The Religious Left at the White House

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On election eve, a large and prominent delegation from the National Council of Churches (NCC) visited with President Obama in the White House implicitly offering support.   The visitation eerily recalled a similar 1995 NCC visit to President Clinton to “pray” that he be “strong for the task” of resisting the then new Newt Gingrich-led Republican Congress.  Only this time, the Religious Left seemingly  could not wait until AFTER the election and preemptively wanted to express their solidarity before the impending Republican electoral advance.

Whatever the intent, the NCC White House visitation likely had no influence on how its primarily Mainline Protestant constituency voted. A Pew poll showed white Mainline Protestants favoring Republicans by a 54-36 margin as of late October.  CNN’s exit poll showed that Protestants overall favored Republicans 59-38 percent.

According to a NCC account of the latest White House Religious Left summit, the church prelates thanked Obama for Obamacare and lamented that “political campaign rhetoric” had descended into “fear-mongering and divisiveness.”  By implication, the NCC concerns were aimed not at the President or his party but rather his critics.  “Without regard to the election the following day, our faithful witness is needed now more than ever,” explained NCC chief the Rev. Michael Kinnamon, as though their November 1 White House meeting were unrelated to  the November 2 mid-term referendum on the Obama Administration’s policies. “We cannot stand by while people of goodwill are baselessly attacked for their faith, their political beliefs, or their identity,” Kinnamon intoned.  “We have no reason to fear or demonize those who are different from ourselves.  Today, tomorrow, and into this next Congress, our country needs to come together and reclaim our values of justice and equality.”

The NCC has a long record of injecting itself politically into disputes between Presidents and the Congress.  Always, the NCC will side for Big Government against its skeptics, while bemoaning the supposed “fear-mongering” of conservatives.  In November 1995, during a budget showdown with the new Republican majority, the NCC helpfully stopped by Bill Clinton’s White House, where they “laid hands” on the man they hailed as “guardian of the nation.”  The NCC acclaimed Clinton for ostensibly protecting the “vulnerable, children, families, and the elderly” from Republican budget proposals.  Days earlier, the NCC’s board had declared itself “deeply offended” over “appalling” congressional efforts to balance the budget at the expense of “moral vision.”

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  • ThatGirl61

    This is so sad. I thought church was the place we were supposed to be able to go for "comfort and succor," for strength and courage, to recharge our spiritual batteries. Where are we supposed to go when we can't even go THERE? (That's a rhetorical question, of course.) Boy howdy. The times sure ARE a-changin' . . . and not for the better, in my opinion. Very disturbing.

  • mattogilvie55

    With all due respect to the writer, I still take issue with the term "religious left." Leftists are not Christians. It is impossible for leftism and Christianity to coexist.

  • Beverley

    They are called "wolves in sheep" clothing. Or they could just be like the "Pharisee's". In any event Jesus warned us in the Bibly all the time.

  • yrd4soundingoff

    We cannot stand by while people of goodwill are baselessly attacked for their faith, their political beliefs, or their identity,” Kinnamon intoned.

    Hmmmmm…….. I wonder if he thinks this applies to the Israeli Jews……

    • intrcptr

      Whatever are you talking about??

      Those people are evil. Every single rock thrown by a 10-year old is a strike against Zionist oppression. Every single Kassam is a harbinger of the Last Day.

      Don't you realize how peaceful the world would be if those people would just slink back to where ever they came from and leave the terrified Palestinians alone??

      Go ahead, ask Kinnamon, he'll tell you…

    • Tom Mckinstry

      liberal christianity is not christianity ! They are not fooling anybody but themselvs !

  • Kate

    You're right, matt, but they are among us, posing as Christians. Sometimes you have to sit through quite a few Sunday School classes with them before they show their true colors. A lot of them don't realize they're not Christians. Plus so many churches are nothing more than social organizations — how can you expect pure doctrine from them?

  • budsgirl

    Sadly I think that Christians are quite often, the least informed. The church is infiltrated, sometimes by the "nicest" of people. Sometimes they are even very influential pastors of mega churches and authors of best seller books.

    Ask the Spirit to show you who they are.

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    Hell is having its way in the world today and people wearing blinders are calling it progress.

    And hell is going to be our address when the smoke clears and we discover where we've progressed to from following these "asstute" progressive leaders calling themselves either Shepard's of Christ or villifying religion. They are on both ends of the debate.

    It's all the same because their objectives are the same—to bring down America through what has sustained her throughout the years—her religion and her values.

  • Jim Johnson

    Seems like the Methodist group is trying to get citizens to do what the Methodists them selves should be doing.
    I had a chance to visit a Mormon institution in Las Vegas called Deseret Industries. I had expected a day old bread hand out or maybe a soup kitchen. Not a chance it was one of the most professionally run places I had ever seen. The destitute arrived with a list of food items they needed which a church member, assigned to each one of them ,had helped prepare. They went through the Grocery like store with the list and the helpers loaded the needed items on the carts. The came out the other side with several grocery baskets loaded with a wide variety of meat, vegetables ,canned foods and other needs. It was enough to last a month. It did not cost them a thing;they had no money.
    When the Mormons moved into Russia the Orthodox Church complained their members were being stolen. The the Orthodox got the idea and began helping their own members.
    Let the Methodists also feed their sheep. They need not get the Politicians to force the public to do what the church it's self should be doing.
    Say why don't the atheists give it a try

  • Margaret

    The NCC firmly supported the return of little Elian to Cuba too. Lovely people.

  • btilly

    Christendom isnot Christianity. Sects were not approved of as before the apostles died men had fallen away preaching their own doctrine and became gnostics, Most dont even know what the Bible says because they are wolves in sheeps cklothing awaiting destruction by the kings of the earth then with the god of the world, Satan.