Rabbi of Hate

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Besides Lafayette Park, Lerner’s activists rallied in a Lutheran church and in the United Methodist lobby office on Capitol Hill, where they were joined by the United Methodist Church’s chief lobbyist, Jim Winkler. Although Lerner himself is a somewhat faded star since the Clintons dissed him in the early 90s, his rally was graced by a somewhat more ascendant Brian McLaren, chief poobah of the Emerging Church, the amorphous community for left-leaning, post-modern evangelicals. A more therapeutic antidote to Lerner’s polemics, McLaren touted his New Kind of Christianity and platitudinously appealed for common ground and new narratives while not so indirectly lobbing condemnation at the supposed “visions for social suicide” of conservative evangelicals who have not yet bent the knee to global warming activism or, presumably, McLaren’s own latest crusade against Israeli occupation.

More acidly targeted rhetoric came from Tikkun associate editor Peter Gabel, who derided religious conservatives as “an angry vigilante group.” Left-wing Catholic nun-activist Joan Chittister bemoaned the “big bombs and big profits for a few.” Lerner’s network portrays itself as besieged light in a dark universe:

Our mission as spiritual progressives is to help those people separate the decent and legitimate needs that they have from the illegitimate racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, pro-militarist politics in which these needs find inappropriate expression.

In its various activist workshops while in D.C, Lerner’s spiritual progressives plotted how to prevent a “corporate take over” of America, how to combat the “the Tea Party Movement and the growth of an indigenous American Fascism,” “overcoming Islamophobia” through “dialogue between Muslims and others in the progressive community,” organizing for “marriage equality” and “reproductive rights,” plus addressing “Israel/Palestine: The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Debate,” and urging a “global Marshall Plan” to redistribute American wealth to the countless victims of U.S. imperialism. J Street Founder Ben Ami also joined Lerner to deliberate over “progressive” opposition to a militaristic Israel.

Unsurprisingly, Sayyid Syeed of the Islamic Society of North America likewise comfortably fit in with the network about Israel and opposing conservative Christians, if not about same-sex unions and abortion rights. An ostensibly non-political memorial service for Israel’s victims in the Gaza flotilla was solemnly convened.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich even took the stage to tout an Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which Lerner straight-facedly insists is politically plausible and not utopian.

So Lerner’s spiritual progressives grieved and celebrated simultaneously, nursing disappointments over Obama, while also channeling the departed spirits of 1960s radical activism, perhaps with a little help from Marianne Williamson. Fighting American fascism is hard work, but apparently it can also be fun, and invigorating.

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  • BS1977

    Did it ever occur to readers that many prominent figures on the "celebrity left" are nuts?
    Phony Lerner is a costumed clown.

  • Rose Fell

    At least he's against corporate bailouts. He can't be all bad.
    Lerner should go live in Venezuela.

  • Paul B

    Mr Lerner is no more a Rabbi than any of us. He is self-ordained.

    • MixMike

      You mean you can't become an ordained Rabbi from saving enough Bazooka Joe comics?

  • Brett

    Hmm… lets see, we have goverment takeovers of the banking industry, Auto industry, medical industry and they are currently working on the Internet, energy sectors amoung other things. This sounds like a socialists dream scenario but this clown says Obama isnt "pure enough" huh? I guess maybe he's upset because goverment just doesnt have enough control over your life yet.

  • BS1977

    Lerner has no conscience…he has no self consciousness either…he has no idea what a charlatan and fool he really is….a marxist leftist tripe salesman….dressed up like a movie star in his ridiculous show attire….what a steaming pile.

  • http://www.lifeshaven.net Utopian

    This man, like so many others in all religions, dress in robes of illusionary righteousness, mingling nutritious food for reform with poisonous ingredients nullifying it. As for Obama and most politicians, they cower to the fundamentally immoral powers that be and will never use their backbone to stand for life's true dignity nor remove the authority of those who betray it. And as for Marianne Williamson's appearance, (the one who channeled the so-called spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt), this proves Rabbi Lerner is utterly illiterate to the Old Testament passages for which he was ordained as a Rabbi to uphold. He has no right to use the title, Rabbi when he betrays the responsibility of that title. The Bible is unmistakable in exposing counterfeit miracles (See Deut.18:9-13). "And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead?" Isa.8:19.

