flag-burning. there are other ways to communicate. But it is legal in the United States. Burning Koran's is now legal.

      However, if the president makes a 'finding of fact' that koran burning within the United States harms our war effort, possibly it COULD become illegal as an 'act of sedition' against the United States.

      Should the president find that Koran-buring is an 'act of sedition' against the United States ? If it can get American soldiers killed, SHOULD the president find that Koran-buring is an 'act of sedition' against the United States ?

      It's a question……..

  • jim

    Pamela, Robert, David, Geert, and others are great spokesmen for the effort to inform people of the dangers of Islam, and they have pointed out that we, the people, having the right to free speech, also have the right to draw cartoons of anything we want to, including the warrior Muhammad, as well as the right to burn anything we want to, including the right to burn Mein Kampf or my Koran.

    But, THEY ALSO NEED TO PROMOTE THE EXERCISE OF FREE SPEECH, draw Muhammad days, Koran burning days, an "International Free Speech Day", to remind free people that we must protect the freedom of speech.

    We're either in their face, or they're in our behinds. There can be no backing up or backing down.

    Here's a petition for an International Free Speech Day:

    • jim

      For some reason, the above url got cut off at the end. Here is the complete address for the petition:

      • jim

        Happened again. The url ends with: /nationalfreespeechday

        • Ray in Seattle

          It's truncated by the system on the visible page – I suspect there's an upper limit as to how long a URL it will show – but that's not a problem. The actual URL will be used when a request is sent to the server. Look at the address that appears in your browser address bar (lower left corner on Firefox) when you hover your mouse pointer over the link. It's the full address.

  • Wesley69

    It is okay to allow cartoons and displays about Jesus as free speech, but anything said against the religion of Islam is incitement? I know there was a time when my church burned heretics, witches and Jews, even torturing them, but these people, as viewed today, were not acting according to Christ's teachings. We even launched crusades to take back, not only the Holy Land, but Spain. But Islam came out of Arabia and using the sword, conquered vast parts of the Byzantine Empire, destroying the Persian Empire. Both religions have engaged in violence.

    We, supposedly live in a modern age. My church, no longer does those nasty things. Most Muslims may not agree with Sharia law, but in truth, it is spreading. Cutting off hands, beheading, stoning and in some cases, crucifixion are allowed under a strict interpretation of the Koran, under Sharia. These a facts, but we are not suppose to discuss the facts, not discuss what has been done to Christians around the world by fanatical Muslims.

  • Wesley69

    In Iraq, 2006, a 14 year old Assyrian boy was crucified by Islamists. Recently, Indonesian Christians of the Filadelfia Batak Christian Protestant Church in the Jakarta suburb of Bekasi lost their church to an Islamic attack. In Egypt, a Christian man was set on fire by a Muslim man after a rumor circulated that the Christian had a relationship with the Muslim man’s sister. When his 60-year-old father a group of Muslims stabbed him to death. Ion Nigeria, Muslims attacked a Christian village of Mazzah, killing eight people and burning seven houses and a church building. Muslims entered the village shooting into the air. When the residents came outside, the Muslims attacked people with machetes, including children. These accounts go on and on but you will not find it in today’s Leftist media. Try building a church in Mecca. We will have peace when all sides agree to keep their religious beliefs out of politics and not force anyone to accept beliefs against their will. However, should Islamofascists think that they can impose Sharia on this country, get ready for a fight.

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

    • TheHammer

      Yes, it will be the people, not the government, that fight Islam. It will be vicious and we will have no choice but to kill a huge number of Muslims.

  • Clarence

    Islamofascism Go to Hell!

    Freedom For the West!

    So Help Us God!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The tide of public opinion is turned in America and the majority of people
    understand that if they wish to remain living in a free society with prosperity
    tolerance of those who threaten that desire is not acceptable.
    The disdain of enemies within is so great that by vote and by law and then
    by use of force if need be, Americans will remove all threats and the blight
    of freedom for subversion and treason shoved in our faces by leftists.
    Next month starts what must take place and must conclude down the
    road as a total renovation of our political and civil landscape………….William

    • aspacia

      The tide is turning in Europe as well;-)

  • ViewPoint

    The persecution attempt of Geert is most interesting because at the time the persecution against him was launched, it was so politically correct, so safe, even expected of timid, self-serving European officials. Now, thanks to Geert, and others, willing to sacrifice their own freedom and security for the good of their fellow man, the vast majority are awakened and on alert. This awakening has significantly altered the terms of what is, "politically correct," and politically beneficial. Subsequently, European officials now find themselves between a rock and a hard place. What was, at that time, an automatic guilty verdict is now utterly explosive if they dare find Geert guilty… because they know the world is watching their every move, they know full well that the political climate has changed against Islam and they know that the global community now recognizes that Europe has been completely spineless in challenging, and stopping the Islamic scourge that threatens the basic rights of the entire free world.

  • Rbob

    What puzzles me is that "liberals" and gays defend Islam, when they will be the first to be destroyed when the Immans take over a society.

    • RickMZ

      Such morons have no historical understanding of the Iranian Revolution under Khomeini and the Tudeh (Iranian Communist) Party's involvement in getting Khomeini into power (look at pictures from 1978-1979 Iranian protests and you'll see the communist flag is very prominent). The communists thought they could 'control' Khomeini. Once the mullahs took over, the Tudeh Party found, much to their chagrin, they could not control the Iranian islamic revolution. They were among the first to go up against the wall, right alongside the Shah's pro-Western people.

      I seem to recall something written about 'those ignorant of history being condemned to repeat it'. Comrade Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov called them 'useful idiots'. Like I said above, I call them morons.