The Real Threat: British Nukes?

British churches, suffering from shrinking attendance, membership and influence, want to further diminish their nation’s influence by urging its nuclear disarmament.

The pathway to international peace is for Great Britain first to place all its nukes under international control and then to abolish nukes altogether, according to “Now Is  the Time,” an anti-nuke campaign by the Churches of England, Scotland and Wales, plus the British Methodists, Quakers, Baptists, and Reformed, along with parts of the Catholic Bishops’ conferences of England, Wales and Scotland.

“The Church of Scotland has long held the conviction that nuclear weapons serve no useful purpose for humanity,” the Moderator of the once formidable Church of Scotland recently disclaimed.  “We and others in the Christian family have led the way in challenging the morality of nuclear weapons. Our human calling is to choose life over death and the alleviation of poverty over nuclear weapons.”

In verbiage straight out of the 1980’s era nuclear freeze campaigns, the Scottish church moderator posits that dollars funding nukes equals dollars taken from starving children.  In fact, then as now, nuclear weapons are generally less expensive than their conventional alternatives.   The American nuclear umbrella protected Western Europe from Soviet aggression partly because the U.S. and NATO were unwilling to sustain conventional forces equal to the mammoth Red Army’s.

Religious Left anti-nuclear slogans pretend that all military expenditures further impoverish the already destitute. But the total military expenditures of all Western democracies, even at the Cold War’s height, were a fraction of total wealth, and never came close to equaling the equivalent expenditures of the Soviet Union and other totalitarian adversaries.  The pose that military defense harms the poor ignores that a sufficient military posture helps to ensure peace and freedom for all.  How can the value of such a gift be minimized?

Oddly, the Religious Left, despite its claimed spiritual interests, tends to focus exclusively on material benefits.  An unrestricted welfare state is for it always more important than more ethereal goals such as liberty.  “The time to scrap nuclear arsenals is now,” the Scottish church moderator insisted.  “At a time when voters are asking difficult questions about the best use of tax revenues for the benefit of the maximum number of citizens we have to consider the financial implications as well as the moral. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is an opportunity to make that difference and to save lives for generations to come.”

“Now Is the Time” from the British churches, along with similar disarmament campaigns from the international Religious Left, is focused on the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference next month in New York.   Although purportedly concerned about non-proliferation, the Religious Left naturally is never very concerned about rogue regimes like Iran’s or North Korea’s procuring nukes.  Instead, its focus is always on disarming the United States or Great Britain.  Ostensibly, disarmed Western democracies will serve as irresistible moral examples to radical Islamist clerics and North Korean apparatchiks, along with other tyrannies that believe nukes, justifiably, will expand their sinister global influence.

Of course, the Religious Left fails to distinguish morally between Western democracies seeking to defend their people and deter war and tyrannical rogue regimes focused exclusively on perpetuating their villainy.  If anything, the Religious Left believes the democratic West is morally inferior to its adversaries.  But more profoundly, the Religious Left neglects the traditions of its own professed faith by pretending that human nature is perfectible and that justice can be achieved through simple good will.   The Religious Left is not interested that nuclear armed Western democracies have in fact deterred countless wars while upholding the freedoms of their own peoples and spreading those freedoms internationally.  And the Religious Left will never understand that a disarmed West, particularly a pacifist United States, would only open a cavernous power vacuum that far more sinister powers would lustily attempt to fill, creating ever greater dangers to peace and liberty for all.

In short, the Religious Left and its well intentioned fellow travelers focus on the world as they wish rather than a world as it is.  “We believe that the use or threat of use of weapons of mass destruction is immoral,” proclaimed Welsh church prelates last month.  “We owe it to our children and our grandchildren to seize the opportunity to put in place a new legally binding verifiable and universal agreement to eliminate all nuclear weapons.”

The Welsh churchmen acknowledged the “spread and increasing accessibility of nuclear technology and the threat that this poses to our security.”  But naturally, they did not name any rogue states or describe why “our security” should even be a Christian concern, since the Religious Left prefers to denigrate “security” as an idol that true people of faith renounce in favor of trust and harmony.   These churchmen said they were “encouraged” by reductions in the American and Russian nuclear arsenals.  But how did the U.S. and the old Soviet Union move away from nuclear confrontation?  Was it by following the Religious Left’s demand for American unilateral disarmament or was it instead by American resolution until the Soviet Union collapsed and neither nation had any major strategic interest in overwhelming the other?  The Religious Left prefers not to answer this question.

“Most Christians believe that economic, social and political action is the best way to build positive relationships with countries that are perceived as a threat, in a world where peace, justice and security go hand in hand,” enthuses the Archbishop of Wales.  But the Cold War would not have ended so relatively peacefully had the United States relied strictly on “economic, social and political action.”  The Welsh Archbishop concludes:  “We cannot continue to threaten other countries by our possession of nuclear weapons, and at the same time denounce theirs.”

Who in the world today loses sleep because Great Britain has nukes, besides the Welsh Archbishop and a few other similarly wooly minded British clerics?  Spiritually and politically mature church prelates theoretically might offer helpful moral counsel on nuclear weapons. But more often than not, the more outspoken clerics in Britain and elsewhere merely echo the morally numb Religious Left in treating all nations as morally indistinguishable from naughty children in a sand box.

  • badaboo

    THIS is why religion has no place in politics , the running of government or ANY national defense policy or strategy , for ANY mation .

  • poptoy

    Chicken shots.

    • badaboo

      think so ? just look at what's going on with Sharia in the U.K. , and that after the Bishop of canterbury gives his stamp of approval ……..think again poptoy .
      got religion ? good . ///want religion ? — go to church

      • Kevin in El Paso

        I think, if you could manage to shed your personal hang-up about “religion” for just a moment, you would find that these clerics “:positions,” “stances,” and “talking points” are exactly what they seem to be. They are the political and rhetorical mechanisms of the secular left.

