Kneeling Before Holy Jihad

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Led by the National Council of Churches (NCC), the Religious Left is backing the proposed Ground Zero Islamic Center while denouncing the mosque’s skeptics as “hateful.”

Revealingly, the statement endorsed by 40 religious “leaders” is relatively narrowly comprised of top NCC officials, left-wing Catholics, Muslim groups, and mostly second-tier Jewish groups, plus J Street. Missing are the usual Mainline Protestant clerics, Eastern Orthodox, and prominent liberal Jews typically found on NCC-organized political blasts.  No prominent evangelicals are on the list.

The interfaith enthusiasts for the mosque chimed:

As Catholic, evangelical, mainline Protestant, Jewish and Muslim leaders and scholars committed to religious freedom and inter-religious cooperation, we are deeply troubled by the xenophobia and religious bigotry that has characterized some of the opposition to a proposed Islamic center and mosque near where the World Trade Center towers once stood.

Few critics of the $100 million proposed Cordoba House Islamic Community Center near the World Trade Center site dispute the right of any religious group to construct a house of worship in America.  What is disputed by Ground Zero mosque critics are the wisdom and sensitivity of building an Islamic Center near where Islamist fanatics murdered over 2,000 New Yorkers.  Whatever the professed intent of the mosque builders, radical Islamists likely will see the mosque’s construction as a Jihadist victory.

Some critics of the Ground Zero mosque have appealed to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to exemplify the interfaith sensitivity he claims his Islamic Center will promote by relocating the mosque site.  These appeals have garnered no sympathy from the imam. Other critics ask New York to refuse permission for mosque construction on this particular site and instead to facilitate another location.  Left-leaning church groups like the NCC possibly could have employed their own long history of interfaith cooperation to mediate a reasonable compromise and to persuade the imam and his supporters to heed sensitivities about 9-11.  But instead the NCC is embracing the Ground Zero mosque full throttle, all sensitivities be cursed, and denouncing all who are less than zealous for the Islamic Center as bigots.

Almost surely the NCC would denounce Christians who desired to build a church, even after 1,000 years, near the venerated site of the slaughter of Muslims during the crusades, that is, if churches could actually be freely built in the Middle East, outside of democratic Israel.  But for much of the Religious Left, sensitivity and accommodation are only desired for Western Christians when dealing with non-Western religionists.  Although itself an historically crusading and conquering faith, Islam’s adherents, as ostensibly chronic victims of Western imperialism, are never expected to yield, at least not by the Religious Left.  Naturally, this pro-mosque Religious Left coalition is more distressed over Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin than ascendant radical Islam.

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  • BS77

    When Hitler came to power, lots of religious dodos said, "How bad can it be?"
    Yeah, don't worry …just forgeddaboudit…….put your head in the sand .

    • manny sternberg

      Let me see if i understand this: the koran dictates a msque to be built on sites of victory:
      They attack us, and admit it..them they want to celebrate the site of their victory, the imam is anti semitic and anti israel and refuses to condemn terrorism, the idiotic self-loathing Bloombeg says its about religious freedom, ignoring terror support of the imam, Obama sends the imam on a diplomatic mission, no doubt to raise funds and slap the face of anti terror people being a muslim himself, AND we see nothing wrong. A supreme court appointee espouses sharia, and we sit like suicidal lemmings…the handwriting is on the wall!

      • Frank(ly) M'Dear

        Thanks for summarizing the FACTS so succinctly. You hit every nail SMACK ON the head!

  • ApolloSpeaks


    In his book "What's Right With Islam" Rauf reveals himself to be a Sufi in the tradition of Al Ghazali, the radical militant 10th century Moselm jurist who extolled Holy War (JIHAD): using violence and deception in the Moslem conquest of mankind. "Cordoba Initiative" are code words for Moslem imperial conquest, not religious freedom and equality (of which there was none in Moslem ruled Cordoba). Sharia ruled Cordoba is Rauf's political model for America and the West.


  • ApolloSpeaks

    Rauf is a Moslem first an American last and is anything but an integrationist. In his lecture "Lose Your Ego Find Your Compassion (found on the internet)" Rauf claims that the Prophet Mohammed-an intolerant, mass murdering theiving terrorist thug (a virtual killing machine for Allah)-is the supreme example for humanity of compassion, goodness, enlightenment and morality.

