Casting the First Stone

The Geneva-based World Council of Churches (WCC) has yet really to condemn the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia 35 years ago.  Or the Marxist orchestrated famine in Ethiopia that killed almost as many during the 1980’s.  It never directly condemned the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.  Saddam Hussein’s hundreds of thousands of murdered victims also failed to arouse the WCC’s concern across 25 years. Nor has the multitude of crimes by Iran’s theocracy across 30 years interested the WCC.  North Korea’s slave state for the WCC is a place of pilgrimage but not criticism.  Even North Korea’s recent unprovoked torpedoing of a South Korean ship, killing 46 sailors three months ago, has not caused the WCC to peep.

But the WCC needed less than 24 hours to condemn Israel’s “deplorable” interception of a “peace” flotilla trying to bust the blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza.  The 9 anti-Israel “peace” activists killed after the Israelis were resisted with metal poles and other weapons, were apparently more sacred to the WCC than the millions of victims slain by communism, Islamists and other anti-Western tyrannies over the last 4 decades.

“It is with great distress that the World Council of Churches received the news that the Israeli naval forces stormed a Gaza-bound vessel carrying humanitarian aid in international waters before dawn on Monday, killing at least 10 civilians and injuring many more,” immediately bemoaned WCC chief Olav Fykse Tveit.  A Norwegian Lutheran theologian, Tveit seems steadfastly committed to the WCC tradition of bashing only Israel and America.  “We condemn the assault and killing of innocent people who were attempting to deliver humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza, who have been under a crippling Israeli blockade since 2007.”

Why has Gaza been blockaded by Israel, and, though unmentioned by the WCC, also by Egypt?  Could its rocket-firing Hamas regime be part of the explanation?  The WCC is not interested in such details. “We further condemn the flagrant violation of international law by Israel in attacking and boarding a humanitarian convoy in international waters,” Tveit continued.  “We pray for all those who are affected by the attack, especially the bereaved families.”

Tveit demanded Israel repatriate all of the flotilla’s activists, release the impounded ships and, naturally, end the blockade of Gaza.  He also wants a “full” United Nations investigation into Israel’s “assault.”  For that, Tveit almost certainly will get his wish.  He concluded:  “The deplorable events which occurred yesterday off the coast of Gaza remind us yet again of the pressing need for an end to the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian territories.” But of course, Gaza is not Israeli occupied.  It is governed by its Islamist “liberators,” Hamas.  And most of the West Bank is governed by the Palestinian Authority.  It’s never entirely clear what the Religious Left means by “occupation.”  But certainly it ignores the considerable problems created by Gaza’s and most of the West Bank’s ostensible liberation from direct Israeli control.

The WCC’s major U.S. member, the Presbyterian Church USA, also chimed in quickly over the Gaza flotilla in slightly more measured tones.  “A severe blockade of Gaza by Israel in response to the free election of Hamas representatives in 2006 and the military incursions of Operation Cast Lead in late 2008 and early 2009 have dramatically increased the already acute humanitarian need,” surmised the church’s Stated Clerk, Gradye Parsons. “We grieve the killing and injuring of participants in the humanitarian effort, as well as the injuring of members of the Israeli military forces that occurred when the Israeli forces stormed one of the ships and those on board resisted.”

Parsons noted that the Presbyterian tradition is “not strictly pacifist,” which is surely an understatement, but “honors peaceful resistance, including nonviolent disobedience to unjust government policies and actions.”  He opined that the flotilla could have been a “powerful” instrument for peaceful resistance.  And he warned,  “These actions sometimes incite violent responses,” but the “long-term success of this kind of resistance requires a nonviolent response on the part of the demonstrators, even when they are under attack.”  Parsons sounds like a Presbyterian Gandhi.

