Pelosi Thanks Religious Left for Obamacare Support

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was careful to thank the Religious Left for its ardent support of Obamacare before the fateful vote in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“That is why we’re proud and also humbled today to act with the support of millions of Americans who recognize the urgency of passing health care reform,” she declared from the House floor.  “And more than 350 organizations, representing Americans of every age, every background, every part of the country, who have endorsed this legislation.”  She specifically cited the Catholic Health Association and the United Methodist Church for having lobbied Congress to “Say yes to health care reform.”

Pelosi’s website lists all the major pro-Obamacare groups to which special thanks are due.  It’s mostly labor unions but also lists the National Council of Churches, the United Methodist Board of Church and Society, and a coalition called Faithful Reform in Health Care that included Mainline Protestant agencies plus Jim Wallis’ Sojourners and the Islamic Society of North America.

A government take-over of America’s health care system is a long sought, messianic dream of many decades for the Religious Left.  But the version of Obamacare that Congress approved is still somewhat of a disappointment to the true believers, who still insist that direct federal control through a single payer system is God’s plan for medical justice.   “We are not finished,” aptly explained a cautiously pleased Jim Winkler of  the United Methodist lobby office.  “There is more work to be done in the weeks, months and years ahead to fulfill the need for health care around the globe.”  As Winkler explained divine sanction for Obamacare:  “Jesus’ ministry serves as an example and a call to serve the least and the last among us. He asked us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves — setting forth a faith grounded in God’s abundance, generosity and a capacity for love that knows no bounds.”

The Religious Left version of Jesus’ love is an unceasingly expanding federal welfare state that coercively seizes assets from one segment of society for redistribution to other segments, according to coarse political calculations, and with all the efficiency and compassion for which mammoth state bureaucracies are renowned.   Traditionally, Christianity and Judaism have understood charity as voluntary expressions of love channeled primarily through families, religious institutions and private philanthropies, with the government called to do only what other equally important social institutions cannot do for themselves.  But for the Religious Left, the state is God’s primary mediating institution.

According to the United Methodist Church’s official Social Principles:  “We believe it is a governmental responsibility to provide al citizens with health care.”  With all the theological and economic wisdom characteristic of the Religious Left, the United Methodists further declare:  “Like police and fire protection, health care is best funded through the government’s ability tax each person equitably and directly fund the provider entities.”  Apparently God endorsed government controlled health care in Ezekiel 34:4 when he told ancient Israel:  “You have not strengthened the weak, you have not healed the sick, you have not bound up the injured.”

Of course, this divine admonishment could just as well be aimed at modern Communist Cuba’s government health care, where hospital patients commonly languish without food or proper medicine or even clean sheets, absent special bribes for officials or intense attention from their families.  And it could also apply towards more democratic forms of socialized medicine in places like Great Britain, where patients must await approval for advanced medical techniques from rationing government regulatory agencies, sometimes too late.   The  Religious Left generally is not as interested in quality of result as in equality of result.  Though even the latter proves elusive in socialized medicine, which creates its own new variations of inequalities and favoritisms, as politically determined by governments rather than private forces.

Naturally, Evangelical Left icon Jim Wallis of Sojourners was much relieved by Obamacare’s passage, although he also still dreams of more direct socialized medicine. “From the very beginning, more than a year ago, the faith community called on the president and Congress to follow three principles in health-care reform:  that it be framed as a moral issue; that it provide coverage to all who need health care, and that the sanctity of life be respected with no federal funding for abortion.”  Wallis claimed that Obamacare achieved all three goals, although his third claim is especially disingenuous.

Wallis is still distressed by many Americans’ continued resistance to government-controlled health care, which evinces America’s supposedly “poisonous political atmosphere.” Inevitably, he rehashed accusations that “anti-health care ‘tea party’ demonstrators” hurled racial epithets at pro-Obamacare congressmen.  After all, what else could explain opposition to Big Government than racism as part of a larger “massive campaign of distortion and fear?”   Wallis ominously opined that Obamacare will be “improved over time” and one “step” towards fixing a “broken system.”

Professional Religious Left activists like Wallis primarily see religion as an organizing tool for extinguishing private alternatives to state control of health care and virtually every other facet of human life.  Obamacare, with its frustrating maintenance of private insurance, is an insufficient but a hoped for first step towards the eradication of private medicine and, the Religious Left inwardly hopes, ultimately of the private economy and private charity.   After all, there is no salvation outside Big Government.

