Palestine and Hiroshima?

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Probably it’s a safe bet that these outraged Palestinian trees, when they finally “speak” to the concert goers of Hiroshima, will have quite a bit of negative verbiage against their Israeli brutalizers.  And probably these talking trees with offer solidarity to the people of Hiroshima, who 65 years ago were similarly the victims of American aggression, just as the trees were victimized by America’s protégé Israel.

“From Hiroshima, I would humbly like to help in creating a peaceful world for children in Palestine and the rest of the world where they can have courage and hope,” explained one Hiroshima atomic blast survivor to Ecumenical News International. The first Palestinian olive tree pan flute concert was in Hiroshima last year.  This year, Rev. Tateno’s group visited Bethlehem and presented pan flutes to Palestinian children and convened a pan flute concert at Bethlehem’s Lutheran church, whose pastor reputedly orchestrated the Palestinian olive tree shipment to Japan.  Reportedly, a Japanese craftsman took one and half years to create the first pan flute from the martyred tree.  But undoubtedly the anti-Israel political and religious symbolism made the arduous endeavor worth every meticulous moment.    “We tell people not only what happened in Hiroshima at WWII and how we bounced back from the damage of the atomic bomb, but also about the children in Palestine who have hope,” Tateno’s group explained.  “’Hope was found in a desperate state’ – this is what we learned from the lively children who are living in Palestine.”

The pan flutist is cooperating with the International Christian Center on  the West Bank, which is a “Lutheran-based, ecumenically-oriented institution serving the whole Palestinian community.”  On the center’s website, Palestinian Lutheran Bishop Munib Younan, a prominent, and somewhat moderate voice who now also heads the Lutheran World Federation, touts Palestinian liberation and showcases “issues such as globalization, environmental catastrophes, political conflicts, increasing militarization and occupation of one nation by another,” as well as focusing on the “harsh realities like the separation wall.”  Many besieged Palestinian Christians, less than two percent of the population and falling, are anxious to burnish their anti-Israel credentials, whether from conviction, self-survival, or likely a combination of both.   Left leaning international church delegations exploit thisr vulnerability by showcasing sympathetic Palestinian Christians as victims of Israeli oppression.  Of course, these same delegations rarely explore the threat of Islamist rule to Arab Christians, or seriously explain how Christians will fare better under complete Palestinian control.

Tragically, these ostensibly supportive pro-Palestinian church groups are only fueling the sense of Palestinian grievance and hopes for Israel’s ultimate demographic eradication.  Hiroshima’s horrible destruction was redeemed by Japan’s renunciation of imperialism and militarism in favor of Western democracy and pursuit of economic growth instead of conquest.  True friends of Palestinian Christians and other Palestinians would similarly counsel them to abandon their historical grievances and instead build a peaceful nation seeking co-existence rather than war.  Unfortunately, the Japanese Lutheran pan flutists, whatever their intent by speaking through these aggrieved “talking” Palestinian olive trees, are only feeding a sense of victimhood that will perpetuate rather than end conflict.

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  • jbm

    For all its horror, the bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki saved many times more lives, mostly Japanese, than it cost, by bringing WWII to an abrupt halt. Will action against Israeli defenses also save lives?

    • Edip Yuksel

      The biggest terrorist act has a stupid justification. With this mentality every terrorist act can be justified by the perpetrator.

      As for the facts: Before the nukes were dropped the Japanese King had already contacted the USA to stop the war. But, the USA went along with the plan. Not only it destroyed one city, but two.

      • Findalis

        Sorry to disappoint you, but the late Emperor Hirohito NEVER contacted the US. This lie was started in the 1960s to boost the anti-nuke movement.

        • MixMChess

          Additionally, Emperor Hirohito was trying to develop "dirty bombs" to release on the Western U.S. which would have wiped out countless U.S. populations.

  • ajnn

    1. "the japs and other people in china" ? I thought Japan was a separate country, people, and culture living on the very large island of Japan and not even touching the land of China…..

    2. "the muslims and the jews will help each other against the USA " – Am I reading this correctly? This is not rational, logical, or, in my opinion, within the range of the possible.

    I am a conservative and I think this posting is paranoid ranting. Either this is a 'phony' posting to discredit conservatives or this person is an excellent candidate for mental health treatment.

    • Ron

      Yeah, why insult the Chinese!!

      After what the nips did to them in WWII – They are barely getting along, let alone the same in any way!!

      Korean's, ethnically and genetically are closer to Japs; but, they don't trust them either after the atrocities they committed!!

      As for the Palestine/Nagasaki comparison:

      1: Palestine is too close to Israel to drop one on them!!

      2: If it had been my decision, Hiroshima and Nagasaki would only have been the first two of several more bombs!!


  • al Kidya

    Father forgive them for they know not what they're doing!

  • EdwinS

    Wow – Mr Dawes message is a classic…if paranoia were a baseball game he would have bases loaded with none out….

    • USMCSniper

      Mr Dawes needs to lay off the magic mushrooms and stop posting his hallucinations.

