Religious Left Rallies for Obamacare’s Final Stand

The Religious and Evangelical Left, plus the Islamic Society of North America and a few others, are making a final Custer-like stand on behalf of much cherished Obamacare.  In an ad featured in The Hill, a Capitol Hill newspaper aimed at congressional staffers, a religious coalition called “Faithful Reform in Health Care” demanded that Congress “complete the task at hand on behalf of the millions who are left out and left behind in our current health care system.”

Supposedly, these insistent religious groups speak on behalf of millions of religious Americans, most of whom are politically more conservative than the general population.  If Americans as a whole reject Obamacare, then almost certainly most religiously active Americans oppose Obamacare.  Presumably, the various bishops and other ostensibly important clerics who signed this ad are hoping that Capitol Hill readers will not realize that most church goers don’t look to Episcopal or Lutheran or Methodist bishops for wise political counsel.

“Opportunities to comprehensively address our broken health care system are rare,” the pro-Obamacare religious coalition insisted with a typical sense of panic. “Decades of failed attempts at reform testify to the difficulty of this task, and we know that the current effort has not been easy. However, we now stand closer than ever before to historic health care reform. Turning back now could mean justice delayed for another generation and an unprecedented opportunity lost.”

Foisting government control of the health care system on America is so urgent that lawmakers are implicitly implored to disregard their constituents’ views.  The old Religious Left, now joined by the emerging Evangelical Left, typically joined by left-wing Catholic groups and the oddly paired Islamic Society, has insisted for much of the last century that biblical social justice equals nearly unrestricted statism.  “We are communities of faith who have supported comprehensive health care reform for decades,” they noted with accuracy in their ad.  “We have also offered vocal support – and occasional constructive criticism – of the health care reform effort over the last year.”

In truth, the Religious Left et al would prefer a Canadian/British style single payer system rather than trifle with Obamacare’s more complicated preservation of private insurance under tight federal control.  But the Religious Left rightly understands that Obamacare’s incrementalism likely would lead to more total government subjugation. So they are willing to be patient.  “We know that no comprehensive health care reform bill will be perfect,” they indulgently opined.  “Indeed, if any piece of legislation ever fulfills our full vision, our vision is far too small,” they candidly admitted.  Likely for much of the Religious Left and its allies, their holistic “vision” would entail coercive state management of every arena of human life.

Traditional Christians and Jews have understood that Providence has a vital vocation for families, religious institutions, private business, independent charities, and a whole range of non-government actors.  Traditionally, they have believed that the government only does, to paraphrase Lincoln, what the people cannot do for themselves.   But the old Religious Left, joined increasingly by Evangelical Left wannabes, leaves almost no civic space for the private sphere.  In their almost totalitarian perspective, the state is an endless cornucopia of goods and services providing for every human need.   Families, churches, businesses and charities become almost inconsequential, or are, at best, mere compliant hand maidens to an all powerful government.  Most religious people would find this fantasy nightmarish.  But this nightmare animates nearly all the social justice activism of religious leftists.

Seizing control of America’s health care industry is naturally a key ingredient of the Religious Left’s statist absolutism.  They rightly understand that Obamacare’s defeat could forever forestall socialized medicine in America.  Hence the dire urgency.  “As people of faith, we envision a society where every person is afforded health, wholeness and human dignity,” their ad sermonized, once again assuming non-governmental solutions are incapable of assuring health or dignity.  Quoting Martin Luther King, Jr, they beseeched:  “Let us not delay health care justice any longer. This is your moment for political courage, vision, leadership and faith. We urge you to take heart and move meaningful health care reform forward.”

There are the usual claims that without government control, chaos and suffering will ensue.  After all, how can anything be accomplished unless tax-funded bureaucrats are in charge?  The religious leftists assert that Obamacare’s demise will mean “tens of thousands will continue to die needlessly each year,” “tens of millions will remain uninsured,”  “health costs will continue to grow much faster than wages,” “many millions of hard-working people and their children will join the ranks of the uninsured,” “businesses…will either drop coverage or will be unable to make needed investments,” and the “nation’s economy – and its ability to create jobs – will suffer.”