  • rachel

    in great britain i think it is true we have to wait for the goverment regulatory offices to approve advanced medical techniques, at least if a hospital in the local area does not have the necessary equipment. ITs a real shame we dont have insurance companies deny us the care we need because we have pre existing, or because they deem the technique 'not proven'

  • rachel

    what i never quite understood about this debate is if you pay say – $3000 a year in private medical insurance and dont get ill, where did that $3000 go? surely to other sick people, and into the profits of the insurance co

    and if you did get sick it would usually cost more would it not? so doesnt that mean you are taking others money?

    and why is it so much cheaper per person per head in all the other western countries with single payer systems, and why does america spend so much more money on health than we do but have a worse system overall?

    I am being serious, can anyone explain in intelligent terms, not the fearmongering wierdness that can come up from your right for some reason. I would be really interested in intelligent alternative perspectives – as i am sure there must be good arguments that i havent seen out there

    all the best – Rachel

    • Bruce C. Meyer

      A serious reply: did the other answers explain things adequately? If not, I'll do it, and you can get to me via my facebook site of bruce dot c dot meyer. The way insurance works for anything is that all the people who willingly buy it are intending to pool the risk and pool the benefits, with a reasonable level of profit and administrative expense tacked on. So if you stay healthy, you're paying for other peoples' losses, and vice versa. And if you invest in an insurance company's stock, you are risking your investment that the company won't go broke in covering losses, but that you'll make a reasonable profit for the service you provide. About the final point, I am not aware of any country that rich people fly to in order to get their better health care, or any government-run system that doesn't control cost by making sick people wait a long time. That is, the third point is false either because our system is better overall or because the higher cost is justified; or that when you compare treatment to treatment, our cost is less. (I.e., you don't have to bring your own sheets to the hospital to make sure you get clean ones, compared to Russia, say.)

      • Don Kosloff

        There is another important function that insurance companies perform. Insurance companies have a vested interest in reducing unneeded costs. For example, fire insurance companies invest in developing standards for fire protection equipment, do fire protection inspections of insured industrial facilities and promote fire safety.

  • therealend

    This isn't the brilliance I hoped for. This is something else. To put my faith in this reform effort, I would have to surrender all reason and leap by faith into the unlikely, excuse me, into the very unlikely. Our Gov't has proven itself incapable of managing MediCare and MedicAid without great waste and fraud. Why put my health matters in their hands. This appears to some, or perhaps many, to be more about the Presidents prestige than anything else and therefore he had to get something done or end up looking like an incompetent. (continued)

  • therealend

    It's so easy to try to sell this as a great day for America if you ignore all the faults and mischaracterize the opposition. Everything I listed above actually happened. As for fearmongering, it was the Left in our country that labeled the Tea Party as NAZIs, brownshirts, Fascists, racists, and from our President, an angry Mob. That is weird. Instead of listening, instead of working at a brilliant reform bill, the Democrats and the Left came up with this. I don't expect it to work well at all. Does that answer any of your questions. <a former Marxist>

  • poptoy


  • therealend

    Rachel, we are not opposed to Health Care reform. We are opposed to this Health Care Reform. When President Obama spoke at the signing ceremony, he spoke on pieces that sounded great or at least worthy of noting. He did not cover the horrid points in this bill. The cost for one or the the potential for rationed care or the deception used to get this through or expansion of Gov't powers or unusual accounting practices that take money from MediCare and MedicAid and pay for other parts of the bill as well as MediCare and MedicAid or promises to labor unions to exempt them from certain measures that would tax them on their health benefits while taxing others high value plans.

  • Lary9

    There's a religious left? Wow.I did not know that. All these years I've regarded the straight, hard road to Calvary as absolute and radical truth.

  • t.lewis

    Front Door: Catholic Bishops: We do not support Obamacare, it funds abortions, even with the fig leaf Executive Order. (This is another lie.)

    Back Door: The Catholic Bishops: We support the culture of death through funding grants, to organizations that support, pro abortion, same sex marriage and many so called "social justice" left wing causes, through their corrupt CCHD program. (ACORN 7.3 million, defund by the U.S.C.C.B. because of embezzlement, not for who or what their community organization agenda's were. Catholic Sisters (formally nuns who followed church teachings) are pro George Soros, abortion, same sex marriage, and woman priest. Even the Vatican is investigating all 65000 of them. A little girl (about 3 years old) was coloring in a Jesus coloring book at Mass a few weeks ago, and suddenly closed the book and say very loud….WE'RE ALL GOING TO first everyone laughed, now, most pray. God help us….we will need it if the heavens visit us, as some are saying, on this Good Friday!