  • Patrick

    This guy is a vulgar clown, and the people who listen to him are hysterical morons

  • davidka

    How wonderful that we have our own Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton. What a mountebank. And not a "rabbi" either; not recognized by any major branch of Judaism.

    However, the comment above from Jason Pappas is insightful: that by extreme criticism from the Left helps B.O. pretend to steer a moderate course. Thus, disgusting as Lerner is, we should be alert to his tactic.

  • Judi

    Well,they HAD to come UP with someone–who would call himself,by the name of a "Rabbi" who would be the one to stand up & tell the DECEIVED JEWS that they are so right on! Yeah–its all clownish,& is all an act. THAT'S what actors do–ACT! ACTING IS WHAT the OBAMA Administration IS! They are ALL HYPOCRITS!
    Well, I SAY "Let the wicked fall into their OWN TRAPS,while ALL of US,who DO KNOW the TRUTH, TAKE BACK the stolen land,people, (that is–whoever WILL HEAR THE TRUTH!) & ALL the booty, –worldwide ,just like the Children of Israel did,in the Bible.

  • http://cowfy.com kowfy

    seems the honorable rabbi is living in a permament anal cranal inversion.

  • Bronxiegirl

    Did anyone else notice how "rabbi" Lerner shifted all blame & responsibility away from Obama and onto Rahm Emanuel. Oh, it's not Obama's fault…again pin it on the Jew. Notice how many times he repeats Rahm Emanuel's name instead of Obama?

  • http://www.spiritualprogressives.org Rabbi Michael Lerner

    I usually ignore the slurs against liberals and progressives on this site, and the consistent calumny directed against me through the years. But this time, I want to correct two of the dozen distortions or more in this article.
    First, the claim that I am not really a legitimate rabbi. Throughout most of Jewish history, and in all of the Hasidic world to this very day, the way a rabbi received "smicha" or rabbinic ordination was through a "Beyt Din" (a religious court) which investigated the person's knowledge of Jewish law and texts and then when they decided he was ready, they convened a court to give him smicha. This is the way I received my smicha. After studying at the Jewish Theological Seminary in the early 60s, I began a private study under the tutelage of Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi, who received his smicha from the Lubavitcher Rebbe and who subsequently was a "shaliach" (representative) of that Hasidic movement for many years, before deciding that he could not accept the refusal to grant women equal rights in Judaism. The second rabbi on my Beyt Din was Rabbi David Wolfe Blank (z'l) who received his smicha from the Habad movement in Israel. The third rabbi on my smicha committee was Rabbi Leibowitz who received his smicha from the Yeshiva University rabbinic training program. All three were, according to Jewish law, ordained orthodox rabbis. They granted me rabbinic ordination, smicha, in 1995. It was after examining this process and the evidence of my training that I was accepted as a member of the Northern California Board of Rabbis, where I am an active member and have my own synagogue where I conduct weekly Shabbat services and Torah study. I say all this just to show the lengths which people on this list and in the right-wing of the Methodist movement will go to lie and distort about someone who disagrees with their politics.
    Second, there is the calumny in the headline–rabbi of hate. This takes a particular stretch, since the fundamental position of the Network of Spiritual Progressives is articulated in our call for a NEW BOTTOM LINE so that institutions, social practices, corporations, government policies and individual behavior should be judged "efficient, rational, and productive" to the extent that they contribute to maximizing our human capacities for love, caring, kindness, generosity, ethical and ecological sensitivity, and awe and wonder at the grandeur of the universe. You can read all about our positions at http://www.spiritualprogressives.org. How this gets translated into "rabbi of hate" is a mystery–particularly since I consistently preach that people on the Left should always try to recognize that people with whom we disagree on the Right are equally created in the image of God and deserve to be respected even when we strongly disagree with the content of their views. For that reason, when others on the Left were putting down President Bush for being stupid and not knowing how to speak English correctly and other personal defaults, we at Tikkun Magazine which I edit http://www.tikun.org always refused to publish any such put-downs. We don't believe that it is appropriate to bring into politics the personal failures of individuals, but only their public positions. For that reason we also demand that no one write criticisms of anyone on the Left except in a way that the person being criticized would acknowledge that the perspective attributed to her or him is in fact what they really believe, and only then to criticize it. We don't believe in the kind of misrepresentation of people's ideas that you find all the time on this website, but also on some left wing websites as well. We believe in respect for others, even if we strongly critique their views and their public (but not private) actions. In short, this is not a rabbi of hate, but a rabbi of love doing my best to serve God and humanity, certainly likely to be mistaken on some issues and open to criticism, but not open to the distortions about me that this website frequently embraces.