Meanwhile, Jerusalem-based Sabeel, a center for Palestinian Liberation Theology with Western affiliates, including Friend of Sabeel – North America, has quickly issued a prayer litany of solidarity with the failed Gaza flotilla.  “The Israeli attack on the Gaza Flotilla resulted in numerous deaths, dozens of injuries, and hundreds of arrests,” Sabeel bewailed.  “Almighty God, comfort the bereaved, heal the injured, and grant freedom to the prisoners. We pray that you will strengthen each of us to do what is necessary to end the siege on Gaza. Help us to recognize and to fight the structures of oppression, wherever we may encounter them.”

Do these “structures of oppression” include the Hamas regime in Gaza, or its chief patrons, the Islamist theocrats who tyrannize Iran?  If so, Religious Left groups in the West, who are Sabeel’s main patrons, will not say so audibly.  Maybe the WCC is praying quietly, very quietly, for Hamas’s victims.  These silent prayers are perhaps similar to the inaudible prayers that the WCC and rest of the international Religious Left may have lifted up for so many otherwise unacknowledged victims of tyranny and oppression over the last 40 years. Apparently only Israel’s and America’s victims can benefit from the Religious Left’s very loud prayers.

  • sobieski

    the devil likes the "world council of churches".Thats for sure….

    • rycK

      The WCC is far far left.

  • imnokuffar

    The article says it all.

  • findalis

    Just good old-fashioned Christian values. After all they are following in the footsteps of Martin Luther in their anti-Semitism. It is just too bad they will never follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther King instead.

    • Rifleman

      They aren't Christians, they're commies pretending to be Christians.

    • Dean from Ohio

      Like plagiarism and committing adultery? KIng did much good but please don't tear down Martin Luther to build him up.

  • Ron Grant

    "But the WCC needed less than 24 hours to condemn Israel’s “deplorable” interception of a “peace” flotilla trying to bust the blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza. "

    The vengeful,punishing and inhumane blockade of Gaza is reason enough for good,decent people of various nationalities ,religions and cultures to risk their lives in protest of Israel's vile oppression of the Palestinians.I salute these fallen hero's,victims of an oppressive, discredited and out of control IDF.They join Rachel Corrie and others as defenders of the oppressed,victims of the oppressors.RIP.Muchiboy

    • Grantman

      Ron, as with so many others, you have it backwards. Hamas and the other Palestinians are oppressing their own people and have been for 60+ years. Get rid of Hamas and the PA and you'll see blossoming of peace.

      Rachel Corrie was a young, naive girl who was used by the Palestinians and paid with her life. They didn't care about her when she was alive; they don't care about her now that she's dead. She's just one more tool with which to bash Israel.

      Take your ideological blinders off, do some real homework, and then come back here.


      • Ron Grant

        "Hamas and the other Palestinians are oppressing their own people and have been for 60+ years. Get rid of Hamas and the PA and you'll see blossoming of peace."

        The leadership of the Palestinians,like many others in the Arab world,leaves much to be desired.They may very well be their own worse enemies,if you removed the Israelis from the equation.But first things first.The miserable and punishing conditions imposed by the constant severe ,oppressive and unforgiving policies of Israel leaves little room or opportunity for a well heeled,well oiled Palestinian opposition or ruling class.The Zionists created the worm,and as we all know sooner or later the worm turns.These ugly policies served Israel well in the past,but it is dangerous and short sighted.True security for Israel lies with peace,not land.Israel needs peace,the Palestinians need their homeland.Muchiboy

        • therealend

          "The miserable and punishing conditions imposed by the constant severe ,oppressive and unforgiving policies of Israel leaves little room or opportunity for a well heeled,well oiled Palestinian opposition or ruling class"

          Your description sounds more like Lebanon under a Syrian thumb. Are they the next target of the UN, or the WCC, or anyone?

        • bostonian

          Can you name Israeli policies against peace, and arab policies for peace?Can you name how many times Zionist were attacted by arabs in the last 60 years. Do you know that more palestinian arabs killed in infiting than by zionist solders. And why you dont cry about occupation by Jordan of the same territories?

