The Anti-Israel Revelation


“Emergent Church” guru Brian McLaren is a key figure on the Evangelical Left who is trying shift Evangelicals, who are America’s most pro-Israel demographic, into a more neutralist stance. Currently, he is leading a delegation through Israel and “Palestine” to broadcast the sins of Israeli oppression against Palestinians by “listening, learning, thinking, observing, reflecting.”  His blog is providing daily updates of his discoveries, all of which confirm his previously often declared bias against Israel.

“I hope you will start questioning what you think you know about the situation here,” McLaren warned on his blog recently, with the assumption that most readers are deceived by pro-Israel partiality. “I’ve been an avid reader on the subject for quite a while, but being here now, I see how many of my most basic assumptions were skewed from a lifetime of half-truths, unfair and imbalanced news, well-planned propaganda, and misinformation.”

McLaren, of course, used to be a more traditional, conservative Evangelical.  So his emergence into the Evangelical Left in recent years, including the requisite negativity towards Israel, is part of an ongoing spiritual rebirth into which he invites his fellow Evangelicals.  Of course, McLaren insists that he is not anti-Israel, and certainly not anti-Jewish.  He simply wants to liberate both Palestinians and Jews from the enslaving mindset of the “occupation” that holds both peoples captive.

“The struggle here is about people being held in various forms bondage – both occupiers and the occupied each in their own ways, and everyone needs liberation,” McLaren explained.  He is himself apparently one agent of that “liberation.”  In his typical post-modern way, he further posits that none of the people in that region are really responsible for the strife and horrors.  Rather, it is the “harmful ideologies and world views and narratives that rule and exert power in and through people’s lives” and “cause them to do terrible things they would never do in their right minds.”  Indeed, he warned, that “when hateful and dehumanizing ideologies take control, both victimizers and victims are dehumanized.”

Of course, though McLaren wants to liberate everybody from their various spiritual/political blindness, he implies that most or all of the spiritual confusion comes from Jewish Israel and its Christian supporters.  He is very concerned about Israeli “razor wire and segregation walls,” as part of the “ugliness of occupation.” But he is not as interested in the Palestinian and Islamist terror that generate Israel’s defenses.  He helpfully included photos of graffiti art on the infamous security wall, and other blank slates, by left-wing British graffitist Bansky.  One shows the Statue of Liberty pulling out her empty pockets, perhaps illustrating the bankruptcy of American capitalism, or America’s hoped for inability to back Israel.  Another graffiti artwork shows a Palestinian girl searching an Israeli soldier, in a hoped for role reversal.

McLaren recited first hand from his West Bank visit “heart-shattering stories of Palestinians being arrested without cause, tortured, humiliated, re-arrested, re-tortured.”  Amazingly, he has discovered a “lack of hatred” and a thirst for “non-violent” action among Palestinians, despite all the abuse from their Israeli “victimizers,” and the mischaracterizations from the purportedly pro-Israel U.S. media.   Revealingly, McLaren learned that Palestinians do not want a “two-state solution” but instead desire to “live in peace with Israelis” and want “Jews, Muslims, and Christians to learn to live together as neighbors.”  In other words, the Palestinians want the eradication of Jewish Israel and the creation of a new Palestinian and Islamic dominated state where, purportedly, Jews and Christians also could live, at least for a time.  McLaren finds this discovery to be very “powerful” and encouraging.

“We in the US have been given a terribly false impression – from the media, from political leaders, and from many Christian and Jewish leaders as well,” McLaren incredulously recounted of the “quiet but gracious attitude” he found among Palestinians towards Israel.  “All of us who are here in Palestine are now witnesses to realities we can’t be silent about in the future.”

One of McLaren’s fellow pilgrims is former journalist Greg Barrett, author of The Gospel of Father Joe: Revolutions & Revelations in the Slums of Bangkok.  Maybe not quite as naïve as the rose-tinted McLaren, Barrett blogged that Palestinians graciously endure American tourists despite all the torments that America purportedly inflicts on them through Israel because “we help buoy a difficult economy.”  But deep down, Palestinians are justifiably “tired of us and our elected officials who look the other way while an oppressed people is bullied, robbed and mocked.”  Christian tourists have too long visited Bethlehem to see Christ’s birthplace while “we’ve failed to follow His teachings.”

Appropriately, Barrett cited a favorite social activist/philosopher for the Left:  “Seeing the infamous Wall built by Israel to imprison the Palestinians, I was reminded of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals. In it, Alinsky writes about ‘the rules pertaining to the ethics of means and ends.’ First among them is the belief that a person’s concern with the ethics of a social action correspond to one’s distance from the consequences of action or inaction.”

Perhaps Barrett should instead have cited Alinsky’s better known quote about left-wing polemics:  “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”  McLaren’s Holy Land tour, whether deliberately or cluelessly, seems like just another Alinsky-inspired cause from the Religious and Evangelical Left, which are determined to demonize Israel and its U.S. ally, in pursuit of “liberation” for Palestinians.  But this brand of “liberation” would result in the eventual eradication of Jewish Israel in favor of an Islamist dominated “Palestine,” where fellow-travelling Christians like Brian McLaren would be tolerated largely for their political utility.