    • Judith

      Oh–you really aren't a Jew,huh?

    • MixMike

      "Second, there is the calumny in the headline–rabbi of hate."

      Dear Rabbi, there is a certain calumny when you constantly accuse Israel of crimes against humanity or when you accuse Alan Dershowitz and "right wingers" of attacking your home. Wasn't it you who circulated an article defaming Prof. Dershowitz by Norman Finkelstein (known Israel hater) from your Tikkun letterhead and e-mail? Speaking of which haven't you published the hateful Mr. Finkelstein in your magazine? I suppose you use the term "love and peace" when it is convenient for you.

      Your ignorance of Israel and politics in general is shocking. No one is fooled by your "facade" as a Rabbi. We all clearly see the hate and venom you have for Israel and America. You can't really fault anyone here for failing to take you seriously.

    • Judith

      I hear a lot of good in you,Rabbi. So,please,excuse me,if I got you wrong. I am not a "Right",what you talked about. I am NOT a Methodist,either. I am an Independant person,saved only, by the Grace & Mercy of Hashem Adonai.
      You may have known some friends of mine,in N. Cal,in San Rafael–the Grateful Dead. BUT–of course,Jerry Garcia died a long time ago. Its been yrs since I saw them. Thought I'd tell you that,because I see you are in Berkley.
      I am a very different "Believer" in Yeshua. I don't "fit into" most churches. Its because I AM filled with His Love, and NOT DEAD RELIGION. Thank you so much,for what you said about Pres. Bush & what you refused to lower yourself to do. Thanks a lot! THAT showed me somethings about you. I am not trying to offend you in any way,Sir. If you got that,you are wrong,as I was about you. I DO SEE that you have a lot of passion & fire. THATS a good thing. SO do I! BUT–it ain't nothing,if it ain't

      • Judith

        (cont)full of LOVE of GOD! Dead Religion is just that–DEAD–NO LOVE! I am not trying to convert you. Maybe the RuachaKodesh is.

    • Shel Zahav

      You are a nutcase, crackpot idiot who makes stupidity out of Judaism. I don't care how you call yourself a rabbi, you are nothing more than a leftist-totalitarian in a kippa and a talit (when it suits you, of course). I am a Jew who practices Judaism and puts my faith in God far above you leftist/socialist nonsense about "tikkun olam" and your "social justice" brainwashing of Jewish children.

    • http://www.lifeshaven.net Utopian

      Rabbi Michael Lerner: your careful words are to be commended for your sincerity. But Sacred Scripture demands the historical reality: that all the sincerity in the world will never make 2+2=5, even if the whole world unites in believing it.

      Remember Noah? and his relationship with the leaders of his day? They were all sincere in rejecting his prophecy given of GOD warning of the Earth's coming destruction by water because of their unrepentant sins that were literally flooding the Earth with the cruelest injustice, avarice and murder. And they all drowned, with the exception of our GOD-fearing father, Noah, and his family. So, sincerity is no measuring stick of what constitutes truth or righteousness.

      What I've witnessed among orthodox Judaism is the continuous rejection of the perfect prophecy of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, found in the book of Daniel 9:24-27: the "seventy weeks" prophecy of 490 years GOD allotted to the Israelites as His "peculiar treasure" and evangelists to the world. It is the crowning prophecy of the Holy Bible proving through simple arithmetic the legitimacy of Jesus Christ. From 457 B.C. (Ezra 7) to 34 A.D. (Acts 7:51-60): The prophecy closes with the verse describing how Christ’s years of public ministry were cut short to a mere three and a half years as Daniel 9:27 confirms: “And He [Jesus Christ] shall confirm the covenant [GOD'S gift of salvation] with many [the Jewish nation] for one week [the last seven years of the 490 year prophecy (Nu.14:34)]; And in the midst of the week [just three and a half years into His ministry of reconciliation (27-31 A.D.)] He [Jesus Christ] shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease” [only Christ could bring an end to the sacrificial system (introduced with Adam and Eve) that pointed to the death of the Son of GOD]. This tangible evidence establishes faith in Jesus Christ as the Savior of all men; for these are the only verses of the entire Bible revealing to the whole world through simple arithmetic (in which a little child can understand) of the exact year (the year 31 A.D.) that GOD Himself would bear the punishment for the sins of mankind. His most powerful words spoken to the Pharisees are to this day scorned as blasphemy by the vast majority of the human race. Nevertheless, His words will be proven true in the end of time: "Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I AM." John 8:58. Only the Father of man could redeem the children of man from the authority of sin.