        • Stern

          So let's see, Ron Grant. In the late 1930s and up to the mid 1940s, the British ruled the Jews in Palestine and prevented Jewish refugees from England from finding safety there. Yet by 1948, the Jews of Palestine were ready and able to build a state. They already had their opposition and government. What you so conveniently ignore is the fact that the Palestinians have preferred to spend their efforts (and all that aid money – except, of course, for the large proportion of it that was and continues to be stolen by their leaders) on destroying the Jewish state rather than building their own. Gaza is a perfect example. Israel left Gaza completely in 2005, pulling out every last soldier, farmer and citizen. The Palestinians were left with functioning and profitable greenhouses and the opportunity to create a peaceful state (there was no blockade then). But look what they turned Gaza into! A miserable religious state that is already clamping down on its own people.
          You, Ron Grant, are either completely blind or completely biases.

        • aspacia

          You seem to forget the thousands of rockets Hamas rained down on Israel after Israel expelled every Jew from Gaza.

          Frankly, you appear to be anti-Jewish.

          • Edip Yuksel

            THOUSANDS OF ROCKETS? Weill when those thousands of rockets were supposedly raining in Israel about a year ago, according to Israeli's own report, it only killed ONE ISRAELI, an old one, perhaps from heart attack. And Israel went postal and killed 1400 civilians in Gaza, 400 of them being children.

            So, when you talk about THOUSANDS OF ROCKETS, if you cannot fabricate at least one dead Israeli for each rocket, then they are peanut rockets of your paranoid imagination.

            This "thousands of rockets" is the clumsiest and stupidest product of the Zionist propaganda machine. Perhaps, I should have let you get away with it. Please continue propagating such propaganda so that you will end up with only imbecile people as your supporters.


          • aspacia

            So What, the Arabs are lousy shots, and have lousy governments. Nope, the intent is to annihilate and murder all Jews/Israelis. Hell, Muslims justify the murder of any Israeli, and target day care centers, school buses, etc.

            Someone fires several shots at me, and misses. I shoot back, and nail her or him. Tough. You were a lousy shot, and are now dead.

            Edip, you are a candidate for the Darwin Award because if you a kaffir/infidel you will be humiliated, taxed or murdered.

          • MixMike

            The facts speak for themselves. In 2005, Israel completely evacuated from Gaza. Israel established an economic development team to assist the Palestinians with building an economy in Gaza. Private investors poured millions of dollars into greenhouses and farms for the Gazans to operate after Israel left. Of course, the Palestinians promptly trashed and looted the greenhouses and squandered the economic opportunities and started firing rockets at southern Israeli towns – again choosing terror over state building.

            Hamas has not been coy about their aims with the rocket fire, their intent is to kill as many innocent children as possible. Even Barak Obama has admitted that Israel was full within its right to protect its citizens from the constant barrage of rocket fire.

            Perhaps children wouldn't be killed if Hamas didn't train them as soldiers and then "bravely" hide behind them when fighting the Israelis?

        • MixMike

          "The miserable and punishing conditions imposed by the constant severe ,oppressive and unforgiving policies of Israel leaves little room or opportunity for a well heeled,well oiled Palestinian opposition or ruling class."

          Right, Gaza receiving over 700,000 tons of aid and food in 2009 alone is very oppressive. The fact that Palestinians have full access to the Israeli Judicial system to assert claims and suits is completely unforgiving.

          If you want to talk about miserable and punishing conditions just ask a resident of Sderot or another southern Israeli town who are under constant barrage of rocket fire from the "oppressed" Palestinians.

          "True security for Israel lies with peace,not land.Israel needs peace,the Palestinians need their homeland."

          The Palestinians were given their homeland in Jordan, Gaza and the W. Bank. The Palestinians don't care about LAND, they care about death and destruction and wiping the Jews (not just the ones in Israel mind you) off the map. Its a simple as that.