  • chief568

    I have emailed my bishop about Catholic Health Association supporting this bill. If I find out this was sanctioned by the Catholic Church, I will be moving on. I cannot and will not support abortion with my money…period.

    I do not think it was however, hence my letter to the Bishop. I do however recommend to anyone Catholic who have been supporting this organization to stop now.

  • Reneeca

    I call Obama 'the Great Divider" because of his strategy since he first started campaning for the Presidency, to divide the Catholic church by starting a few so called Catholic organizations with the help of Soros and other radical Progressive organizations. These so called Catholics are nothing but like someone said before, pro-abortion, believe nuns should be priests and believe in other things which are contrary to the Churches teachings. 'Obama the Divider' is also trying to get rid of Netanyahu of Israel treating him like a third world representative and insulting him when he came to the White House today. By doing this, Obama is dividing the American Jews from the Israeli Jews duping the American Jews when he talks out of both sides of his mouth, that he really is Pro- Israeli when he and his best friends like Professor Kahil who supported him through college, is a blatant anti-Semite! My mother always said that you are judged by the people you keep company with. Too bad the American voters didn't consider this when they voted for this radical President who is going to ruin this country so that our children will be in debt for most of their lives and living in a country that we would not recognize!

  • lome

    Pelosi is right in thanking those who professes to be a real Catholic religious but in name only.Her arrogance,her taunting of the of the religion of the Cross is just unbelievable.
    Vengeance is mine says,the Lord!

    • Joyfulone3

      really? And do you have any examples of Nancy Pelosi taunting religion because I have never heard her do that. She is a professing Christian.

  • Lary9

    I'd like to wish the Speaker of the House a very happy 70th birthday today. Happy Birthday, Madame Speaker. Way to go, Nancy! Nice job! You are as good asTip O'Neil and Everett Dirksen ever were. You really are LBJ in a skirt !

  • Roger

    The only word I can think of is "evil".

  • Steve Chavez

    Pelosi is psychotic! That smile and smirk are tell tale signs of a mental illness. I am very suspicious of people who have a constant smile on their face.

    TO HER CONGRESSIONAL RACE OPPONENT: Your commercial should be her constant smiling, smirking, hand gestures, Hack-n-the-Box jumping out of seat during State of the Unions, and squinting("You're praising me?"). PLAY THOSE CLIPS FOR YOUR COMMERCIALS AND EVEN HER BIGGEST SUPPORTERS WILL REALIZE HOW SICK SHE IS! NO ONE ON EARTH ACTS LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • courtnye

    hey, this is what I believe……I believe that back in the sixties Nancy, Harry, and the rest of the White House Gang, was sitting on some campus in california smoking alot of POT, and I believe that along come the seventies and there was BARRY, smoking alot of HASH (and POT) !!! and I believe NOW, they sit in the Oval Office and STILL smoke ALOT of POT………that's what I believe, thank you

  • Steve Chavez

    Didn't Obama admit in one of his books, that would would never even touch much less read, that HE WAS A HEAVY DRUG USER?

    USUALLY HEAVY DRUG USERS HAVE TO SELL DRUGS IN ORDER TO SUPPORT THEIR HABIT! We do know that his Columbia college roommate has not been interviewed or found so that in itself is suspicious since he could reveal the truth about Obama's drug use and DRUG DEALING.

    Yes, Bill Cllinton smoked "but didn't inhale" which shows he was even a failure at that. GW also snorted a few lines but did they resort to standing on street corners like Obama learned to do in Chicago?

    COURTNYE, wasn't ACID the popular drug of the sixites? I'd say Nancy 'sand Harry 's brains are fried from their daily intake! But if proven untrue, wouldn't that be worse?

    • joyfulone3

      Since you don't read, then how do you know what is in the book? Did you learn that from the Fox no-news Network where everything is distorted? That network balanced on the edge of your tub? Maybe you should actually try reading. You might exercise your brain a bit more before you spew this nonsense.

  • Joseph Barker

    Political issues, especially money donations to one side or the other do not belong in CHURCH. My father once said that religion was fine until man took it over. Leave politics out of our churches. Church is one thing State is another!!

  • Richard Terrell

    Jim Wallis strikes me as a guy who who oh-so-THRILLED that at last somebody in Washington D.C. is actually listening to him. He is so pleased to be a tool for totalitarians.
    Imagine: Jesus an advocate for state-enforced plundering to serve the agena of corrupt politicians, and he calls HIS voice "prophetic." What a joke.