Undermining the Jewish State

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Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) is one of the relatively more “moderate” anti-Israel church coalitions constantly pushing for a more ostensibly neutral U.S. stance towards Israel.   In July, a CMEP delegation met with National Security Council Chief of Staff Denis McDonough to offer “support” for President Obama’s Middle East policy but also to share “concerns.”  What were these concerns?

CMEP was distressed by continued Jewish settlements on the West Bank, the “humanitarian situation” in Gaza, and the “importance of Jerusalem being a shared city (for three faiths as well as two peoples).”   And, oh yes, they were also concerned about the “dwindling Christian population of the Holy Land.”  But this concern seemingly extends only so far as it implicates Israel and does not fault radical Islam or the policies of Arab regimes towards Christian minorities.

This very concerned CMEP delegation to the White House included the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s presiding bishop, a Greek Orthodox representative, several clerics from pacifist denominations, a Roman Catholic bishop, and strangely, an official from the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC).  This latter group is comprised of Latino evangelicals, mostly Pentecostals and charismatics, who are overwhelmingly pro-Israel.  NHCLC, which was represented at the White House by senior Vice President Angel Nunez, is not a member of CMEP.  NHCLC is headed by the almost omnipresent Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, a chief national spokesman for liberalized immigration.

Rodriguez sits on the executive committee of the increasingly left-leaning National Association of Evangelicals and has joined in its campaigns against U.S. “torture,” and for nuclear disarmament.  Although Rodriguez has been very pro-Israel, the presence of NHCLC in the CMEP White House visit may signal that Rodriguez’s political activism, especially on immigration, is tugging him leftward even on the Middle East.  If so, his perspective will be elitist and not representative of pro-Zionist Hispanic evangelicals as a whole.

Last year, Rodriguez’s NHCLC formed an alliance with Rev. John Hagee’s pro-Zionist Christians United for Israel. “I have always loved Israel and believed that Christians must speak out in support of Israel’s right to exist and [its right of] self-defense,” Rodriguez enthused at that time. Also last year, Rodriguez robustly wrote for The Washington Post’s religion blog:  “In order to protect the Palestinian people, and secure peace between Israel and Arab neighbors, Hamas, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda must experience the same fate as the Nazi Party in Germany, annihilation.”  This perspective does not quite fit with CMEP’s priorities, so perhaps Rodrigeuz’s vice president’s participation in the CMEP White House visit was a misunderstanding.

CMEP’s delegation to the White House seems to have been chaired by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson.   “The continued expansion of settlements becomes that to which Palestinian people on the ground look to either substantiate or negate what politicians are saying about the progress being made,” Hanson afterwards explained, in a typical CMEP slant.  “The greatest antidote to religious extremism in the world is to see us, who are not religious extremists, consistently work with people of other faiths to achieve a just and lasting peace; and for people to see successes from these efforts,” he added.  Hanson boasted of his own denomination’s “strong history of advocacy for a lasting peace with justice, which in this case involves a two-state solution.”

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  • http://www.honesttoGod.info victor

    Rev Samuel is rock solid on the Biblical mandate of supporting the nation of Israel. God's "everlasting" covenant with the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has no common touch point with his other issues of concern.

    Pastor Victor

  • http://nodhimmitude.blogspot.com DagW

    At the level above, the Christians will all be intellectuals; but we must be careful not to conflate intellectuals with intelligent people. We would do well not to assume that educated people are intelligent people; that clever people are intelligent; that the intelligentsia comprise the intelligent. We must definitely not confuse ourselves by thinking that ideologues are intelligent people. The Christians of the Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) might well all be intelligent, but we have no reason to assume so. What that we can know without further proof is that they are all accomplished bureaucrats.

    A bureaucrat who thinks creatively and critically is only going to do so successfully if he or she thinks in such ways to further the bureaucracy, not to think objectively in critical or creative terms per se. All we will see from an intelligent bureaucrat is clever management of a bureaucracy. What is there to like about such people? I'm sure there are many things, though I'm not intelligent enough to think of even one.

    When I look at a religious establishment such as above, I see a group of intellectuals determined to impress each other with moralistic positions that mean only to them and not to the world as we know it outside the meeting room or the Spanish cloister. They strike me, as outsider indeed, as a gaggle of self-important and self-referential buffoons.

    That would be my bad tempered assessment of fools. But there is more than my temper involved here: such people as above engage in promotion of actual politics, i.e. the running of the minutia of daily life, the daily lives, of millions of people world-wide. In a real sense, the words of these fools is "law." The lives of millions depend on the words such people say to each other and to those they talk to on matters of war and peace. Because they involve themselves in matters of war, they involve themselves in the making of war that kills masses of people they do not know and cannot know. If they "trade the Jews" for peace among Muslims and dhimmi Protestants in Bethlehem, for example, then the Christians as above are directly involved in war against the Jews and the enslavement of the Christians they sell to the Muslims for Church peace. It's more than just chat at the banquet table in the meeting room. Its lives lost due to the positions these people take. My position is that many if not most of these people are neither smart nor intelligent. They are, rather, simple-minded conformists who have too much power, too much conceit, and little or no penalty for the evil they do. They might trade an area of this or that place in exchange for a church here or there, or permission to remain in a church here or there; and when they involve themselves in blood at that level, they become, according to me, combatants.