    • bostonian

      Ron based on what you defined yourself to be one of the decent people? Last time i remember communists kill more people than anybody else

    • Simon

      Rachael Corrie was just another ignorant tool looking to feel good about herself. Hamas couldn't care less about the Arabs in Gaza. The couldn't care less about peace. The destruction of free Israel is all they are interested in.

    • aspacia

      Gaza is a violent stronghold for Hamas, a group sworn to destroy Israel. Actually, Israel should drive every Gazan into the sea and be done with it.

      These "fallen heros" would murder you as quickly as they would a Jew. Remember, you are the infidel. Try reading their book for insight, I have. It is on the website, and provides three translations for every surah.

      • Edip Yuksel

        Israel has ALREADY destroyed the present and future of those people. Why they should care about the blood thirsty invading gestapo?

        Now, majority of the world has the same wish. Not the majority in the USA yet, but wait a few more years and you will see that your uncle Sam will abandon you. Zionists will be begging for mercy that time, but none will help them. This is a historical fact, and Zionists have doomed their fate by imitating the Nazis.

        • aspacia

          No, the Arabs have destroyed Arabs, and are using them for cannon fodder to avenge their disgrace and dishonor by Israeli hands. Those Jews, those who are descended from apes and swine. Too funny.

          Actually, the USA is still a strong Israeli supporter, and I, as a U.S. citizen also strongly support Israel.

          A Deist, Feminist, Goy ZIONIST

    • MixMike

      "The vengeful,punishing and inhumane blockade of Gaza is reason enough for good,decent people of various nationalities ,religions and cultures to risk their lives in protest of Israel's vile oppression of the Palestinians."

      If the blockade is so imhumane and Israel is supposedely so vile in its "oppression" of the Palestinians, then why has Israel provided over 1 million tons of food and aid to Gaza over the past 18 months? I guess the Israeli's are just really really bad at this whole oppression business huh?

      "I salute these fallen hero's,victims of an oppressive, discredited and out of control IDF."

      Right, using paintball guns is completely out of oppressive. I guess defending yourself from getting beaten to death with crowbars and bats by "peace activists" is also out of control. The terrorist IHH is truly "heroic" in its support of the Hamas-Nazis and other world-wide Jew baiting organizations.

      "They join Rachel Corrie and others as defenders of the oppressed,victims of the oppressors."

      Is this the same Rachel Corrie that taught Palestinian children to burn the American flag and allied herself with the ISM, a radical pro-terrorist organization that gives aid and shelter to murderers (all while hiding them from the IDF)?

    • imnokuffar

      You, and others of your ilk make me vomit. I hope you rot in hell you bloody hypocrite. And, when these terrorists blow up more innocent people to protest at thier "inhuman" suffering I hope you are amongst the fallen. Now piss off and die.

  • Rifleman

    Again muchiboy, aka "Ron Grant" exposes himself for what he is. Rachel corrie was a hateful American flag burning commie, who hated America, actively supported islamic terrorists, and died trying to defend a tunnel used to smuggle weapons. Go muchiboy go! You're on a roll today.

  • solemnman

    The only ones grieving in Gaza and Turkey- are the wannabe shaheeds,, who failed to get themselves killed ,who won;t ,now, gain access to the seventy two eternally virginal veiled black-eyed brides that await each of them in paradise -and the families of the shaheeds, who will now miss the honors that would have been rained down upon them had their son succeeded in his quest for martyrdom.
    When an imam was asked ,by a reporter,what the lady shaheeds get" the imam answered -"the females get dwarfs".no number was specified….maybe seven-like Snow White.

  • Kim Bruce

    It appears we have a leftist anti-semite in our midst.

    Rond Grant, you do not know what the hell you are talking about.
    The IHH is a known terrorist organization.
    What was wrong with a simple inspection of their cargo?
    What is wrong with Israel transporting the goods by land to Gaza?
    What is wrong with Palestinian Gaza for that matter? I have seen the photos. The Gazans are not starving by any means. They have plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, halal meats.
    In the past, Israel supplied all the cement they needed to rebuild homes, schools and anything else that was destroyed in the last intifada. The Hamas and Hezbollah used it for building bunkers.

