Christ: An “Undocumented” Migrant?

The old Religious Left has long championed virtual open borders and slammed national sovereignty as idolatrous. Now the new Evangelical Left is chiming in with its own sentimentalization of illegal immigration, identifying Jesus Christ Himself as an illegal immigrant.

“We are exiles who follow an alien, undocumented, migrant Messiah,” insisted Debra Dean Murphy, a religion professor at United Methodist affiliated West Virginia Wesleyan College. Her recent column was carried by Jim Wallis’ Sojourners and illustrates the merging thought of old Religious Left and new Evangelical Left.  Murphy cited Edgardo Colón-Emeric, director of Hispanic Studies at Duke University’s Divinity School in North Carolina: “Jesus did not have a valid birth certificate. Mother’s name: Mary; Father’s name: unknown. In fact, Jesus had no papers in his name, no title deed, no rental contract. Nothing. ‘Foxes have dens, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head.’” She further quoted Colón-Emeric: “Christians who do not recognize Jesus in the illegal do not know Jesus.”

Probably neither Jesus nor any other ancient Jew, or anybody else in the ancient world, had birth certificates. Jesus did have a legal father, Joseph. The Nativity Story famously reports that Jesus’ family lawfully returned to Bethlehem, the place of Joseph’s birth, to comply with a census. Jesus came from a lawful, Torah following Jewish family that seems to have lived in the same Nazareth except for their sojourn in Egypt to escape King Herod. There is no reason to think Joseph and Mary, with the infant Jesus, were in Egypt illegally. Nor did they remain there as refugees beyond necessity, after which they returned home. So it’s not clear how Jesus could be an “alien, undocumented, migrant Messiah,” except as the contrived icon for Religious and Evangelical Left immigration activists.

All Christians would readily agree that illegal aliens, with all humanity, bear God’s image and merit lawful and decent treatment. But humanitarianism does not necessarily equal anarchically and endlessly open borders nor an automatic amnesty for all who cross the border illegally, much less the glorification of illegal immigration. The Religious and Evangelical Left sometimes practice a form of political antinomianism, asserting that rules are unimportant and only politically correct sentiments and intentions bring salvation.

Christian ethics, rooted in Jewish teaching, have for millennia taught lawful orderliness and warned against social anarchy. With Jews, Christians have traditionally understood their faith in God entailed reasonable obedience to civil authorities, except in the most egregious and idolatrous interference with faithfulness to God. But the Religious and Evangelical Left have decided that civil law should not really matter in cases of immigration. “The dominant narrative–the one about illegality, rule of law, blah, blah, blah–is persuasive because it provokes and exploits the one emotion that has driven American politics since 9/11: fear,” Professor Murphy opined. “We’re told by critics and commentators that Americans have never been so angry, that our public discourse has never been this strident and dangerously uncivil–all the red-faced name-calling, the ugly race-baiting, the shrill, snarky meanness.” Do expectations of border security and immigration law enforcement necessarily equal “shrill, snarky meanness?” For the Religious and Evangelical Left, evidently so.

In contrast, recently I attended a ceremony at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. honoring “righteous gentiles” from the Netherlands who courageously hid Jews and other potential victims of Nazis in their church during the German occupation. The church sexton, Hendrik Pleijsier-van Burden, along with his wife Neeltje Alida, with the pastors and others in the church, were guided by their Christian faith to protect Jews, Dutch resistance fighters and German Army deserters, all of whom faced likely execution if captured. In such an extremity, Christian ethics certainly affirms resistance against a genocidal occupying power. As a child, my own native northern Virginia was filled with thousands of new Vietnamese immigrants who fled communist occupation after Saigon’s 1975 collapse. President Ford had resettled 130,000 Vietnamese who had served the U.S. during the war and who had escaped newly reunified and communist Vietnam, where they faced death or internment. A church in my neighborhood adopted a Vietnamese family. Church and state rightly welcomed refugees who had sided with America and who needed protection from a murderous enemy.