How nice that the religious leftists actually mentioned “businesses” and the need for “investments.”  Maybe this was a talking point added by the coalition’s political consultants.  For the Religious Left, private businesses are the enemy, motivated only by greed and private, and to be suffered only grudgingly, and only then if under a tight government leash entailing endless regulation and high taxation.

Signers of this “Call for Political Courage, Vision, Leadership, and Faith” include officials of the Episcopal, Presbyterian USA, Evangelical Lutheran, United Church of Christ, and United Methodist denominations, along with Jim Wallis’ Sojourners, Evangelicals for Social Action, the National Council of Churches, Quakers, Mennonites, left-wing Catholic orders like the Maryknollers, a couple Muslim groups and several Jewish organizations.  Some of these groups, or at least their elites, have very little theology any more.  But they are increasingly unified behind a single unifying spiritual principle:  worshipping at the altar of the state.

  • toneyal

    Its IRONIC, back in the early 1970's I was one of the founders of the "American Federal Church". We could NOT pass muster with the IRS as a church so we went underground.

    It looks like Obama will revive our religion…

  • poptoy


  • pennswoods

    When we start to tax church/synagogue/mosque property as well as the property of colleges and universities? The tax dollars gained from doing this would solve all the social problems these people whine about all the time.

  • Hymie Zoltsveis

    I was a member of a Reform (Deformed) synagogue (sin to G-d?) until last Rosh Hashana (in September 2009). The Rabbi had received from Hussein Obama a SERMON on why Jews should support Hussein Healthcare. The Rabbi delivered that canned sermon on Rosh Hashana afternoon—-a day on which MORE Jews woul dbe at synagogue than most other days.

    I stormed OUT of the synaggue, and RESIGNED from that synagogue a few days later.

    I am now a VERY HAPPY Jew, belonging to Chabad Lubavitcher—where, btw, most of the members HATE Obama the Marxist, muslim devil– and did not vote for Obama.

    I have come home to Judaism, and hope that more Jews will do the same.

    • Trumpeldor


      Shalom Haver
      I hope my more will do the same
      Habdnickim are great !!

  • joe

    Instead of Gods word, these RELIGIONS base their doctrine on the political motivation of their leaders, Clerics, Bishops, etc. and eccumenical hand holding.

  • Veracity

    There are three main synods in America’s Lutheran churches of which the ELCA is the most liberal. The ECLA does not speak for the conservative Missouri (LCMS) or Wisconsin Lutheran Synods (WELS).

    • TexasLutheran

      The ELCA no longer speaks for many of its congregations. Large numbers are leaving, joining other groups such as Lutheran Churches in Mission for Christ, and Lutheran CORE. The bishops and hierarchy seem untethered from the people in the pew, and are receiving bad news daily of those who are taking faith in Christ, and truth found in Scripture more seriously than their "social justice."

      I believe many of these issues are rooted in the same problem. Our schools and seminaries are now taught by those who are dedicated to " worshipping at the altar of the state." They have pity (contempt) for those who are not enlightened, and have schooled generations in their belief. "The truth of Christ will set you free!"

  • Linda Rivera

    The highly destructive Cap and Trade. An inferior healthcare plan that no one wants and cannot afford to pay. The threat to jail and/or fine those who don't purchase the government enforced plan. Massive spending as if there is no tomorrow. Massive debt. The massive printing of paper money. There is no question that the total DESTRUCTION of America's economy is planned. The results will be horrifying. In the once wealthy and great nation of America, millions of Americans will become destitute, hungry and homeless with no money or resources to help them.

    Obama Says U.S. Long-Term Debt Load ‘Unsustainable’
    By Roger Runningen and Hans Nichols

    May 14 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama, calling current deficit spending “unsustainable,” warned of skyrocketing interest rates for consumers if the U.S. continues to finance government by borrowing from other countries.