    • therealend

      There is idiocy, there is out of your mind idiocy, and then there are those who have ventured further inland and staked out a region of virgin imbecility all to themselves. Ron may be a leading explorer of that continent. A Hernando Cortez of pointless quests, if you will.

    • Ron Grant

      "It appears we have a leftist anti-semite in our midst."

      You Jews are so paranoid.I wonder why? This is not 1939 Europe.This is not Treblinka.The western liberal democracies went to war and defeated the fascist monsters.These same western democracies are critical of Israel for good reason, the inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people.I'm sorry what we i.e. gentiles ,did to your people in the past,but that does not excuse your mistreatment of the Palestinians.Never again!Not Jews,not Palestinians,not Gays.Muchiboy

      • Stern

        Not gays? Have you stood up against Palestinian, Iranian, Saudi Arabian, Iraqi, Jordanian etc. persecution and execution of gays the way you stand up here against Israel? If so, prove it. Show us where and how you have been so even-handed. I dare you.

        • xman

          He hasn't nor will he. In his mind, Muslims can do no wrong. In fact, he's probably a hate-peddling Muslim cleric.

      • aspacia

        With every post you show your bigotry. No it is not 1939, however, 2010 is beginning to resemble Europe of that time.

        The problem is that western democracies immediately attack Israel, but fail to address the inhumane treatment that other governments impose on their people.

        You are committing the hypocrisy with every post.

        BTW: I am a Deist, Goy, Zionist

      • xman

        It was trash like you who made the Holocaust possible. And you can't put a cigarette paper between yourself and Hitler. Of course, you are sorry that we won World War II because you would like to see what was started by Hitler, Eichmann and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem brought to its bitter conclusion. The likes of yourself would have betrayed a million Jews for a glass of water had you been an adult in Germany or Occupied Europe in the first half of the 1940s. And in your wicked mind, what could be better than the Iranians nuking Israel or your terrorist pets overrunning it? You must be salivating like a rabid dog at that thought. And only in your warped mind could giving the so-called Palestinians a ton of food per person a month be 'inhumane'. Why don't you side with those genuinely starving people in Darfur? Oops, I should have known better. The President of Sudan and the Janjaweed are your buddies and can do no wrong in your mind. Likewise Pol Pot, Ahmadinejad, Mugabe and the rest of the genuine scum you fawn over.

        • Edip Yuksel

          Zionist has no moral authority to talk about Holocaust, since they are all incarnation of Hitler and Nazi gestapo. Your treatment of Palestinian is inspired by the Nazis.

          Mark my words. Soon, you will find no ally except paranoid rabid Zionists like you as your allies. The West will abandon you in toto soon. When you lose your uncle Sam and other supporters, then you will sober up, but then it will be too late.


          • MixMike

            "Zionist has no moral authority to talk about Holocaust, since they are all incarnation of Hitler and Nazi gestapo. Your treatment of Palestinian is inspired by the Nazis."

            Actually, IT IS the Palestinians that are inspired by the Nazis. Your selective memory has forgotten that it was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (Haj Amin al-Husseini) that sided with the Nazis in World War II. Husseini greatly admired Hitler (and considered him a personal friend) and made personal visits to see Hitler in Germany. Husseini begged Hitler to build death camps in Israel.

            Even after WWII, the effects of Nazism could still be felt throughout the Arab and Islamic world. Fatah and the Iraqi Baathists were inspired by Nazi Facism. Groups like Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas have all borrowed from the Nazi playbook openly calling for the destruction of all Jews. Other Islamic countries like Egypt and Sudan still practice the genocide policies of the Nazis, just ask the Copts or the Sudanese Christians and Animists! Even today, the Arab and Islamic countries are still bastions of racism and xenophobia, spreading blood libel about Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus. FACE IT, the Arab and Islamic countries are the only INCARNATION Hitler and the Nazis still left on earth.