Strangely, the Religious and Evangelical Left give little specific attention to today’s political and religious refugees who flee communist and Islamist regimes. The implied disapproval of such anti-Western governments does not comport with the Religious and Evangelical Left narrative that the U.S. is the world’s most oppressive power and responsible for most political and economic suffering. For the Religious and Evangelical Left, the U.S. is the original cause for global poverty and therefore is obligated to offer automatic sanctuary to any and all who want to move here, legally or illegally.

Traditionally across the centuries, immigrants to America have seen their opportunity as a privilege. Undoubtedly many still do. But the religious U. S. champions of virtual open borders insist that immigration is not a privilege but an entitlement that the U.S. universally owes the world. According to Professor Murphy, any resistance to unlimited immigration just illustrates “Americans’ deep-seated xenophobia,” which was “carefully cultivated since the 9/11 terrorist attacks,” and “crucial in rallying the country to support two insupportable wars.” Darkly, Murphy fears that a “phrase formerly associated with interrogators of the Third Reich–‘let me see your papers’–will now enter the lexicon of law enforcement in Arizona,” thanks to its new immigration law. “Jesus–in the guise of the brown-skinned ‘other’–will be asked for documentation he doesn’t have.”

Adding to this theme of deifying illegal immigration, Professor Colón-Emeric at Duke has preached that “The Church is a van full of illegals crossing the border to travel to the true north, up, the kingdom of God, because as [Saint} Paul says, “our citizenship is in heaven.” Jews and Christians, in the tradition of Abraham, do understand their faith as a pilgrim journey through a strange land. But probably neither the Patriarch nor St. Paul would equate the quest for salvation with celebrating the willful violation of immigration law.

  • M

    Poor US citizens, who happen to be black, brown and white, also bear Christ's likeness. Christ did not advocate that the wealthy displace their poor neighbors, depriving them of their jobs, their ability to keep a roof over their heads and food on their table, so as to feign charity to poor foreigners. Yet that is what so called "Christians" on the left, and unfortunately on the right demand be done. You don't see Jim Wallis or those like him giving up their incomes their homes, their very comfortable lifestyles and giving it all away to the poor. Yet people like him, demand that we ignore the likeness of Christ in our fellow citizens who happen to be poor. A friend of mine who happens to be Catholic told me last week, after hearing the Catholic bishop in our state attacking the new law in Arizona, that her son turned to her and asked her if she thought the bishop believed in God. He (her son) has friends at school who are homeless. Their families sleep in either a cheap motel at night, if they can get a voucher, or sleep in their cars. One of those homeless friends she learned had stopped going to school, and no one knew what had happened to him. She had no idea that this had been preying on his mind, and he had begun to wonder if such a thing could happen to his family. His question seems perfectly valid to me, as we don't read articles or hear comments from Christian leaders, men of the cloth speaking out on the subject of homeless citizens, the dire poverty and suffering that exists all around us. Tent cities, the stuff of memories our grandparents told us about from the great depression, are now once again with us. Yet the news media ignores it, the president and congress ignores it, and the Christian churches, whom one would expect to cry out against such suffering and seek to aid and assist the citizens and their children in their time of need, sit in willful indifference to it.

    We're not a wealthy country any more. Many citizens were harmed when their jobs were outsourced to Latin American and Asian countries, and these countries are now very wealthy, yet we're told that we are "evil" because of the trade deals, and the corporations that make money, even our poor should now be considered undeserving, because to be a homeless US citizen is somehow tantamount to living in greater luxury than a homeless person in Mexico or in another country. Perhaps they believe that freezing to death, going hungry, exposure to the crime when one is living on the street in the US is far less painful than it is any where else. What makes me even angrier, are the people making these value judgments tend to be fairly affluent, and have never known real suffering of any kind.

