The Church Led Astray

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The General Assembly of the almost 3 million-member Presbyterian Church (USA) meeting this week is debating whether to endorse an official church study committee report essentially endorsing the Palestinian “Nakba” narrative that faults Israel for nearly all Middle East strife and suffering.

That Middle East Study Committee report is so extreme that even left-leaning J Street, a Jewish group usually Palestinian friendly, urged Presbyterians to reject it.  “Supporting a Palestinian state does not, should not, and cannot mean tearing down Israel,” implored J Street Vice President Rachel Lerner to Presbyterians meeting in Minneapolis.  She also disavowed the report’s commendation of J Street as sign of “hope,” making clear that the report’s Presbyterian authors never consulted J Street.

“I want to be very clear about this — this is not meant to be a threat,” Lerner declared. He continued:

If this is passed we will not be issuing a directive to our locals that they cannot partner with local Presbyterian churches — but with the passage of this study, the Church will alienate us and as a result our activists will not want to work with you and this will damage completely the possibility of a future relationship.

Reporting she was “saddened” and “angered” by the report, Lerner complained it was:

So one-sided, so devoid of any balance, that I fear this report will not only not achieve its desired effect — positive change in the region and a just two-state solution — but it will be counter-productive to forging a meaningful peace and will significantly hinder the possibility of future efforts to work together toward what for most of us is a shared common goal.

Lerner urged Presbyterians to give more than “lip service” to Israel’s security and warned that U.S. aid cut-offs to Israel would “only undercut the possibilities for peace in our lifetime.”  She was echoed by prominent liberal Presbyterians who deplored the report’s harsh tone against Israel. Among them was former New York Times religion reporter Gus Niebuhr, the grand nephew of famed Christian ethicist and pro-Zionist Reinhold Niebuhr.

“Reputations are hard to win and they are easy to lose,” Niebuhr warned fellow Presbyterians, telling them that the “terribly imbalanced” anti-Israel report would “obscure” Presbyterian influence in America.  There is “no bright line between anti-Israel and anti-Semitism in the minds of most Americans,” he insisted.  Niebuhr was joined by Presbyterian pastor and Christian Century magazine publisher John Buchanan in sounding the alarm against the report’s bias.  Buchanan’s opposition was significant because his long time predecessor as magazine chief, United Methodist minister James Wall, is vitriolically anti-Israel and has essentially denounced the Presbyterian report’s opponents as agents of Israeli propaganda.

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  • BS77

    Religious left…now there's a classic oxymoron for you. Just like "medical" marijuana…everything on the far left is a hoax.

    • therealend

      I had an idea for a bumper sticker — "Progressives are anything but"

      • debarrio

        Here's another oxymoron. "Progressive Values"

  • RBoy

    The Presbyterians have decided that the Bible is irrevelant, and their leadership comes from anarchist freaks. Is there any doubt as to what has caused 1/2 of their membership to leave the organization in the past few years? The Bible indicates that the Jews are the apple of God's eye. Also that perverts have no place in the kingdom of
    God. They have turned their backs on the Jews, and taken perverts to be their preachers. A vile organization.

    • Liny

      I think you need to educate yourself about all Presbyterians. A split occurred back in 1986 because of homosexuals being ordained as ministers. There are two separate churches, the mainstream Presbyterian and the Evangelical Presbyterian churches. The EPC has over 250 churches nationwide, one of which I am a member of. We do not support homosexual ministers and we are big supporters of the nation of Israel. Many mainstream Presbyterian churches are in the process of breaking away and joining up with the EPC. Please educate yourself before calling the Presbyterian church a vile organization. We are not all the same.

      • Alissa

        I think most readers understand that Presbyterians means PCUSA. The PCUSA has many faults but thus far, has not approved the ordination of homosexuals. That doesn't mean they won't and the leader certainly continues to try. I left the Presbyterians to join a non-denominational church. The "church" is simply the body of believers. The only authority is the Bible. There is no need for a church hierarchy.

        • debarrio

          What about PC of America? Isn't that D. James Kennedy's Church? He was as conservative as they come.

  • William Smart

    All regular historians, including Israeli ones (Benny Morris a leader, and he's a hard-core supporter of ethnic-cleansing) now agree that the Palestinians were indeed set upon by terrorists who committed multiple massacres and drove them from their homes.

    Where the narrative goes next is difficult to say, but let's not behave like Holocaust Deniers and dispute what's in front of our noses.

    • Vic

      Let's just take these so called 'Palestinians' at their word shall we. Like Hitler who clearly stated his objective, these poor occupied ones want nothing less than the destruction of Israel. Who are you kidding! Please see the Hamas charter & any speech given by that sorry worm Ahmawackjob. Wake up!

    • joelsk44039

      While some Arabs were indeed forced to flee, most left at the urging of their leaders and never even saw a Jewish soldier. Any other narrative is a lie.

