Hot Post: Shirley Sherrod – Media Pulls the Emergency Brake

The “context” around Shirley Sherrod continues to unfold—much to the dismay of the media (like the profoundly cognitively challenged David Gergen below) who only a few weeks ago were issuing hagiographies on her behalf. Despite the best efforts of all the king’s men it is becoming increasingly evident that the more one gets  to know Sherrod, the less there seems to be to like.

I have to tell you, Rick, I don’t want to put her on too high a pedestal. I don’t think she would want that. But I kept thinking about Nelson Mandela as I heard her story, because he had to overcome the same sort of hatred on both sides. And he became this larger-than-life figure and I think we all loved him and revered him because he was able to grow like that. And there is that quality about her story.

Um, no David, Mandela spent 27 years in prison, Sherrod was unemployed a few days. Repeat that over and over until the salient differences finally emerge. You’ll forgive us if we don’t wait.

By rights, Sherrod, an African-American woman wronged by conservatives (which in victim poker falls somewhere between a full-house and four of a kind) should have saturated the media as an anointed poster-child of the Left.  After the initial media frenzy there was talk of her achieving the “full Ginsburg” by appearing on all major talk-shows the following Sunday.

She appeared on none of them.

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