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In the 2008 Tom Cruise movie “Valkyrie” about the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler, Major Otto Ernst Remer is portrayed as key to suppressing the anti-Hitler coup.  When Remer was arresting Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, unknowingly at the behest of the anti-Hitler plotters who claimed Hitler was dead, Goebbels slyly handed a phone to Remer.  “Do you recognize my voice?” a dark presence over the phone inquired of Remer, who immediately recognized the Fuehrer.  Hitler ordered an obedient Remer to capture alive all the conspirators against him, presumably so their eventual deaths could be suitably tortuous.

Their assassination attempt having failed to more than wound Hitler, the Valkyrie plotters quickly imploded.  Major Remer, portrayed by German actor Thomas Kretschmann, led his Greater Germany Regiment, which was responsible for security in Berlin, to arrest the anti-Hitler conspirators.   The movie portrayal is largely accurate.  In the less than one year of war remaining for the Third Reich, the 32 year old Remer was rewarded with promotion to Major General.

Remer lived until 1997 and was devoted to Hitler and the Third Reich until the very end.  His efforts to revive Nazism, and to deny the Holocaust, eventually forced him to leave Germany.  Like other old Nazis, he found temporary refuge, and work, in Egypt and Syria during the 1950’s, before dying in Spain.  A 1993 Egyptian newspaper interview outlined his views about Israel, Islam, the Palestinians, Iran’s Islamic Republic, and the United States.  He was interviewed for Cairo-based “Al Shaab” by a Moroccan Islamist Ahmed Rami, who previously had been imprisoned in Sweden for “anti-Zionist” activity, i.e. Holocaust denials.

“General Remer is a true friend of the Arabs and Muslims,” the article enthused. “He follows the problems and worries of our Islamic nation closely, as an observer and a friend,” it noted, recalling Remer’s role as military advisor to Egyptian President Nasser in the early 1950s and his later residence in Syria.  The Egyptian newspaper hailed Remer as one of the Third Reich’s most “brilliant generals,” when actually he had been promoted beyond his talent because of his role in suppressing Valkyrie.  Unsuccessful in combat leadership, his accomplishment was confined mostly to destroying the few Germans who tried to save Germany from Hitler.

Rami asked Remer about the “New World Order,” which is how President George H. W. Bush described the American-dominated post-Cold War world in the wake of the Persian Gulf War victory over Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.   “This concept is nothing but a new mask behind which lies hidden the international power of the Jewish organizations,” Remer pronounced.  Jewish groups were the only victors of World War II, he insisted, as the “states that allied themselves against Germany were, whether they knew it or not, in the service of Jewish interests and plans that were geared not only against Germany but also against the Islamic and Arab nations and against the western nations.”

According to Remer, the “rape of Palestine and the creation of the Israeli state” after World War II resulted from generations of Jewish planning.  Citing the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” Remer emphasized that the Jews had always plotted to “implement their actually very old ‘New World Order.’”

Remer praised the creation of Islamic regimes in Afghanistan and Iran.  “What is new again is the movement of Islamic rebirth and the continuous decay of the strength of the colonial government bodies directed from afar by Israel in many Islamic countries,” he recounted. He commended the Ayatollah Khomeini for having invited Mikhail Gorbachev to become a Muslim, which “had great symbolic power!”  And he hailed the “spiritual” victory of Afghan Mujaheddin.  As to Saddam’s Iraq, it was crushed because it would have broken the “Israeli monopoly on the atomic bomb in the Near East” and “Israeli technological hegemony.”

Unsurprisingly, Remer thought the 1991 U.S. led war against Saddam Hussein to liberate Kuwait was simply a contrivance by American Jews to neutralize an enemy of Israel.  “Everybody knows that Iraq could not threaten America even if she had atomic weapons,” he observed.  But Israel “saw her interests and her regional hegemony threatened,” so “America in the service of Israel waged war against Iraq.  Israel had “mobilized, as usual, her Jewish propagandists, who control the mass-media in the West.”

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  • guest

    NO Elections in 2010?

    Look at:

    Be sure to look at the Archives

    Is this what the Left is planning?

    Is this what some of the Democratic supporters are
    planning? Are some of these supporters
    putting in a powder they call "Jock Strap"?

    Is their budget about $100,000 to allow sending
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  • Doug

    A committed Nazi to the end, he would always see things the same old way that brought him what fame and notoriety he ever got. Funny how these guys, driven out of Europe, would wind up in the Middle East somehow, but we rarely heard about them being there before their deaths…Last time I checked, Alois Brunner was still in Syria. He was in Adolf Eichmann's group, something that would definitely endear him to the Syrians!

  • tanstaafl

    In their own strange way, sociopaths stick together.

  • 9-11 Infidel

    A true Islamo-Nazi to the end. Gotta wonder just how hot hell is for that creep right about now?

  • Philosopherking

    I find his views compatible with how most people on the left think. I've noticed that most people on the left despise two religions which are Christianity and Judaism. The historic reasons are pretty clear when you read Marx in that these religions were viewed as an impediment to their concept of the organic spiritual state that most leftist want set up. I'm not saying that American lefitst will round people up in concentration camps but their does seem to be an anti-christian and anti-jewish stance associate with their thinking.

  • guest

    Mr Boortz:

    Look at:

    Be sure to look at the Archives

    Is this what the Left is planning?

    You were talking about getting kicked
    off of WVNN radio. If some of your
    Democratic listeners Puffie you will
    that be enough?

  • Ghostwriter

    As Glenn Beck would say,"This is one spooky guy." I'm also not surprised that Remer didn't like America very much. This country helped to defeat him and his beloved Third Reich. I'm surprised after spending time in the Middle East that he went to Spain and not Argentina. That place had a large community of ex-Nazis and he would have fit in very well down there. In Remer's native Germany,they named streets after the plotters of the July 1944 attempted coup. I think that must have galled him very much.

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  • Philosopherking

    I really don't believe that NAZIs were motivated by bigotry since many Jews worked with the NAZIs. I believe that religions especially religion that is melded to the racial identity of a people such as judaism would not be tolerable in the NAZI organic state. Did you notice the phrase "“decompose the organism of the nation". This, in my opinion, is why most people on the left seem to have some anger towards Judaism.

  • aspacia

    You are joking? Right? Remember, Americans are mongrels? Jews are vermin. Read The Third Reich for insight regarding NAZI bigotry.

  • MixMChess

    "I really don't believe that NAZIs were motivated by bigotry since many Jews worked with the NAZIs."

    Woah, many Jews did NOT work with the Nazis! You're probably getting confused about the role of the Kapos.

  • Philosopherking

    I suppose you just read the first line where I said that NAZIs weren't motivated by pure bigotry like the KKK was. I didn't say that there wasn't bigotry. I said the motivation behind the bigotry was an idealogical need to maintain the organic purity of the state. This was one of the main components of fascist and communist thinking. It goes back to Marx where he, being Jewish himself, said that Jews would not fit into the organic spiritual state. It fits with the NAZI's own statement in the article where he said "decompose the organism of the nation".

  • Philosopherking

    Its just what I heard that few jews did work with the NAZIs. That is about as far as my knowledge goes. I don't know about the Kapos.

    The point I was trying to make was that the bigotry was not motivated by the same racial intolerance that the KKK had but by the fascist idea that states and society were organic creations of one single entity. Any religion would break that singularity and so Jews had to be killed off since their religion is bound to their ethnicity which would make it harder to remove that religion from their thinking.

    That is just my opinion of where this anti-semitism in leftist thinking comes from.