    With good reason 68% of the American people (80% Republicans, 54% Dems), empathetically siding with the victims of 9/11 and their familes, see Rauf's mosque as offensive and insensitive and oppose its construction anywhere close to Ground Zero.

    Google ApolloSpeaks (one word) and read my controversial piece: Islam, Sufism and the Ground Zero Mosque

  • moshav

    rauf and his wife are professional liars exploiting an incredibly naive American government. Both are supporters of hamas and other islamic terrorist organizations. The record is clear and instructive. What is remarkable is the lack of desire of the obama administration to seek legitimate moderate muslims (the ones whose names are on death liss).

    • Frank(ly) M'Dear

      I am quite convinced that only the naive actually believe that the current US administration is naive about Islam. Those more in touch are rather busy uncovering the links, extent and degree of Islamist influence in the WH and the personal views of the POTUS and his high-maintenance Marie Antoinette (Michelle Obama).

  • blotto

    I want to see that dopey women from the NCC go to Afghanistan and make peace with the Taliban and AQ. If she so strongly believes that Islam and jihadists are misread and that loving them will end war, then she should go prove it. If she feels so strongly that this monument to radical Islam is worthy she should go to Mecca and sermonize about her love of Islam and how interfaith can solve the world's problems.

    It is the same story all over: The left gets to say and do anything it wants even if it causes pain, suffering and death to Americans because they cannot and will not be held accountable or responsible.

  • Paul B.

    I don't know if he is a signatory, but that sure is a picture of Jim Wallis with this article, and he sure has come out for the GZ mosque:…. He's a self-proclaimed evangelical with a long history of getting it wrong.

  • BS1977

    Funny how the left wanted NO prayer in the public schools, NO Ten Commandments in the courtrooms, no crosses, no Chanukah menorahs, no mention of the Bible in classes….but watch them fall all over themselves to approve a mosque at Ground Zero….these people are hypocrits, liars and most of all, fools. There is not one church, temple,synagogue or anything permitted in Saudi Arabia, but these leftist twits want the Saudis to finance a mosque where 3000 people were slaughtered by Saudi terrorists.
    Un effing believable.

    • aspacia

      Yes, the left's stance regarding this issue, and public prayer has further baffled me. I thought most on the left claim to be logical?

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Few critics of the $100 million proposed Cordoba House Islamic Community Center near the World Trade Center site dispute the right of any religious group to construct a house of worship in America.

    I do and on top of it I’m not a bigot or a xenophobe, because Islam besides being a religion is also a very radical form of totalitarianism that seeks to dominate the world as its main goal. Thus, unlike what is widely assumed, especially by Leftists and even some clueless conservatives, because Islam is a totalitarian theo-political ideology that seeks to subjugate the world as its main goal, it is not protected by the first amendment of the constitution. Hence, not only should the Ground Zero supremacist mega mosque and Islamic center be stopped, especially since it is a part of the stealth global jihad, but all mosque building in the USA should be stopped as well.

    And if anyone believes I am a bigot or a Xenophobe, then let them prove me wrong.

    • Frank(ly) M'Dear

      You forgot to mention that all existing mosques (except Amaddiya mosques) should be closed. The practice of Wahabbi'ism, Sunni and Shi'ite Islam (and probably others) should be declared unAmerican and illegal. Oh – and we should offer free one way plane rides to all current Muslims in the USA to the Islamic hellhole of their choice.

  • Tim Pottorff

    Calm, collected conservatism is not the answer anymore. We must be well-versed in our arguments and radical in our delivery of it. We must be just as vocal and just as determined as the Leftists in this country to counter their claims of 'progressive enlightenment' on every issue. We must inform the idiots and persuade with facts, logic and patience. We must continue to beat the drum just as the leftis media does for their cause. …when possible, use simpler words so the Obamaites can understand. Never, never, never give up the fight. If we lose the next two elections….the country is lost along with our children's future. Convince by facts and repetition. We have a small window…we must try to repair the assault on our country.