    For Christians to support the economic displacement of poor and suffering US citizens is the height of hypocrisy and fraud. It is a betrayal of Christ and his teachings. What's more, it leads children in a bad example, and can and does cause children to come to view church leaders as frauds. It also provides a sense of entitlement to illegal aliens to believe that it is acceptable to harm and deride poor US citizens, to treat them as less thans, and that is leading them to sin.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Ahhhh the hubris of the so called 'evangelical' left…presuming to look at history with the luxury of 2000 years of 20/20 hindsight…and STILL getting it wrong….all in the name of advancing what is clearly a Marxist agenda disguised as 'Bibical' teaching….even if Jesus had not been a Jew of Israelite origins and ancestry,he still would not be an 'illegal alien' under Roman law of the period…as a subject of the Roman Empire,he could still pretty much travel where he wanted to as long as he comported himself properly…which he no doubt did during his travels with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea….such a concept as an 'illegal alien' would itself have been alien to Roman thinking….talk about heretical revisionism…as for the notion of 'open American borders',that is laughable on it's face,since apparently in the eyes of this bunch,the US is the only nation that would be subject to such an arrangement….so one is left to deduce that they are motivated more by a deep seated ideological hatred of the US and all it stands for,than by any love for their fellow man….it would make far more sense to 'Americanize' the entire world to achieve the equality and recompense they claim to advocate,but,naturally,that is not even an option since the entire purpose of open borders is clearly to punish the US for its failure and refusal to worship at the Church of Karl Marx's Dick…our Lord and Savior warned us about such wolves in sheeps' clothing,and he was prescient to a fault

  • Kim Bruce

    Actually she may have a bit of a point here.
    I would much rather have a Hispanic Christian than a Muslim extremist immigrant entering the country.
    Our biggest problem is in allowing Muslim immigrants into the US and Canada.
    I think we would be better off if we stopped the tide of one and allowed the other.
    At least the Hispanics can integrate into our society. Do Muslim extremists?
    I think she has a valid point here.
    That's just my thought.

    • Jim C.

      Muslims assimilate here, yes. Muslim extremists? Probably not, but then most of them don't have "Muslim Extremist" stamped on their passport.

    • Fiddler

      I'm afraid your point of view is part of the problem. We spent too many years looking the other way. Now look at what is happening. Are these illegals JUST looking for a job? Or are they part of something else?

  • aspacia

    Many Hispanics can integrate, but do not. Go to north Las Vegas sometime. During one high school open house, I went to a local Mexican restaurant, the hostess did not speak English, and the menu was in Spanish only. I left.

    • Fiddler
      • aspacia

        Yes, I saw this, and sent a scathing email to him at his high school. No response. I can be a devil when dealing with racist liars.

  • Brian

    You know, I seem to remember the stories a little different. Going to Bethlehem to be counted and pay taxes at the government's direction, and then going back home once your business was taken care of…. Doesn't sound like illegal immigration to me. Idiots.

  • Cuban Refugee

    It all comes down to following the rule of law while we are still a sovereign country with borders (you should pardon the expression) — before Obama's puppetmasters make our republic and its people part of the North American Union, along with Canada, Mexico, and some Caribbean islands as our cherished nation melds into the satanic One-World Government. Earth to Debra Dean Murphy and Jim Wallis: Jesus Christ was an itinerant preacher, but he never settled in another country to commit crimes, bring in drugs, drain the resources, have a brood of children who crowded classrooms, bankrupt a hospital by using its emergency room as a general practitioner's office, or become a menace to the areas He visited by committing murder and robbery. He never draped Himself in a foreign flag, rioted in the streets, or brought disease and vermin to countries in which He preached. Every state in the Union should follow Arizona's lead, and do it soon — before the recordings in our ears urge us to, "Oprima el numero dos para Inglés."

  • michaelle

    When the left keep twisting the scriptures-its to their peril. I wouldn't be surprised if the temp in hell keeps getting turned up for them.

    • Phillymiss

      I believe in having compassion, but these leftwing Christians DO twist the scriptures. I once heard Jesse Jackson say that Mary and Joseph were a homeless couple. Also, a very liberal church in my area said that since Jesus stopped the mob from stoning the woman caught in adultery, he respected women's sexual choices, therefore Christians should support unlimited abortion.____Uh, no.