  • spinoza149

    Please consider 1) replying to the article and 2) swaying by reason rather than by emotion.

  • USMCSniper

    John Lewis says: Americans should be immensely proud of the bombs ftopped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki because at least 300,000 American lives were saved and at east 2,000,000 Japanese lives were saved had we invaded the Japanese mainland. They ended a war that had enslaved a continent to a religious-military ideology of slavery and death. There is no room on earth for this system, its ideas and its advocates. It took a country that values this world to bomb this system out of existence. For the Americans to do so while refusing to sacrifice their own troops to save the lives of enemy civilians was a sublimely moral action. They destroyed the foundations of the war, and helped the Japanese to rebuild their culture along with their cities, as prosperous inhabitants of the earth. Were it true that total victory today creates new attackers tomorrow, we would now be fighting Japanese suicide bombers, while North Korea–where the American army did not march–would be peaceful and prosperous rather than a Communist slave state. The facts are otherwise.

  • Tar_n_Feathers

    Forget the pan flutes. If this naive pastor truly wants to resurrect the spirits of the Palestinians, he should take a page from his own country's history. It was good old American baseball that played a pivotal role in Japan's postwar recovery. Tateno might want to consider turning those olive trees into baseball bats.

  • American thinker

    Considering how the Palestinians treat Christians in their territories this "pastor" ought to be preaching building more security barriers.

    • Edip Yuksel

      Just the opposite. There tens of thousands Christian Palestinians. In fact, they are against the Zionist terror and crimes.

      • MixMChess

        Edip, as usual you are dead wrong. There has been a mass exodus of Christians from all Middle Eastern countries (except Israel) due to mistreatment by Islamic regimes.

        First of all, Christians are unwelcome in Islamic states such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, and most have been driven out of their ancestral homes in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. However, Christians have and always will be welcome in Israel, which is the only Middle East country "where the Christian population has grown in the last half century (from 34,000 in 1948 to 140,000 today)."

        The "proportion" of Christians in the Palestinian territories has "dropped from 15 percent of the Arab population in 1950 to less than 1 percent today." In fact, "Three-fourths of all Bethlehem Christians now live abroad." The Christian population "declined 29 percent in the West Bank" and 2"0 percent in the Gaza Strip from 1997 to 2002." Whereas from 1995–2003, Israel’s Arab Christian population "grew 14.1 percent."

        Don't forget, it was Yasser Arafat who tried to erase the history of Jesus in the region. Additionally, the Palestinian Authority has "adopted Islam as its official religion, used shari’a Islamic codes, and allowed even officially appointed clerics to brand Christians (and Jews) as infidels in their mosques.” When the 2nd intifada broke out in 2000 it was the Muslim Palestinians who attacked Christians in Gaza.

        • Edip

          You are ignoring many Christian communities in the so-called Muslim countries living in peace. Anyone can check Wikipedia and see the percentages.

          Of course, the Christian population in the Palestine should go down. It is not because of the oppression from Palestinian. If it happened once, we would hear it hundred times here! Israel has made life miserable for Palestinian Christians and Muslims alike. Christians are more likely will have the opportunity to find refuge in Western countries.

          • MixMChess

            "You are ignoring many Christian communities in the so-called Muslim countries living in peace. Anyone can check Wikipedia and see the percentages."

            Exactly, I am not talking Christian communities in other Islamic countries, I am specifically discussing the Christians that have suffered under the Palestinian Muslims. That said, I suggest you ask the Copts how well they are treated by the Egyptian Muslims, or ask the Chaldeans how well they were treated by the Arab Muslims in Iraq, heck ask the Christian Armenians who were nearly wiped out by Turkish Muslims. The facts are clear, Christians are being slaughtered, ethnically cleansed and wiped out by Muslims across the middle east.

            "Of course, the Christian population in the Palestine should go down. It is not because of the oppression from Palestinian. If it happened once, we would hear it hundred times here! Israel has made life miserable for Palestinian Christians and Muslims alike. Christians are more likely will have the opportunity to find refuge in Western countries."

            Edip, as usual you have no idea what you're talking about. Look at the statistics I provided. Palestinian Christians are dwindling and being driven out by Palestinian Muslims. The Palestinian Christians are not suffering because of Israel, they are suffering at the hands of Hamas and other radical Islamist organizations. You want to ignore the crimes of Muslim Palestinians and instead try to falsely point the finger at the Jews. The Christians have sought refuge in Israel and their populations have steady increased by nurturing Israel.

  • muchiboy

    "Tateno might want to consider turning those olive trees into baseball bats."

    Palestinians armed with baseball bats.Can't wait to see them face off against the Israeli's.Muchiboy

  • Reuven

    It's a minor point, but it seems very unlikely that the olive trees both (1) came from Nazareth and (2) were felled to build the wall. Nazareth is well inside 1948 Israel, and nowhere near the path of the wall. So unless those nasty Zionists specifically cut down trees in Nazareth (to spite Christians?) and transported the wood to Judea/Samaria as building material (to spite Muslims?), this is seems to be a case of piling on artificial pathos.