      GOD carefully educated the family of Abraham for 1,875 years to recognize and embrace Him when He would come to stand among them as The True Sacrificial Lamb for the sins of man. But, as Satan turned his back on the supreme honor GOD bestowed on him, so the Jews corporately have turned their backs on the supreme honor GOD bestowed on the family of Abraham. In so doing they dishonor both their earthly and heavenly Father. That which should have brought tears of humility and joy to the children of Israel has only been used to foster a carnal pride, as it is written, "this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not heart the law of the LORD: Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophecy deceits." Isa.30:9,10.

      And concerning the corporate denial of Christ's resurrection the Bible is perfectly clear in defining the legal framework of death: "the soul that sinneth, it shall die," "for the wages of sin is death." Eze.18:4;Rom.6:23. Death is GOD'S domain to hold sin and all that threatens the security of life. It has no other purpose. So, when Jehovah stepped down from His Throne and became the sinless Christ, lawless men nailed his hands and feet to a tree and left Him there to die while mocking Him in His sufferings. Although He was brutally forced into the grave, the grave had no legal right to hold Him. It had to set Him free! For death can only hold sin, of which Christ ALONE had none! And because He is the "Everlasting Father" of the human race (Isa.9:6), all His children will follow His path from the grave, as the Apostle Paul so beautifully said, "As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive." I Cor.15:22. But few have the Spirit of Christ in their souls as Peter warned of those who refuse to repent of sin: "And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?" I Pet.4:18. Therefore, Paul's words encourage us to hold fast what is true and cannot be reproved: "But if the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, He that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by His Spirit that dwelleth in you." Rom.8:11.

      Lastly, even IF the Gospel of Jesus Christ was fiction it would still be the greatest story ever told.

    • Stern

      Oh get off it! I'm so sick of you people trying to convert Jews. You're free to believe whatever the heck you want – and I don't think you'll be able to find a single Jew who will tell you that you're wrong. Why the heck can you not show us the same respect?

      Your Jesus did NOT and has not fulfilled the prophecies of the Torah. If he had, we would not be fighting wars right now. The lamb would be lying down with the lion, etc. etc. He may be your messiah, but he is not ours – and nothing you say can ever convince us of it. So for heaven's sake, leave us the heck alone!!!!

      And quoting John to us ain't gonna get you anywhere!!!

      • http://www.lifeshaven.net Utopian

        Stern, Wouldn't you agree that if the world kept sacred the Ten Commandments that there would no wars or locks on doors? I believe (but will not force your will in this) that one day the Sacred Law will be restored to public awareness through the hands of modern Israel. I believe GOD raised up Israel for this purpose, because Islam, conventional Christianity, and atheism have eternally chosen to ignore their lasting benefit. Lastly, and after this I won't bother you any more, but I've witnessed supernatural events from witchcraft and Satan worship to divine healing and utterly miraculous escapes from death's door. These events clearly stand outside of coincidence. Good day.

    • Jacob

      Rabbi Leibowitz, who received his ordination from RIETS of Yeshiva University? Um… there are likely countless "Rabbi Leibowitzes" ordained by RIETS. That does not give us any information, "Rabbi" Lerner. You mention about how Rabbi Schachter-Shalomi was a Chabad rabbi until he left the movement after "deciding that he could not accept the refusal to grant women equal rights in Judaism." You neglect to mention that he was also pretty much asked to leave by the Lubavitcher Rebbe not only because of his frequent consumption of LSD, but because of his (Shalomi's) insistance that it was a kind of sacrament. You do technically have a congregation, but no building — so I assume members meet at your house or one of theirs. I have a question: do you guys toke up before davening? I'm dying to know.

  • Michael

    You make a very keen insight; have your extreme cronies pretend to be upset. This makes the radical President seem moderate and able to keep bashing his extreme Socialist agenda down America's throat.

    Thanks for sharing the idea.