      • Fiddler

        Wow. Sounds like that church is a definite mission field. First they need to do something very hard: pick up the Bible and just read it. Unfortunately, much of what some pastors teach is about 10% Bible and 90% allegory.

  • BS1977

    I like the new term for illegal aliens….undocumented Democrats.

  • darkmorrow

    "…render unto Caeser what is his…" follow the law laid out. I hate to use that comparison but there it is. Christ also would have encouraged the Mexicans to fight the corruption and evil within their homeland.
    Why is it that the left LOVES to use the Christian faith when it suits an agenda, but does everything to discredit, demoralize, mock openly and often are downright hostile. We Christians are the left wing communist/progressive punching bag. They really should be glad we can take a joke. Even if its so blasphomous that, if it were another faith…say Islam, they'd be dead.

    • coyote3

      Is that kinda like what we used to say about mojados? "There soul may belong to God, but their asses belong to La Migra."

      • darkmorrow

        Funny that your using the name " Coyote" in a conversation about illegal immigration. Isn't it the Coyotes that exploit the plight of Mexicans by charging them thousands of dollars to sneak them into our nation. And, when the oppurtunity arises, they rape the women, take their panties and hang them on a tree. Once they get the illegals across the border they often turn them over to gangs that basically enslave them.

    • Mo_

      Ain't that the truth! When it comes to abortion, homosexuality and a host of other things, they dismiss the Bible as outdated rubbish. But when it suits them, they are suddenly Jesus' best friend. I'd have slight more respect for them if they'd at least be consistent!

      I don't know what's worse, denying what the Bible says, or twisting it to say something it doesn't. I think the latter, since it only serves to confuse those who may sincerely wish to follow the Bible but are simply not familiar with all it says. They will just assume these people know more than they do and therefore know what they are talking about, and they believe them.

  • USMCSniper

    Christ was not an undocumented worker, he never worked a day in his life. According to his father (the guy that fed and clothed him), Joesph hyoung Jesus spent all his time of in the hills with his "male" friends. Hmmm…funny that neither Jesus Christ or any of his apostles never married ever – an Paul openly expresses his hatred of women in many Bible passages. Elton John has never been one to hold back his feelings. This time, he's ruffling a few feathers among Christians. Elton John said: "I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man." Who knows??

    • Carolina Don

      Sniper: As Christ told the Sadducees (Matt. 22:29) "Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures…" You said that Christ didn't work but in His home town of Nazereth, he was known as "…the carpenter…"(Mark 6:3). You also said that his disciples never married, but Christ healed Peter's mother-in-law of a fever (Matt. 8:14-15). Paul , as a close reading of his writings will show, was in all liklihood a eunuch and therefore had no need or desire. The historian Josephus describes Paul as a small man with a stooped back and very bad eyesight…a condition whose name escapes me, but was common in those times as both hereditary, and the result of a poor diet. Homosexual? Only a homosexual with a scant to void knowledge of the Bible would dare think so.

    • Ruler4You

      It's interesting that you make the correlation to Jesus speding all of his time off in the hills with his 'male' friends as being some sign of being a homo. Yet, that's what the USMC does all the time. Does that mean that you and your "brothers" in arms are all queers?

  • Rifleman

    Every Christmas they mindlessly tell us Mary, Joseph, and Jesus were homeless, rather than the truth, they were visiting a town with no vacancy when Christ was born.

  • Mo_

    Excellently written article, thank you!

    I actually had not heard this idea before. (At least, not spelled out so boldly.) Such people have no idea what the Bible actually teaches. Nor do they care. They take bits that they like and build their theology and views around it, whether it is accurate or not.

    Thanks again. I will be passing this on. Something tells me some people will be offended. Too bad. How dare people take the Word of God and abuse it in such a manner? And especially if they claim to be a believer in Christ!

    • Fiddler

      Much as with the leftist media, lying is okay as long as it serves their purpose. If you call them out on it, they will do the next thing and slander or libel you. Today we have the bumper-sticker journalism: "say something often enough and people will believe it". Then, they head to the polls and vote.