            As for the way Israel treats the Palestinians, look no further than the FACTS: Arabs enjoy full citizenship and equal rights under Israeli law, Israelis provide tons (over a million in the past 18 months alone) of aid to Gaza and the W. Bank, the Palestinian populations in Gaza and the W. Bank have grown at an Exponential rate (80+% increase in Gaza alone from 1994-2004).

  • Kim Bruce

    The Rachel Corie is supposedly bringing cement in to Gaza. Will this cement be used to rebulild homes etc?
    I dare you, Ron Grant, to go over there and inspect what that cement is being used for.
    Just try it and see how far you get. It is none of any infidel's business what they do with the material.
    Perhaps you want to see bunkers built. Perhaps you would love to see missile silos built with it.

    • Ron Grant

      "The IHH is a known terrorist organization."

      Agreed,but it is a matter of the worm turning.Israel has played a significant role in creating the conditions that gave rise to Hamas.You occupy and oppress a people,take their land and water,destroy their houses,kill their children,deny them their birthright and homeland,and presto,you get Hamas.What did you expect,love and kisses? Righteous indignation?Turn over and die?Walk to the camps to their deaths like European Jews did? I don't think so.The Palestinians resist Zionist occupation and oppression like Jews resisted the Nazi's in Warsaw.If it was good enough for your Jews it's good enough for my Palestinians.Serves you right.Muchiboy

      • therealend

        Ever deeper into the interior he travels. Much to be explored here. New, stunning vistas that defy description and explanation. We await his latest dispatch.

      • aspacia

        What about the Arab World expelling 650,000 Jews from their homes, and Arabs occupying their lands?

      • MixMike

        "Israel has played a significant role in creating the conditions that gave rise to Hamas."

        This is actually very true. Israel completely evacuated Gaza in 2005 allowing the Palestinians to govern themselves. Of course, the Palestinians promptly elected the Hamas-Nazis to power in the 2006 Palestinian parliamentary elections.

        "The Palestinians resist Zionist occupation and oppression like Jews resisted the Nazi's in Warsaw."

        That's funny, I don't recall Jews strapping bombs to themselves and intentionally blowing up German Kindergartens or gunning down mothers with their children. Care to try another false analogy?

      • Edip Yuksel

        Roy, thank you for summarizing the delusional expectation of the killers and rapists. They expect their victims to hand them flowers, as the Neocons expected from the Iraqi people.

        Thank you for your brave voice for peace and justice. I would like to get to know you as person. You may google my name and contact me; I would like to send you my recent book as a gift.

        • Edip Yuksel

          I noticed that I misspelled your name, Ron.

  • JosephWiess

    The WCC doesn't represent real churches, just a bunch of islamic wannabe's.

  • Jean

    The Left may be religious, but it is a religion divorced from orthodox Christianity. WCC stands for World Council of Charlatans. Good luck with taking back the United Methodist Church, by the way. I was born and bred a Presbyterian, but I won't set foot in a PUSA church.

  • USMCSniper

    Rona Grant is a useful idiot. Useful Idiots are na�ve, foolish, ignorant of facts, unrealistically idealistic, dreamers, willfully in denial or deceptive. They hail from the ranks of the chronically unhappy, the anarchists, the aspiring revolutionaries, the neurotics who are at war with life, the disaffected alienated from government, corporations, and just about any and all institutions of society. The Useful Idiot can be a billionaire, a movie star, an academe of renown, a politician, or from any other segment of the population. Arguably, the most dangerous variant of the Useful Idiot is the 'Politically Correct.' He is the master practitioner of euphemism, hedging, doubletalk, and outright deception. Furthermore, criticizing and complaining—liberal practices of the Useful Idiot—require little talent and energy.

  • aspacia

    Yes, Ron does appear to be a useful idiot and hypocrite.