    If I were smart, I would find a way to lessen the harm these people do, and in so doing, I would discourage other pseudo-intellectuals as these from meddling in affairs they know not of.

    • http://nodhimmitude.blogspot.com DagW

      *Robert Browning, “Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister”

  • therealend

    I'm afraid that our meddling over the decades has only made more people die.

  • Beverley

    Please, please not all people who say they are christians are Christians. Remember many are wolves in sheep clothing. Go onto any good decerment ministry and they will show you who all the fakes are and why. http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com another very good one is http://www.moriel.org

  • kim

    How sickening to see such a mess. In Scritpture G-d blesses the Jews with land and also left land to arabs. but of course the arabs, Muslims want the whole world. To try to take the Land that G-d gave to the Jews as a EVERLASTING Covenant and told the Jews to strike any who tried to take the Land.. Ever idiot know Arafat was keeping the PLO area as a poor camp just to tell the world ,,see what the mean ole Jews is doing. If the PLO and all muslim gave a hoot, they would put them into the land they should be on..NOT on G-d's Covenant land. THERE will never be a time when anyone will move HIS CHOSEN off the land,,G-d said that,,so ,,what we have left is the fulfillment of the fall feasts..war………………and guess who will win..anyone who tries to take the land from the Jews is G-d's enemies..scripture is true whether anyone cares to believe or not..and the next war…Psalms 83 and Isaiah 17…and for those in the good ole USA needs to know this war will hit all over the world…The good answer to peace is to the enemy off Israel land…even they say it is not theirs..they just want to rule the world..never happen…Israel will stand forever…like it or not..

  • ajnn

    Interestingly, before 1948 jewish residents in the holy land were identified on their identification documents as 'palestinian' and Palestinian Arabs were listed as 'Arabs'.

    Palestinian at that time was used to deride and insult jews living there. The idea was that jews had no national identity and the Arabs were a great people. Christians were identified by the name of their religion; Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, etc.

    Ironic – a term of derision and opprobrium against a liberated inferior people (jews) is now seized by their (the jews) past oppressor.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    CMEP, well it is nice that the leftist, subversive, progressive,
    communist, socialist frauds are not satisfied with falsifying
    truth in their failed Churches and lost congregations. Making
    life unlivable in America is a main point of the devious left.
    As a sign of their corruption and complicity in mayhem and
    destruction they support the terrorist people bent on
    destroying Israel and its people with their disingenuous
    assertions. Christians! no these people are false teachers
    and the heirs of Haman and may they receive his reward.

  • james

    I crossed religion with politics;what jah get?CHRISTIANITY

  • PAthena

    Zahir Muhsein is right in a sense. Arabs are not "Palestinian," and calling them so is a consequence of Soviet propaganda. In 1964 in Cairo, Gamal Nasser and the Soviet Union invented the "Palestine Liberation Organization," and the propaganda of calling some Arabs "Palestinian," with phony history and all, started then. The only "Palestinians" are the Jews, for the name dates back to the 135 A.D. when the Roman Emperor Hadrian, after defeating the last of the Jewish rebellions under Bar Kochba, changed the name of Judea to "Palestina" and outlawed Judaism. Since that time, "Palestine" has meant "land of the Jews" or "the Holy Land" (Jesus having been a Jew), and "Palestinian" synonymous with "Jew." That is why the Zionists wanted the "Palestine Mandate" and Great Britain was awarded the "Palestine Mandate" as "homeland for the Jews" after World War I.
    The only cause of war between the Arabs and Israel is religious, the Mohammedans objecting to a Jewish state. The Arabs who are now falsely called "Palestinians" do not deserve yet another state, Israel made a colossal error in making the Oslo Agreement, withdrawing from southern Lebanon, and Gaza. And the "West Bank" has an ancient name which should be used, "Judea and Samaria." All calls for Israel to withdraw from "the West Bank" are calls for Jews to withdraw from Judea and Samaria, land of the Jews.

  • ajnn

    Interestingly, before 1948 jewish residents in the holy land were identified on their identification documents as 'palestinian' and Palestinian Arabs were listed as 'Arabs'.

    Palestinian at that time was used to deride and insult jews living there. The idea was that jews had no national identity and the Arabs were a great people. Christians were identified by the name of their religion, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, etc.

    Ironic: a term of opprobrium against an liberated inferior people [jews] is now seized by their [the jews] past oppressor.