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    Thats ridiculous McSniper. You defend him against being an illegal alien only to indict him with being Gay.

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    with being Gay.

    We are not informed about the marital status of Christ’s disciples, except for Peter, whose mother-in law was mentioned. Disproving your theory and you are full of it in the rest of your diatribe too.

    I can only conclude you are Gay, vile, or a Lefty trying to annex Christ as a Lefty too. Like the rest of the Left using him to validate whatever Leftist position you endorse.

  • Syd Barrett

    It appears as though leftist Christians don't read any more often than leftist Atheists.

    According to the Bible, we as Christians should be in subjection to secular authorities and man's law, up to the point that those laws conflict with God's laws. (Romans 13:1-2, 1Peter 2:13-17)

    Being in the country illegally is by definition a violation of the laws of the land.

    I used to wonder why these people can't see the obvious, and I'm left with the impression that they do see it, they just don't care. Because their agenda is all that matters. Not my agenda, not your agenda, not God's agenda.

    I remember in the 4th grade lunch line, when a kid would cut in line, other kids would shout out, "Hey, no butts!" That's what should be happening here, and it's sad that a group of 4th graders have a better moral compass than a group of grown adults.

  • Anthony

    “Christians who do not recognize Jesus in the illegal do not know Jesus.” What sort of idiocy and lunacy is going on with these false professing Christians? What manner of non -sense passes today for faith, and rationality? It is appalling to read the asinnine stuff the false Christians on the Left put out. The quoted statement is absolutely foolish, stupid, idiotic. There is a sinister plot being unfolded to bring this great nation to misery and bondage under filthy and evil elites, who are filled with a lust for power and the desire to dominate others. Those who value liberty, truth need to begin to do something massive to counteract the down spiral into nihilism and debauchery this nation is on.

    • Fiddler

      It is "bumper-sticker" journalism. Take a sound bite and publish it. Make cliche pass for fact. It works! The prime example is many who were interviewed after voting for Obama.

  • Faisal

    The trouble with many Liberals is they believe they are Christ like and the powers to feed the multitudes with only 7 loaves and 7 fishes. Of course, even if they could pull off this miracle you can bet it wouldn't be THEIR loaves and fishes that would be distributed. Their belief in the Holy Trinity of O.P.M. – Other People's Money is unswerving.

  • lakewoodbob

    Blaise Pascal wrote in the 17th century that “We can understand nothing of God’s works unless we accept the principle that He wished to blind some and enlighten others.” (Pensees 232)

    As some of you have stated, the LEFT uses 'Christian Principles' only when it suits their purposes. In actuality, there can be no such thing as a Christian Leftist or Marxist!

    Those on the LEFT are blinded and not enlightened!

  • Dean from Ohio

    I am an undocumented co-owner of your home. And your car. And the money in your wallet. Because I say so and muddle-headed fools agree with me.

    Can you bring me some tea while you're up? It's my turn for the remote. Haven't you lived here long enough? I'm really getting tired of putting up with you. How about you finding another place to live. Here's $5 toward a bus ticket.

    Now get out.

  • Jim C.

    Anyone who understands the message of Jesus Christ knows he is neither Left or Right, and I'm sure would have words for both sides using his name for their political ends.

    Love God with all your heart and all your might. Love your (liberal?) neighbor as you love your (conservative?) self.

    • Fiddler

      "Verily I say to you, you shall not get out of there until you have paid the last farthing"

      Would Jesus condone knowingly breaking of a law of a foreign country? As others have posted, Mexicans have a country, but because of bleeding hearts who have no respect for many laws, they wait for people lawfully here to object to their coming here, then POUNCE on them with PC-speak.

      "Neither right of left" Okay, Does Jesus agree with Paul in his description of homosexuality in Romans (either woman with woman or man with man)? Does Jesus condone disobeying the civil laws? Did he pay his taxes? Based on Psalm 139, Jeremiah, and the passage about John the Baptist being filled withe the Holy Spirit while still in his mothers womb, could Jesus possibly condone abortion?