  • Lorenzo Bouchard

    Can you imagine the allies during the second world war, giving aid to the German population, while the Nazis were determined to fight to the end.
    This is the level of stupidity the left and Islam have foisted on us, to continue warfare that bleeds and undermines those defending against their attacks.
    Wise up Democracies, no aid to countries attacking us. The aid starts after their total defeat.

    • xman

      Exactly. Would we have given medicines, cement, food and weapons to Nazi Germany whilst we were at war with that country? Would we have been expected to supply that country with oil, gas and electricity in 1941? Not on your nelly, but leftist trash expect the Israelis to supply these things to those who bomb their schools, buses and shopping malls amnd murder their children, and even that isn't good enough for the wicked and genocidal Leftists. Israel's very existence is what irks them. The Left truly are the heirs to Hitler.

  • Phil Byler

    The Presbyterian Church U.S.A. is on its way to non-existence due in part to the kind of wholly misconceived left wing politics of the National Office as is described in the article. Peter Marshall will celebrate in heaven PCUSA's demise, and with that demise, a real Presbyterian Church can arise and live.

  • badaboo

    lol…you think it's just the left ? Try a visit to the Pat J. Buchanon website , where anti-semites of every stripe ,get to vbare their fangs . Virtulally every topic and link is overtly anti-jew/anti-zionist /anti-Israel …..and if you disagree , even politley within the bounds of proper protocol , you get banned .
    Pat Buchanon's website is a forum for jew haters , using every invective from the jews causing 9/11 , to "christ-killer " . "jew infested US " and the ttraditional Buchanon praisng Hitler and his Empire .
    How this man gets to spew opinions on national tv is beyond me .
    As far as the "flotilla " Israel nintercepted , the anti-semites are coming out of the woodwork , and critical views of that …are banned . Three cheers for free speech eh ?

    So boys and girls , don't be duped into believing that it's just the left , Buchanon's website is worth a visit , if for no other reason than to gage the actual depth of bigotry and jew hate that Pat Buchanon resides over ..

    • Stephen_Brady

      In case you haven't noticed, Pat Buchanan hasn't had a lot of support … on the Right … for many years. The Left is the wellspring of anti-Semitic sentiment in the Western world. Buchanan's views have lost him his support, on the Right.

      Wake up, smell the roses …

      • badaboo

        you mean wake up and smell the complicity , for Buchananan types like Lew Rockwell , other white supremacists and neo-nazis , have a commonality in Jew hate , and those groups bear no association with the left , but the right .And the likes of the Birchers . Ron and Rand Paul , all anti Israel or anti-jew groups find approval in the Tea party movement , which is not associated with the Left , but with Republicans and Consevatives.
        So watch who's calling the kettle black .

        • xman

          That is why the political spectrum is circular rather than linear. Far right and far Left meet in the same place. But Leftists are the biggest culprits.

        • Stephen_Brady

          First, I agree with xman.

          But, geez-louise!, you say that Nazis are anti-Semitic. I never would have guessed that. Profundity on the net …

          • badaboo

            of course you agree with xman , both of you are in denial ., lol…and now the "new hypothesis " is circular ?lol….and far right and far left meet in the same place ? lol….what self-serving drivel !!! but "leftists are the worst " ….what a joke ! Whatch who you're calling nazis Brady , you might find yourself in that lot… you two can not be serious …oh wait , you are !

          • Stephen_Brady

            I'm in denial? No, I'm in the United States, not Egypt. Denial is over there …

  • badaboo

    oh , and btw , the denizens of the Buchanon blog call themselves "christians and patriots " …lol..with occaisional muslims disguising as American Patriots decrying the " Nakba " – an arab term meaning roughly , the disaster of thye formation of the State of Israel ……lol…and it works on ole'Pat's blog .