  • Marty

    McLaren is another "useful idiot" who tends to ignore the glut of statements coming from palestinians and their supporters who want the West destroyed. israel is merely the first target of a religious/political movement that aspires to establish a global caliphate on the ashes of democracy and prosperity. For islamists, the seventh century was a golden age of pedophilia, treating women brutally, and slaughtering anyone who defied mohamad.

  • Paul Gesh

    I doubt this guy is a Christian. A true Christian will be defending Isreal from slanders and lies, not promoting them.

  • Mike Bailor

    Plenty of money gets passed around, I'll bet. Not necessarily in this case, but often and everywhere.

  • rlee

    The God of Israel made a everlasting covenant with His people and the Land. How could anyone claiming Christ as Savior say otherwise. Prove false prophets and doctrines against the Word. All fall short!

  • Justpassingby

    One day, this guy will stand before the Almighty GOD of Israel and answer for his cursing of Israel..

  • Nilsson

    Another set of conservatives, not all Christians, see Israel as a bastion against Islamism (it used to be against communism) in the Middle East and an exemplar of western capitalism and civilisation. This is an attitude rapidly becoming out of date as the Sephardic, Russian-immigrant and settler element in the Israeli Jewish electorate outguns the old liberal and leftist pioneers and kibbutzniks of Ben-Gurion's time.

    Many American Jews, sentimentally attached to the memory of that Israel, have no clue how quickly it is becoming Middle Eastern in its values and political methods: full of nepotistic corruption, with leaders such as Lieberman shamelessly preaching ethnic supremacy and cleansing against the threat of Arabs outbreeding Jews in Greater Israel.

    As the Arab vote becomes more important in the US, as its financial system and the clout the Jews exert on politics through it is undermined by crises, and as the world economy tilts eastward towards rising powers such as China and India which have no interest in intra-semitic squabbles in the Near East, some prescient Christian leaders will prudently put their weight behind a policy of non-partisanship.

  • John

    McLaren seems to be a typical leftie" useful idiot "who has heeded the bleat of Muslims who typically complain about suffering at the hands of others in order to gain concessions in countries where they infiltrate as refugees and become sleeping future jihadists. Political Correctness and anti-vilification laws in Western countries prevents us from exposing the true nature of Islam.
    The big factor which is rarely mentioned is that Islam has a guide book (Koran) which requires the elimination of all other religions by force if necessary. No other religion has a guide book requiring the death of all other religionists.
    True Evangelical Christians respect Israel because The Bible calls for that respect.
    McLaren is either a Liberal Leftie Christian or a deliberate plant trying to influence true Evangelicals who are supporters of Israel for the Jews or he is simply gullible.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    McLaren is hitting on non Bible Christians, people that attend Church and want to
    be involved with the societial Church without a clue of what the Scriptures teach.
    I can not see here where anything he says is concurrent with the History of the
    past century. He is pushing the same old leftist victimization propaganda the
    PLO spews out daily. The vile speaches of Yasser Arafat and Co. tell it all,
    talking out of both sides of the mouth but McLaren speaks out to the uninformed,
    if he is not careful he will be spending time with Yasser where global warming
    is big time.

  • Eddie

    Nilsson, said above that "India has no interest in intra-semitic squabbles in the Near East".

    You conveniently forget that Hindu majority India has to deal with Hindu – Muslim riots and India and Muslim majority Pakistan almost had a nuclear war, over Kashmir. And China deals with the Weegurs ethnicity.

    Islamism is a world wide problem and it's going to get worse before it gets better. Thankfully the Israelis are not the unarmed Jews of WW2 europe.

  • McLaren's a Heretic

    Let's not forget that the "Palestinians" were Muslims exiled from other Islamic nations. Surrounded by Islamic nations, they were stranded, not taken in by any of those nations. Why not? Pawns in the game to destroy Israel. Remove all the Arab propaganda and you see how they've used their own people to further their Islamic hatred toward Jews. You'll also see how they started immigrating to Palestine shortly before Israel became a nation in 1948. Can we all sing the propaganda song? Let's use the tune of the Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann." Prop-prop-prop, prop-a-ganda! PROP-PROP-PROP, PROP-A-GANDA!"

    Palestine is Judah. Palestinians are the Jews, not the Muslims, that inhabit that area.

  • Stephen_Brady

    The thing that people need to understand about the Evangelical movement in Christianity is that it is not monolithic. Some of the most far-to-the-Left people I've met, in my life, were so-called Evangelicals.

    Bill Moyers, of all people, would be considered a evangelical, being a member of the American Baptist Association, to which Anthony Campolo … a Marxist with dreams of worldwide revolution … also belongs. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is far to the Left (a local church which has had two consecutive lesbian "pastors" has gone from over 300 in worship to around 25-35, mostly 50-ish women).

    Of course, if you're a traditional Evangelical, then you get called a "fundie" or a "snake handler", and your opinion is considered to be born of a lack of education or being "in-born".

    Make no mistake about it, my friends, the word "Evangelical" when applied to someone should not indicate that he is a follower of Christ.