      So are we really talking about Left versus Right or lawless versus lawful? As yourself truly which side has more respect for biblical morality. Robbing "rich" people of confiscatory taxes is not Jesus' design, rather, VOLUNTARILY being willing to share. Hence those who rob others to salve their conscience are crooks.

      • Jim C.

        Jesus Christ is talking about the Kingdom of God, and his message is that there is no one else between you and God.

        Of ocurse Jesus would not condone abortion. We have no idea what Jesus thought of homosexuality, and to suggest otherwise is a lie–but we do know he would certainly be loving and merciful. Christ only got angry with two groups of people: the Pharisees and the money changers (well, one could say perhaps also his own disciples). Take that as you will.

        As for the Mexicans, it's very, very simple: if people stopped employing them, they'd stop coming. Every house in Texas has a Mexican housekeeper. Every big farm and factory in the USA probably employs them. Think they're all democrats? Go talk to them about what Jesus would do.

  • Jim Johnson

    The Business Faction that prospers from H1-b and illegal immigration are the guilty ones.
    Their Nafta,Cafta, and Shafta treaties created a magnificent poverty in Mexico that drove the victims north to the US.
    I wonder who finances the Sojourners? Probably both the Greed is Good Left Wingers and the Businesses that make massive profits by discriminating against Americans in employment.

    The Greed is Good Left Wingers ,exemplified by Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi, gain political power from the poverty created amongst the Americans by H1-B and Illegal Immigration which they easily monetize using their business man husbands.

  • Jim Johnson

    To fight the Arizona law political interests have called for a boycott against Arizona in order to punish the victims of the open border policies of our Government.
    With no conventions coming to Arizona it will be the hotels that are hit the hardest. This is ironic since it is these hotels that have relied on illegals for employees. It is the hotels that were amongst the strongest opponents of the Law. With no business the Hotels will lose money but the illegals will be laid off.
    I like seeing the bad guys shoot them selves in their respective feet.
    If there are Hotels which have not discriminated against Americans and Legals and they are hit by the boycott those Arizonians who support the Law can check in to those Hotels for a well deserved vacation. Since the Law has 70% support in Arizona they can fill the rooms of the good guys. Do IT.
    Nevada has no such Law. So do not come here.

  • Terry

    The argument of Jesus having a birth certificate or not is mute. If it was the law of the day, he had one and if not then he didn't as goes the entire Jewish community at the time. As for not having a father. Joseph was recognized to everyone he was the father of Jesus. In fact the Jewish leaders when opposing Jesus and his teachings claimed "is this not the son of Joseph, the Carpenter"?

    There is every reason to believe during the family trip to Egypt as a young infant that Egypt knew exactly who this family was, where they lived and what they were doing there. They were not illegal aliens.

    Then an argument can be made that Jesus, being God, created the first borders to isolate people, races and language at the Tower of Babel when he confused the language. Then later on over time the land mass once connected allowing people to travel and move over the earth from the Tower of Babel became disconnected and separate continents were created and making natural borders.

  • Guest

    Jesus, as pointed out in the article, had a known mother, Mary, and a human father, Joseph. Jesus had a home, in Nazareth; He was not homeless. Mary and Joseph had to stay in the manger, not because they were penniless or homeless, but because they had come to Bethlehem to participate in the census (which, by the way, would have documented the parentage of Jesus), and there was no room in the inn.

    Joseph was a skilled worker with a marketable skill. When Jesus, Mary, and Joseph went to Egypt they must have had sufficient resources to leave their home for an extended period and travel to another country, where Joseph's money had to sustain them without him having work. Joseph must have had a decent income to support his family. Jesus also got to travel to the Jerusalem temple, so His family had a documented record of traveling, another bit of evidence for a family of comfortable means.

    Jesus grew up in one town, so He was not rootless. The Bible reports that He lived in his parents' home in Nazareth, so He wasn't homeless. Jesus was able to afford to leave his father's home and spend forty days and forty nights in the desert, purifying Himself and learning the ways of Satan.