  • steven L

    The real beneficiary of the flotilla plot (organized behind the scene by Iran) is Iran who wants at any price derail Obama sanctions. Turkey is a willing participant in helping Iran get the nuclear bomb.
    Will Obama like the rest of the world (including the stupid mass media and left) fall in the trap.
    This his chess game and the left and the media have already lost.

  • Parmenter

    "Liberal" or Modernist "Christians" are those who have lost their faith (origin is in German-school deism) but either think they are doing a service by destroying the faith of others, or are deeply confused and hold on to a vaguely theistic moralistic something that gives some meaning to their lives. Quite different from Christianity, which believes that the Bible is actually true.

    • badaboo

      parmenter , i suugest you do some serious Old Testamernt Survey studies , and you'll find quite readily that the "German School Deism " as you put it were actually anti-semitic in their very translations . . German School Deism , is what allowed so many German Christians to turn their backs on the years of persecution of jews which preceeded the "Final Solution " , but hey that's history , and you can't cherry pick it . How do you make the connection to what YOU call :Liberal or Modernist Christians ???? Your statement is meaningless jibberish , for I doubt if you even know what makes a true christian .

  • theosabeis

    What really needs to be asked, but never is: WHO ARE THE REAL MASTERS served by the WCC, AP, CNN, NYT, Reuters. MSNBC, the European propagandist press, the organziers of the mission of the Rachel Corrie "blockade buster" boat,, "peace" prize winner Maireade Maguire from a certain BANKRUPT nation which needs close to $1T and all the rest of those who convict and, when the truth is seen, vanish, gloating the damage has been done and the truth is irrelevant..

  • badaboo

    uh ….the Turks were the organizers , and WHO are the real masters ? Don't know but I think you'll come up with some , however I DO KNOW WHO the masters of Glenn Beck , hannity and FOX are …….lol….the Saudis who bought them and call the shots .

  • Richard Weinberg

    Fuck em'. Fuck em' all!

  • MarkR

    The religious left is a joke and has been for 50 years or more. They dont believe the scriptures and create their own man centered view of Christianity. It is ironic that despite the statements of Martin Luthers anti-semitism that today the most positive force in the support of Israel are evangelicals who take a high view of their scriptures and see Israel as God's domain and the people there as the original inhabitants of that land. The religious left ignores facts for the delusion of "supposed Israel caiused poverty" in Gaza and the West bank when in reality it is a poverty caused by hate and indoctrination over the years against its neighbor who desires NO VIOLENCE but must defend itself from those who would exterminate it from the face of the earth. Children are taught that Israel is not even a legitimate country for God's sake. What are they supposed to do? Commit suicide? The religious left is hatefully ideological and is ANTI-HUMAN rights- they could care less for the actual human rights of those in Gaza- they have one overriding theme- THEY HATE JEWS AND ISRAEL more than they hate human rights abuses.

  • michiganruth

    it's "unclear" what "occupation" means for the Religious Left? it's not unclear to me. they think that ISRAEL is the occupation. that's why, as someone on another thread pointed out, they talk about 60 years of occupation (1948) not 40 (1967). Hamas' charter says that the Jewish state must be destroyed. so it's not about settlements or pre-'67 lines or whatever, it's about Israel's fundamental right to exist.

    these haters will not be satisfied until the Jewish state of Israel has disappeared, just as Helen Thomas hoped the other day.

  • Larry C.

    May I say that this so called council is not based on Biblical standards at all. Because true Christians are steadfast supporters of Israel, and we know it as the Holy-Land, and it's people are the Chosen Ones to all that really understand the Holy-Word of God Almighty.

  • Carolina Don

    Most people do not realize that there is a great difference in being a Christian and being religious. This is why the WCC is a religious organization. The word 'Christian' was first used as an insult to believers…it means "little Christs". The word soon became a badge of honor to all those who believed, trusted, and tried to live as Christ did. This is why there are so many that are 'religious' . Even Satanism is a religion protected by the Constitution. Personally, I'm tired of religion, I would like to see some Christians.