    As for me, I support Israel and always will, and I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

    • Kara

      Anyone who can't see how Satanic the bias against Israel is- is Blind! There is no other reason for these people to have been so persecuted throughout history other than Satan's attempt to wipe them out so that God's plan will not be fulfilled. Pray for the peace of Jersusalem. God will bless those who bless them and curse those who curse them.

  • Rick

    I noted that McLaren's entire premise is based on what he thinks, not what the Word of God says. In fact, I found no biblical support cited in the article whatsoever. The Bible says in Proverbs not to lean to your own understanding, but to place your faith in Him. In Psalms, He makes clear that He defends Israel for His name's sake and not for any good they may or may not do. My support is based on God's Word and covenant faithfulness expressed in Genesis and confirmed by the later prophets. Frankly, I do not care what the Israelis do or don't do. I don't care what McLaren sees, feels, or writes. My support for Israel remains unshakeably steadfast irregardless of his perceived "right or wrongs." I work to support Israel even if they revile me as a Christian. I do it for love of the Jewish people and a love for God and His Word. It is simply not important how Israel treats me or anyone else. The perceived "right or wrongs" of Israel are between them and God. Our command is to love and supprt them and I am far more concerned with being faithful to God, then to McLaren's concepts of "social justrice."

    • Kara

      Amen Rick.

  • Don Worrell

    This guy is about as much a pastor of the Bible as a monkey is. He is like everyone else who hate Gods chosen people, they already have a certain veiw of Israel and they make everything shape to their veiw. I guess Israel is not suppose to protect themselves? If Israel fights back just a little, the world condemns them. They are fighting a war on terrorism just like everyone else except their war is 10 times greater than ever other countries war. Remember this want-a-be pastor, YOu will stand in front of the Almighty Elohim of Israel very soon and if you do not repent, you are not going to have a very good visit with HIM.

  • Andy

    This McLaren is a paid left wing tool. These people ignore the attacks on Israel because they intend to ignore them. Notice how none of his type (and that includes current American leadership) address Ahma big boob from Iran? Really, have they not heard his rants? No, they have heard them…..they say nothing because they support Ahma big boob's views. That is also why they support the "palestinians" in their struggles (Terrorism) against Israel. They are anti-semetic or paid by those that are. God will bless Israel, to He– with McLaren and the false rubbish like him.

  • Zoe

    Israel has fought for its very life on a daily basis for 61 years. For McLaren to claim otherwise is grotesque, and proves he has no regard for the Jewish state. He’s not stupid. He knows very well that he is spouting Arab propaganda !

  • Acushla

    Acushla says…. In WW11 a Jewish Brigade fought alongside the British Forces against the Germans. They were known as The Palestinian Brigade. The USA State Dept do not want to acknowledge this so they have become corrupt in this way by saying other people are Palestinians. So the churches have become Churchianity and have left their Jewish Roots of Christianity in being Ecclesia Christians. Jesus Christ is Coming Soon.

  • D. Booker

    Gods word warns us of false teachers and prophets in these last days. Having a form of godliness but denying the power. I know in my heart that no weapon formed against the apple of Gods eye will prosper, and ALL those who come against His people will be crushed. History shows us time and again of this truth. I pray for B. McClaren and for any who would follow his false teachings, for one day they will have to give an answer, and by then it will be to late.

  • diane

    if you do not believe in Isreal then you are not part of the bigger picture seriously its ppl like you that are turning away "the flock and misleading the sheep" as a 'leader' are you really that stupid not to know prophecy? seriously mclaren you will face the father and then what can you say? absolutely nothing

  • Ned

    Pretrib Rapture Trivia

    Who's the "Protector of the Principality of Pretribulatia"?
    Edward Irving? John Darby? C. I. Scofield? Tim LaHaye? Someone else?
    Media figure Joe Ortiz knows the answer. It's in his "End Times Passover" blog. The one dated Dec. 29, 2009.
    If you're Calvinist, you're predestined to see his blog. If you're Arminian, you can choose to see it.
    If you find out you already knew the answer before seeing Joe's blog, you have a chance to win the grand prize which includes:
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    Whew. What you miss if you're not computer savvy!

  • LouAnn


    An American researcher has discovered a copy of Scottish lassie Margaret Macdonald's handwritten account, on 23 sheets of paper, of her "discovery" in 1830 that the Bible teaches a "pre-tribulation rapture."
    A facsimile copy of her penned account was obtained from the British Library which has long catalogued it as "Margaret McDonald's Vision" – one of many items in an old collection of Irvingism memorabilia.
    Portions of this facsimile can now be viewed on the March 9, 2010 edition of "The End Times Passover" blog (hosted by media luminary Joe Ortiz) which has the honor of being the first to air all of this.
    The most accurate and detailed documentation on the long hidden beginnings of this 19th century prophetic innovation – which today is a very protective and lucrative American industry – is found in the 300-page book "The Rapture Plot" which is available at internet bookstores such as Armageddon Books.

    • Acushla

      John Darby preached Rapture in 1827, 3 years before MM. Her writings does not say much about PreTrib.

  • Daystar

    "Redeem Israel , O God, from all their troubles! "-Psalms 25:22