    “We can’t keep on just borrowing from China,” Obama said at a town-hall meeting in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, outside Albuquerque. “We have to pay interest on that debt, and that means we are mortgaging our children’s future with more and more debt.”

    Holders of U.S. debt will eventually “get tired” of buying it, causing interest rates on everything from auto loans to home mortgages to increase, Obama said. “It will have a dampening effect on our economy.”…

    Obama admits the terrible financial destruction wrought against Americans. WHY THEN DOES OBAMA NOT IMMEDIATELY REVERSE THIS TRAGEDY?

    A major investor states America is going to reach Zimbabwe hyperinflation.

    Billions of dollars urgently needed for America's defense is instead gifted to Muslim countries and terrorist organization PLO/Palestinian Authority. Nuclear Iran and nuclear North Korea both state they intend to destroy America. They are not idle threats. The same venomous hate for the U.S. is shared by other nations and Muslim terrorist organizations. The treasonous response of the U.S. government to America's increasing danger, is to drastically reduce our defenses facilitating America's annihilation.

    See: Aloha, "Star Wars" By: Washington Times Editorial
    Washington Times | Monday, June 29, 2009

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    How absurd these people are. Christianity is all about Christ and him crucified—period.

    That's long and short of it. a longer version would be man is fallen. A spiritual law is that without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin as reflected by the ancient Hebrews killing a lamb and sprinkling its blood as a foreshadowing of the Christ's sacrifice.

    God's free gift to suffering humanity is Christ as the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. All we have to do is believe this and accept Christ as our personal savior.

    So who killed Christ? Anyone who has sinned and that's everyone.

    So that's Christianity in brief. We have been given the commission to teach the whole world the good news that Christ has risen from the grave and we too can have victory over death.

    This is why Evangelicals are called evangelicals because the gospel, the good news, is a message of hope for the whole world to share.

    And to call Marxist propagandists evangelicals is absurd because they preach the opposite of Christianity. This, of course, makes them false prophets and their message error.

  • Kris Lepine

    I grew up in the United Methodist church. Our family changed to what was then the Congregational church when my mother saw our minister drunk in the bar of a restaurant where she was having lunch with a bunch of friends. That was bad enough but even worse were the threatening phone calls he made to our house later. I was a teenager and I could hear every word he said as she had to hold the phone away from her ear he was yellng so loud. After my wedding in the Congregational church, I had questions about God and the Bible. I went to the minister and all he kept saying to me was, "don't worry about anything, God is love". Over and over, God is love. Finally my husband and I found an Independent church that taught the Bible and it was the best decision we ever made. Every dime given by parishioners is accounted for and reported to the members. I would never attend or give money to a "mainline denomination".

  • Pops

    False teachers and heretics……Gods word is not to be used to get people to worship government, we worship God……Social justice is all well and good but we are to be worried about souls getting into eternity, not free stuff gotten by someone elses hard work…
    They focus on their issue but social justice for the unborn is ignored.

  • Marti

    Rules of Alinsky, infiltrate the churches, use the ministers, Rabbis, and Priests for propaganda, beware my friends COMMUNISM IS HERE.
    Our nation is NOW under the rule of a future DICTATOR!!

  • bubba4

    the "religious left" is some idea that Tooley and FPM created. It is too tempting for these morons to write articles insulting one imaginary group after another. Oh this group believes such in such…let me misquote and mangle other people's ideas to bring them in line with what I'm insulting. And it's EVERY article….christ Tooley get some new material.

    Real churches know a lot more about caring for the poor than fat, pompus pretenders that think they are more righteous than others….whether that be a church you're on a vendetta to destroy or just ordinary folks who give a sh*t….those damn commies.

  • PAthena

    The religious groups Mark Tooley describes are not Christians at all. Christianity is about how the INDIVIDUAL should live, personal morality, not about the state. Their true religion is statism, they worship the state, and have the Marxist view about how it should be run.