Former Archbishop of Canterbury Cautions against Islamic Immigration


Former Archbishop of Canterbury is ruffling British cultural and religious elites by warning against uncontrolled Islamic immigration that threatens Britain’s ”very ethos or DNA.”

“The idea that Britain can continue to welcome with open arms immigrants who immediately establish their own tribunals to apply Sharia, rather than make use of British civil law, is deeply socially divisive,” Lord Carey warned in a January 7 Times of London op-ed. “The last thing any of us want is ghettos. And while we don’t expect groups to assimilate, there must be a willingness on their part to integrate with the rest of British society.” Carey was appointed to his former position by Margaret Thatcher and, in retirement, has sometimes offered a corrective to the left-leaning proclivities of his successor, Archbishop Rowan Williams.

In America, as in Britain, left-leaning religious groups, most recently the U.S. National Association of Evangelicals, are urging more liberalized immigration laws.   In Britain, the stakes are higher, with proportionally much higher levels of Muslim immigration, creating pockets of urban culture where Islamic mores prevail.  Carey has joined a coalition of British parliamentarians urging sharper controls on immigration.  But somewhat unlike the parliamentary group, the former head of the Church of England and the global Anglican Communion is specifically urging that immigrants affirm Britain’s democratic heritage.

Citing the monarchy, Parliament, the judiciary, the Church of England, and a free press, Carey lamented that “some groups of migrants” are “ambivalent about or even hostile to such institutions” because they embody the Britain’s “liberal democratic values.”  He specifically exampled a proposed antiwar Islamist march as evidence of the dangers that “extremists pose to British society.”

As in America, where left-leaning religious elites deride any concerns about immigration as xenophobic, Carey has been widely lambasted in Britain.  And he stands virtually alone as a senior churchman public urging more careful immigration, with an eye to Islam’s potentially dangerous growth.

In a recent BBC radio broadcast, Carey shared his desire for a “country that values its Christian heritage and democratic standards and all that this country has fought over.”  He also asserted that Britain needs a “tougher church” as “Christians are so very often so soft” and “allow other people to walk over us” because “we don’t want to upset other people.”   Britain’s retired senior archbishop declared Christians must be “more outspoken.”   The Christian and Jewish idea to ‘welcome the stranger” must be affirmed, Carey said.  But uncontrolled immigration could allow Britain to be “destabilized” and the creation of “ghettoes.”

“Too often in recent years the call for a rational debate on mass migration has degenerated into name-calling and charges of racism,” Carey bemoaned in his newspaper op-ed.  “Even the campaign for Balanced Migration, which I have supported, representing cross-party politicians, has barely been heeded by party leaders who have run scared of the issue.”  Britain should “welcome the contribution of both economic migrants and asylum seekers to our lively cosmopolitan culture.”  But uncontrolled borders that permit “new communities whose values are sometimes very different, even antithetical, to our own,” will stretch “almost to breaking point the enormous reserves of tolerance and generosity of the British people” and could damage Britain’s “future harmony.”

Carey warned that irresponsible immigration policies policies would facilitate support for the far-right British National Party  and “otherwise decent people supporting modern-day fascism.”  In somewhat veiled critique of the current British government, Carey noted the Prime Minister has emphasized “shared values” such as “tolerance, fair play, pluralism.”   But Carey retorted that those traits are not uniquely British and the nation must also look to “language, institutions and our shared history in valuing what it means to be British and what we could lose if the make-up of our nation changes too rapidly.”

“It is my firm view that our society owes more to our Christian heritage than it realizes and to overlook this inheritance of faith will lead to the watering down of the very values of tolerance, openness, inclusion and democracy that we claim are central to all we stand for,” Carey warned.  In his radio interview, he rejected any specific immigration policy against “non-Christian populations,” which would violate Britain’s “generous spirit.”   But he did urge immigration policies that favored immigrants who affirm British “values.”

Other religious voices have responded negatively to Carey.  Bishop of Lincoln John Saxbee, the Church of England’s immigration spokesman in the House of Lords, demanded a “more nuanced” approach from Carey.  “Christians across the country work hard to generate a culture of hospitality rather than hostility towards those who come to live, work and worship among us,” Saxbee was quoted as saying in the Independent of Ireland.  “I am sure Lord Carey would not want to do or say anything which might make our task more difficult in that respect,” he harrumphed.

United Reformed Church clergy and social justice activist Vaughan Jones was quoted by Ekklesia as more explicitly deriding Carey’s stance. “Crude, populist and simplistic comments like those of the former Archbishop add nothing new or helpful to the debate,” he sniffed.  “The migrant is not a stranger to the church to be accepted or rejected at our convenience. We are brothers and sisters within a transnational and interdependent global community which transcends the Archbishop’s narrow and outdated nationalism.”

Traditional Religious Left voices simplistically distill immigration law as simply a question of “hospitality.”   Lord Carey, with more nuance than his ostensibly more sophisticated critics, seems to understand civil law’s supreme obligation to safeguard society.

  • W. Layer

    The one who is simplistic is the Bishop of Lincoln who ignores the havoc raised by immigration into Britain. The British are being deprived of their country by the political parties who are only interested in importing an electorate that will keep them in power. Traditional liberties and the national culture are seen as impediments to power by them. Labor borders on treason, the Tories on irrelevance.