  • truth to tell

    Good coment from Mr Pottoroff. Radical simply means returning to the core of our radias. Which is all islam is trying to do. Their radias simply means doing evil destructive and cruel things to others. So the "radical" islamist is simply being a GOOD islamist. We must also be come radical for what we believe in.

  • 080

    The problem is to define a "moderate" Islamist. The question is "Do you believe in the inerrancy of the Koran?" Can the answer possibly be "No"? What happens then? Is such a Moslem an apostate? If he is then what does the Koran prescribe for him?

  • Voltimand

    We are at war–do the necessary.

  • welldoneson

    I think the best thing that couldhappen is for the contruction of this war mongering abomination to be allowed, and for it to NEVER be completed due to delays, accidents, missing materials, failed inspections… milk the creeps who are paying for the construction into bankruptcy.

    I'm all in favor of the unions on this one.

  • waltjr

    They just do not get it. The reason we despise the Ground Zero Mosque is the very same reason we despise groups like the NCC and Progressive politics, it is called Ideology.

  • HanniBarca

    We will have to deliver ourselves from the evil that is enveloping us like a malignant fog.
    Let us pray that those of us who are rational, patriotic citizens will maintain their courage and resolve that will be needed to stand up to the forces of darkness from within and without the borders of this still great nation.

  • imnokuffar

    I am SHOCKED to see some of the comments on this site that condemn the building of this important monument to peace and the Islamic faith. Your own president has approved this structure as have leading Left/Liberal and Church groups. Surely you trust your own President ! I would have thought that this was reason enough for all those who oppose this attempt to build bridges with the Islamic world to STOP opposing it. You must by now realise that Islam is a Religion of Peace and that wherever it goes it spreads harmony, love and justice. Much is made of the fact that this fantastic structure may upset some people whose relatives and friends were incinerated on 9/11 but this is just a side issue, is it not ? Its a well known fact that everyone who opposes this creative attempt to spread the love of Allah are bigots.

    Just like me in fact.

  • Aliko

    This article comes with an unmistakable aroma of bribe money. If 100M$ is involved in building the mosque, I bet a minimum of 5M$ softened the obvious opposition and probably much more than that given before and will still be given after. I wonder if Tom Clansy gets inspired by this scheme to write a new book.

  • James Snapp, Jr.

    Let's imagine, for a moment, what Muslims might think if the tables were turned: suppose some American, extremist radicals had blown up Muhammad's tomb in 2001, and now some Christians are proposing to build a big cathedral-like church building next to the hole in the ground where Muhammad's tomb once stood. All the Muslims (and these useful idiots from the NCC) would defend and support the idea in the interest of peace, dialogue and tolerance, right?

  • Toa

    I still like the idea proposed by other patriots that some enterprising souls should pull up to the site with a truckload of dogs or hogs and take them for a little run around the grounds. Of course, they would have to bring security personnel with them to protect them from the "compassionate" Progressives who are running interference for our sworn enemies.


    We've got 2 more years of destruction with Obama the Muslim. Who's available to supplant him in 2012? We shouldn't be surprised that he as well as the amnesic left are ready to kiss,make up & grovel over a mosque at the site of 3000 of our fellow countrymens' murder.

  • Traditional Jew

    J street is not a Jewish organization. Although some of its leaders are descended (partly) from Jews, their theology is either Buddhist, agnostic of far left secular humanism. None of them perform the commandments expect of a G-d fearing Jew, such as keeping the Sabbath holy, maintaining a kosher diet and daily prayer.

  • Eric

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  • Chaim

    It has long ago abandoned any pretense of peace. Aren't Shiites and Sunnis killing each other? Aren't smaller sects despised and persecuted by both?!?!? Following Mohammed's death, didn't his siccessor – Abu Bakr – barbarically kill over 80,000 who had been forced to convert under Mohammed?!?!?

    Let's face it, it is no more than a political ideology, combining the worst traits of Fascism, Communism, in favor of certain elites. Albeit, it is dresed in the trappings of religion, to somehow make it acceptable.

    Read at least two different translations of the Qur'an, read the Hadith and you will see the hatred, the incitement to violence, against everything and everyone that stands in Islam's way. ISLAM is derived from "i-silm," its literal meaning is not "the religion of peace" it is "the religion of submission!"