  • Judith

    Well,honey,you are entitled to your opinions,just as I am to mine! I'd just like to see that you really did meet the REAL GOD of Abraham,Isaac & Jacob–Whose Name is Yeshua/Jesus. Because if I am reading the Word–GOD'S WORD–and truly–there is only ONE–than you MUST have a relationship with Him. to even get into Heaven. I will definately pray for you,as I can discern that you've been looking for "God", & let me tell you, beloved, we are so close to the coming of the Lord or the complete devastation of America, or BOTH-that it isn't even funny. And the bottom line fact is that He DIED FOR YOU,TOO! Just call out to Him & I PROMISE that HE WILL ANSWER YOU! After all,its only by His Grace,that I am saved! Because if I were Him,I'd have let me go a long time ago! But He is ALL Grace & Mercy! Blessings to you dear brother Rabbi Lerner.Judith

    • Peachey

      He is deeply mired in the growing Emerging Church that will be led by the False Prophet and worship and support the anti-christ. He has made the decision Judith. Only by reading and following G-d's Word will he shed his arrogance and denial of Jesus. Nothing any of us say or do will change his corrupted mind. When you embrace that which is not of G-d, and create your own version of what G_d should be, you will suffer the consequences. His haughty, self-interested arrogance will prevent him from seeking the Lord. This growing, multi-philosophy, multi-religious collage that is developing into the coming Emerging Church (anti-G-d) is more apparent when listening to this venom meant to destroy G-d's Word, promises and works.I too will pray for Lerner's eyes to be opened to see the glory of the Lord.

  • Stern

    You know what the best thing is about Judaism, Judith? It doesn't proselytize. So we don't get your kind of sickening "witnessing" telling us that you are right and everybody else is wrong. Please, do us a favour, go and convert someone who actually cares.

    • Judith

      If you think I am proselytizing,then you are dead wrong! I guess that you can't take ANY kind of love. Sorry. BUT-you cannot stop me from loving you OR from praying for you,dude! Of course you don't tell anyone about your religion. AND–you are not the only "Jew" I know. In fact,I am not just "grafted in" but I just so happen to be A REAL ONE! A BLOOD ONE!

      • Stern

        You're not proselytizing? Then what the heck is all that verbiage you keep spouting? And just a quick tip: you cannot be Jewish and believe that Jesus was the messiah. Sorry, You can't be an apple and a banana at the same time. That's just the way it is.

    • Peachey

      Christianity does not proselytize, convert or force anyone into belief. A relationship with the Lord is voluntary and only sought by the person that seeks it. Witnessing the truths and promises of G-d is "sickening to you"? Christianity, the belief in Jesus as the Messiah, the Son Of G-d, is written about throughout Judaic literature and the Old Testament. Christianity is Judaism with acceptance of Jesus as the Messiah as prophesy was fulfilled in Him. We can still care for and pray for those that do not see, or choose to ignore G-d's word. We do love and care for those that choose to chastise us for caring.

      • cochavi1

        We have Judith, who sounds about as sound as the Rabbi himself. Judith, we got it that you converted out. I know, I know…

        Peachey, your post is full of the condescension we have come to recognize. 'Christianity does not proselytize' – please begin your post with something other than a lie. That statement is a lie. The last sentence is the typical patronizing one – 'you despise us yet we love you.' When in fact it is disguised anger.

        Honesty, please. And, no, Christianity is not Judaism with Jesus on top. Christianity is Judaism scooped of most or much of its content, with pagan beliefs thrown in. The phrase 'choose to chastise us for caring' just leaks the condescension. Just admit, it is replacement theology, you believe you have the full truth, and we are lost souls.

        The two of you nearly make me want to listen to Rabbi Lerner (not quite).

      • Stern

        Peachey, your "messiah" has not fulfilled ANY of the promises of the Torah, and therefore is most definitely NOT the Moshiach we await. Your claim that converting someone is voluntary is also highly suspect, with groups like Jews for Jesus, who flat out lie to gullible Jews. So do all the loving you care to do – I will still say No thanks.

  • Judith

    Rabbi Lerner,I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But–I am a real one. –You see, GOD IS LOVE! And He is TRUTH! Islam is evil & I don't understand how you cannot say the Truth,& call yourself a "Rabbi", with all that Hebrew in your studies!