    • BS1977

      Multiculturism is a lie foisted on the average blokes of England…it is a form of anarchy…engineered by liberal idiots, socialist vote counters and political hacks….what a sorry mess.

  • giuseppe de santis

    He is not alone:

    Unfortunately there are too few people talking the truth about the threat of islam

    • BS1977

      "Cautions against immigration" HAHAHAHAHAHA……too late for that, far too late. Read Londonistan by Melanie Phillips…..Liberal PC multicult social engineers decided flooding England with non assimilating, hostile third worlders would be of great benefit to Britain…….Boy, were they wrong!!!

  • stepman

    Yes, here in America we face the same uneducated response to the call of awareness. Those, myself included, whom cry out in the wilderness, are condemed and “has degenerated into name-calling and charges of racism,”. Come to America, but become American. Not some hyphenated hybrid. Understand the principles out the "American Dream". It is more than me, me, me. To highlight a couple, it is about living freely amongst people who are not trying to rule over you in anyway, it is being allowed to worship the God of your understanding. The concept of immigration has been radically evolved into "Save the World" and having to accept the fact that the new immigrant is coming to take not add to America(except the burden that the immigrant brings). Sharia in a free society is not compatable at all. The jihad has never ended nor will it end until its destruction. Even if the rest of the world were under islamic rule, America would still be at risk because the call to jihad is world dominance. AWAKEN AMERICA, AWAKEN NON-MUSLIMS.

  • shane comeback

    Note to Brits: Too late, sleepyhead!

    • BS1977

      My thoughts exactly….the PC open door multicult liberal socialist twit Brits have wrecked London with their idiotic immigration policies…now ten to fifteen years later, they are considering what to do. What a bunch of fools.

      • BS1977

        The Brits have invited a horde of non assimilating hostile third world ingrates into their midst….mostly PC bureaucratic lib socialists are responsible for this anarchy…..and now twenty years down the road, they are pondering……what to do? What a bunch of fools.

    • phoebeintheforest

      I have British relatives and the strange thing is they don't seem concerned about this at all. When I was last at Heathrow in late 2005, I was surrounded by a sea of Muslims traveling to and from their native countries. Can't imagine what will have to happen to get the attention of the average Brit, especially the young ones…at any rate, it will be too late.

  • solemnman

    A backward culture has been floated to power and prominance on a sea of oil and it will prevail unless the west ,finally, understands that a war is being waged against it from within and without by that cultures advocates.

  • BS1977

    ah screw FPM

  • spitfire12

    Linda Rivera, thank you for all that information. I'm about to explode with rage, so I need to go and calm down!

    All my family will be voting for the British National Party, including my daughter living in America!

  • GJTryon

    "Cautions against?" If that's the best he can do at this stage of the game then he ought to go back to his tea and committees and leave the spiritual rule of the U.K. to those with a little old fashioned British bulldog conviction, i.e., the imams. Too little, too late, to change Britain's fate.

    • BS1977

      Yes, it is rather late in the game to raise objections to Moozlim immigration, especially after 20 years of seeing the PC multicult Brit Twit hack bureaucrats rolling out the red carpet for hostile, non assimilating hordes who HATE Britain…and wish to turn it into Turdistan. Read Londonistan by Melanie Phillips. Britain has been virtually destroyed by clueless idiot social engineers, socialists and welfare statists who now are watching as their creation turns into a Frankenstein.

  • Kasey Mizuno

    Hello, firstly I want to say that I try to follow your blog. Great post, I fully agree with you. Have a good day matey.


    Looks more and more like there won't always be an England.

  • American Farmer

    The fear expressed in these comments is justified. The following three questions (in seperate posts) is a good indicator of THE TRUTH! Thus far NO clear answers are forthcoming from the Islamic communities.

    Questions for leaders of an allegedly “MODERATE” and “PEACEFUL” Islam.

    1. Islamic law (Sharia) states that Muslims who convert to Christianity must be killed (Redda Law), women in adulterous relationships must be stoned to death, men can beat their wives to discipline them, and homosexuals should be killed.

  • American Farmer

    Question: Are you willing to recommend that these traditional Muslim practices be banned and to condemn countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran which accept such practices as religiously mandated?

    2. Several Muslim texts declare that Jews are pigs and monkeys and that killing Jews before "end days" is a religious duty for Muslims.

    Question: Are you willing to declare that these texts must be changed and/or reinterpreted and that Islamic teaching of such anti-Semitic values must stop?

    3. Muslim texts that are approved by all the schools of jurisprudence in Islam (Shafeii, Hanbali, Maleki, and Hanafi) state that Muslims must declare wars against non-Muslims to spread Islam and those they conquer must either convert to Islam, pay Jizya (a humiliating tax), or be killed.
    Question: Are you willing to declare that this belief, used in "Foutohhat Islameia," the early wars to spread Islam, and praised currently in much of the Muslim world, is un-Islamic and unacceptable?

  • American Farmer

    Questions for leaders of an allegedly “MODERATE” and “PEACEFUL” Islam.
    Comment size limits prohibited the posting of my ENTIRE post. To clarify my first question that was broken up:
    1. Islamic law (Sharia) states that Muslims who convert to Christianity must be killed (Redda Law), women in adulterous relationships must be stoned to death, men can beat their wives to discipline them, and homosexuals should be killed.
    Question: Are you willing to recommend that these traditional Muslim practices be banned and to condemn countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran which accept such practices as religiously mandated?