        As for the Islamist threat; Shari’a will take over GB and the US because people like you cannot see the difference between a system of belief that demands pre-eminence in all areas of life (religious, economic, cultural, political, and geo-political) and a belief system that touches all aspects of one’s personal life. Try to treat Islam like a religion and some member of the Islamist faithful will one day stand over you and pry your handgun from your cold, dead fingers

        • badaboo

          speak for yourself Kevin .islam is not a religion it's a cult , and any religion approaches that when it dictates politics . The U.K. is already seeing real material changes in its society , laws , and everyday life . And this due to religious sentimentalists , who cannot seperate their piety from the reality of the world . As far as any nuclear strategy ? and any and all notions regarding nukes , such as this topic touches on ? They are of the corporeal realm , not the spiritual . The spiritual has no place determining or influencing such policies …Iran is a good example of what happens when that occurs .
          These are more than "talking points " in the U.K. …or hadn't you noticed? Islamists may try , but will never succeed in the US …there are simply too many guns in the hands of the people . While YOU are obsessing with the "left " you will continue to be blind about who your enemy really is , so save your warning for your sunday sermons .

  • gamalpha

    While Hitler armed the British left wanted Britain to disarm so as to not anger Herr Hitler. They never learn.

  • William Smart

    Well done the Brits, someone has to say that nuclear weapons are not necessary and a menace to all.

    • Mappy

      Its called deterence. Nukes prevent wars.
      Your kind will be the first to be lead off to the gas chambers.
      Its this kind of nonsense that leads to war.
      Pure psycho babble. The first country to disarm will be the 1st attacked.

  • Gary Rumain

    You'd think the religious loons would get a hint. Perhaps once the arselifters start beheading them.

  • suprkufrB

    There is none so blind as he who will not see.

  • Peter E. Coleman

    Me thinks the Religious Left is the cause for shrinking numbers of the faithful. Do worshipers really believe that Jesus was a Communist???

  • mikeb

    Further evidence that liberalism is based largely on self-loathing, and shares much in common with psychological disorders rooted in hatred or dislike of one's self.

    In this case, it demonstrates also that the mainline Protestant denominations and portions of the RC church are disinterested in the actual text of scripture and word of God and word of Christ, but interested instead in abusing, with vanity, the name of God by attaching His name to their agenda of secular political self-loathing.

  • 9-11 Infidel

    Love the relativist crap from the trolls. Leftist religion is a made-made construct. It has nothing to do with the real deal. Real Christianity is not afraid of supporting the robust defense of a nation as it is a nation's right and duty to protect its citizens by any means necessary. Left-wing Christianity is gobblegook at best. It is shilling for the devil at worst. However, leftist theological claptrap is a great illustration of seperating the wheat from the tares. And as such should be ignored. Christ himself no doubt would remove this idiot collar-wearer and his Church's lampstand and call him a fool.

  • arthur brede

    Don't worry, all. Everyone in Briatain knows the the vicars and priests are a bunch of shirtlifters deperately trying to distract attention from their unsavory sexuality and utter lack of relevance to any daily life, anywhere. Most of their churches are now bingo halls, mosques and repo auction houses, while a lot of what once lent a moral direction to British life is lost somewhere down the shopping mall. However, the community churches soldier on, ordinary folks who wouldn't touch berobed and dizened church hierarchy with a long, sharp vermin stick, but who do their best to help the Christian poor and deprived (neglected by the government in favour of one-legged lesbian black single parents and social security for Islamic multiple bigamists), to put into action the best of Jesus' teaching and generally to behave like civilized Brit human beings. And, contrary to the halfwits who use Britain's brave but doomed attempt at multiculturalism as a vehicle for their reflex Yank Anglophobia (Barry the Boy suffers from it, too), there are a lot of decent, stubborn, moral Brit folk about who will – eventually – find a way to stuff the Islamic scum. That it may not involve killing folks may be a disappointment to the hate addicts who haunt this site, but that's the British way – try everything else first, including some moves that might not be obvious at first sight to illiterates from across the Pond, then let fly. It was a long road from Coventry to Dresden, and they still regret it – but they did it!

  • James Pawlak

    I am concerned as an Islamic Londonistan appears to be forthcoming.

  • coyote3

    A word about allies. Allies are just that and nothing more. We are "allied" with them for a particular purpose. Our interests are/were compatible for that issue only. The U.S. seems to forget that while, in the past, Great Britain has been our strongest ally, they are also our oldest enemy. Indeed, not one, but two times. Allies do not necessarily equal friends. If we were going to have friends, it be more logical to have them in the western hemisphere, because we have much more in common with these countries. We encouraged Great Britain to obtain nuclear weapons during the cold war, because they were for the most part opposing the then Soviet Union, and we had a mutual interest. That is probably the closest any country can be to having "friends." Mutual interests which may be on one or more issues.

  • Michael

    The perception of the most longstanding and loyal ally the US ever had, as reflected in these posts, is hopefully as untypical of US thinking as this article is of UK opinion,
    including that expressed in almost all UK churches.

    Michael – Brit – ex Vietnam, ex Afghanistan

  • sheik yer'mami


    " to place all its nukes under international control"-

    What a pipe-dream! Why doesn't he demand they be donated to Africa or to the Arabs? Who could possibly give such an idiot the light of day?

  • Frank

    British nukes are a real threat becaue in some decades, Britain will become a Muslim country, like France.

    Muslims will be able to use all these nukes and will have all the technologies and the infrastructures to build them and also to build the launchers such as intercontinental missiles.

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