    • MixMike

      "All regular historians, including Israeli ones (Benny Morris a leader, and he's a hard-core supporter of ethnic-cleansing) now agree that the Palestinians were indeed set upon by terrorists who committed multiple massacres and drove them from their homes."

      No, "regular historians" do NOT agree with YOUR thesis. Most of the Arabs willingly left to make way for the Arab armies to "push the Jews into the sea." Funny that you cite Benny Morris who is a well known "new historian" offering his own revisionist history of Zionism.

    • To the ignorant

      William Smart you are not!!!!!!!!!!

      Ignorent and well verse in lies and Arabs propaganda you are!!!!!!!!!

      There is nothing you can tell or argue with idiots, they just have no capacity to learn the history and find the real truth!!!!!!

      It is a wast of time.

      But I will try one last time.

      The ones who are doing entice -cleansing are the Arabs.

      Matter of fact, they are doing it all over the western world you stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BS77

    Off topic…but…New York voters….get that hairball, Bloomberg, out of your craw…vote him OUT as soon as possible.

  • djv

    I wonder how close to Laodicea these replacement theologins are? They are definitely lukewarm, due to lack of motivation. I see it in the lack of growth in these churches. There is no "fire" or urgency in the message, so the people fail to get the importance of the timing. Israel is the timepiece and the division of Jerusalem is almost in front of us. In those who are not of a replacement theological stand, this makes us feel the "urgency" of the message, that time is short. In this case, we spend all of our energy trying to reach the world, and now Israel in particular. The Orthodox rabbis are declaring the emergence of Ezekiel 38 and 39 right on the horizon. If that doesn't show the presbies that the blinders are coming off of the eyes of Israel, then I guess they should continue sleeping. (Just Kidding): My heartfelt message: Church of Americia WAKE UP!! WE ARE LOOKING RIGHT AT PROPHECY BEING FULFILLED BEFORE OUR VERY EYES!!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The apostate section of the Presbyterian Church is ruled by leftist reprobates that
    are where they are for the purpose of destroying the Church, its teachings and
    moral value. As a Christian I am offended by what they propose and their obscene
    conduct. It boils down to their ignorance of God's Word and the replacement of
    Church History for leftist revisionism. I can not see how any of these socialites
    expect to sit with the Congregation of the Saved, if you are a Presbyterian move
    in with the Evangelical Church. Revering a people who are bent on the destruction
    of Israel and are in themselves evil is and indictment against you as betrayers
    of Christ, repent as you have lost your souls……………………………………William

    • debarrio

      Wrong! Flee the so called Evangelicals who are being infiltrated by FALSE prophets like Jim Wallis and Brian McClaren!!!! The Evangeilcals are going soft and will recognize Homosexual Marriage within 10 years. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is were it's at!

      • WilliamJamesWard

        I don't think any of us have 10 years but sufice it to say if any Christian is still
        around that long from now study in the Word will direct a believer to the
        correct place to be considering their heart is right with God and thier name
        is in the Book of Life, Conservative Baptists associated with the Billy Graham Assn. are doing well……………..William

      • Clay Cole

        As a Southern Baptist pastor (you don't get any mor evangelical than that) Jim Wallis is seen as a joke to us. It's good to see someone who is enthusatic about their demonation.

  • Norrin

    It's funny how the focus is always on the Israelis. Why is there no focus on the behaviour of the so called Palestinians?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Because the main stream media have sold their souls to the devil, how much
      they are paid for the betrayal of truth and objectivity will never cover the cost of the results, reviled and despicable at judgement…………………………………William

  • mike

    Age old spiritual war for the souls of men. God and those who would humble themselves before him against Satan and those who choose to rebel against God.This battle has been raging since the Garden Of Eden but is nearing its completion.The Jews are the people from whom the Messiah would come.His choice, not mans.Israel is His land and Jerusalem is His town. Thereby the reason so much focus on the Jew.Destroy the Jew and take the land and satan wins. Not gonna happen!! The question is who you gonna stand with at the Judgement!

  • Clay Cole

    The Religious left is nothing more than a social club. They stoped being servants of Christ decades ago.

  • Lori

    Another Example! That The Church that confesses that Jesus is Savior,and goes against his Fathers Word is Okay? NO! NO! Jesus Died for all sinners who want saved he knocks and knocks! Can anyone Hear! The Name Of Jesus is above all Names! Jesus Name is above all names! Presbyterian, Catholic,Methodist All these Religions have names But what name is above all names? JESUS. So are you ready to go and be in the true Church with Jesus Christ? Israel belongs to God! Just another name wanting Gods Glory! So they side with Lucifer and touches God with Israel being the Apple of his Eye. Be Careful !!! For when you Touch The Fathers Eye you will cry!