  • Nelson Santiago

    As a Christian who went to an evangelical univerisity and was born in Puerto Rico, speak Spanish as a first language and actually teach the Bible, in both Spanish and English. This "interpretation" is a total distortion of Scripture and the history of Roman law during the period of Christ.

    Just as absurd is the Evagelical left's consistent refusal to openly speak truth to power and expose the corruption of the Mexican Justice System, its inability to protect its citizens and its rape of the entrepenurial spirit of the the Mexican people and their natural resources and its persecusion of its poor. While I am from time to time overcome with compassion for those who live in legitimate danger, where are these "Christians" who want to be heard by the press when it comes to standing up to Mexican injustices and for change in Mexico? Taking in the poor of Mexico is not the solution, exposing the Mexican government and allowing them to see the plight of their own poor is. Perhaps the leftists Evangelical movement can organize a march from the border to Mexico City like Mahatma Ghandi did for the poor of India and SHOW THE LOVE. What no takers?

    • phillymiss

      Good post. Are you sure that English is your second language? You write it better than many native-born Americans, unfortunately.

  • Liberty Clinger

    The age of massive immigration (legal and illegal) to the United States is over. I do not want any Muslim immigration – their religion contains a totalitarian political ideology which is opposed to the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. We needed massive immigration in prior ages – when the nation was young and underpopulated – but times have changed. I do not want my children and grandchildren to live like ants in an overpopulated ant colony – that violates the individual’s God-given right to the pursuit of happiness. American overpopulation will of necessity usher in totalitarian government.

  • Ruler4You

    First of all on the one hand this article says "we are like Jesus" but by the statement that Jesus' mother was Mary and Father: unknown they undermine their argument for the 'Savior' being similar to their circumstance. The Father was God Almighty. Jesus can't be proclaimed to be the 'Savior' of man and held up as an example of righteousness of their cause by denying that. Next, birth certificates are the product of modern man and state claims to sovereignty. Next, a person's place of origin in Jesus' day could be determined by a simple question. Where are you from? Today the lack of individual honor and integrity belies the simplicity of such a method of finding the origins of a person. This is a false choice and is trickery being used to deceive Christians and others who still have principles.

  • malbuff

    Why does a divinity school have a Hispanic Studies department? "For there is no partiality with God…"

  • Gary Heffner

    Probably the best Biblical example of how an illegal immigrant should be treated is found in the Book of Philemon. Onesimus was an escaped slave who Paul loved but out of integrity had to send back to his master. Onesimus went back voluntarily, again due to HIS integrity. Illegal immigrants can be loved and witnessed to, but need to realize that they should first submit to the law of man, as a way to show God their sincerity of doing all things in order. Believers have no right to forgive others for laws they break – they must deal with the authority behind those laws.

  • Richard Aberdeen

    Apparently the author has never heard of the Samaritans, the despised "illegals" of the time of Jesus, who Jesus deliberately singled out as being of equal status with God. There is no such thing as an "illegal" human being. What should be illegal, is those pretending to follow Jesus, who would in any way, shape or form, stand in the way of a hungry immigrant trying to feed themselves and their families. People like this author should be made to go hungry and homeless for a while and then, let's see how important their stupid little narrow-minded opinions of legality are, compared to having food and shelter. What socalled "illegal" human being would Jesus deny a seat at his own table?

    • malbuff

      Foolish, foolish man. The Samaritans were not "illegals." The Jews viewed them as "dogs" because they were half-breeds. Their low social status had nothing to do with obeying or disobeying the law. Of course, Jesus will welcome the illegal alien to his table. And once he has partaken, Jesus will remind him to obey the law of the land. Empathy for the sinner's humanity does NOTequate with approval of the sinner's sin. "Go and sin no more." In modern terms– "Return to your homeland in accordance with the law of this land." And, my friend, if you don't like the "illegal" term, let us use a more precise one, "criminal alien." How's that suit ya? We good now?