    And–it is the SPIRIT within a person–is the way the Bible says we will know them or ANYONE! The Left has so much crappy fruit that its no wonder that they are falling all over the place & being so nuts! You all–need Jesus! And I am NOT TALKING ABOUT RELIGION! I HATE RELIGION! I am the first one to break rules,etc. BUT–I DO LOVE the LORD GOD of Abraham,Isaac & Jacob,with ALL my heart! HOW in the world can you come against ISRAEL, & be FOR ISLAM,& NOT BE A FAKE?! Again, I will be praying for you. For MY BIBLE says to even pray for my enemies! PS: I DO have a Gift of "unusual" Signs/Wonders,if you need a miracle healing from the REAL GOD OF LOVE!

  • Judith

    ALL I will say is that Joel 3:2 says this: "I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehosophat; And I will enter into judgment with them there,on account of My people,Israel.,whom they have scattered among the nations; They have divided up My land." Now,this IS the JEWISH people,& ALL who live in Israel proper–Israelis. God loves the Arab people,too! BUT,HE gave that land TO THE JEWS! Not to the Palastinians! John McTernan has written an awesome book, proving that,no matter WHO IT WAS–JUDGMENT COMES on a land & people,who DO DIVIDE UP HIS PEOPLE LAND! Look at Hurricane Katrina! I wept & wept,saying "Now, I know that the Judgment of God is coming on this land because of this! And then–it did. I called it the Roadmap To Hell! And Obama wasn't President, Bush was! You see, the Word is the Word. BUT–if we repent, I KNOW that HE WILL FORGIVE US ALWAYS! THAT,TOO,is HIS WORD. ANDI,for one, sure AM GLAD!

  • Yetwave

    Mike Lerner resembles Momo Gaddafi in the picture accompanying this article. Which of these two nut jobs has been worse for the Jews?

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/WilliamJWard WilliamJamesWard

    Job 13.9 "Will it be well when He examins you? Or will you deceive Him as one
    deceives a man?" God is not mocked and keeps and account of
    each and every one, Obama, me, you, everyone. Our ends come
    before we understand our beginning….Remember about gaining the
    whole world and loosing one's soul……………………………..William

  • Shel Zahav

    "Spiritual progressives"? That sounds like Obama saying that he would stop the rise of the oceans. Lerner and his ilk are spiritual like Michael Jackson singing "We are the World". Lerner promotes the nonsense called "tikkun olam" which really means bringing God into the world as he and his leftist-fringe friends have twisted it to mean "social justice", i.e., leftist doctrine.

  • Ron

    No matter what you say, Mr. Lerner, you're still a schmuck.

  • Seek

    Yet Wave:

    You're right! Rabbi Michael Lerner and Col. Muammar Khadafi (there are innumerable spellings of his last name) appear to be separated at birth.

    • YetWave

      May they reunite in Tripoli and soon.

  • Marco

    Marco says: June 30, 2010 at 3:37 pm

    Well, as a Leftist, I certainly don’t agree with you filthy disgusting reactionaries at Frontpage. But the author of this critique did make me laugh with his subtle putdowns of the spiritual arrogance and New Age spaciness so characteristic of Lerner et al. at Tikkun. Note this hilarious passage: “So Lerner`s spiritual progressives grieved…while also channelling the departed spirits of 1960`s radical activism, perhaps with a little help from Marianne Williamson…” Fantastic ridicule :) . Hmm, I don’t sense though that most at Tikkun were laughing…Well, I am, folks!!


  • Judith

    OMGoodness,Seek–I was just thinking the same thing t,hat he looks just like Kadaffi! The reason being–it is the SAME SPIRIT! And–I am NOT TRYING to convert this guy! Maybe the Ruacha Kodesh is! WHO KNOWS?! Anyway, I recently found out that I am a Jew! & I count myself to be blessed for it. Maybe that explains why the d. has tried so hard to kill me all of my life,& & GOD ALMIGHTY always does a miracle & the d. FAILS EVERY TIME! SO–NO ONE can try to TELL ME WHO IS OR ISN'T the REAL GOD!

  • jzsnake

    Mr. Lerner's ordination is like book reviews on back covers of books. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours. Your ordination was a sure thing and like a kangaroo court. BTW, I was one of the first subscribers to Tikkun magazine. What an egomaniac!

  • TaterSalad

    Lerner will do anything for a buck including sleeping with the devil. He uses the old "Bait & Switch" tactic with perfection, just like Barack Obama. The left wing liberal base buys into this type of hype, hook line and sinker "everytime". Sad! Then they blame the conservatives for everything that is wrong in America.

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