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Hollywood and the Politics of Fear

Posted By Mark Tapson On August 16, 2010 @ 11:00 am In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Welcome to Hollywood

The Los Angeles Times’ senior film writer Patrick Goldstein never passes up a chance to take gratuitous, albeit impotent, shots at the political Right. He seems particularly obsessed with sniping at Andrew Breitbart’s successful Big Hollywood website for film biz conservatives, and with dispelling what Goldstein calls,

the conservative myth that Hollywood studios are always trying to enforce a political agenda.

First of all, Hollywood conservatives don’t claim that the studios are always pushing a leftist agenda. Not every movie has a political slant, and there are even (rare) cinematic occasions on which a conservative perspective manages to surface (and when they do, they resonate big-time with audiences; 300, anyone? The Blind Side? The Passion of the Christ?).

Second, it’s not a myth, conservative or otherwise. It’s quite simply laughable to say that Hollywood does not push a left-leaning agenda whenever possible; as laughable as Goldstein’s insistence that an unofficial Hollywood political blacklist doesn’t exist, which has been refuted again and again at Big Hollywood.

But with admirable persistence, Goldstein has lobbed yet another softball at “the crazies over at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood.” (Full disclosure: I’m one of those crazies.) This time Goldstein gleefully offers up an article from what he calls his “favorite conservative film blog,” Libertas Film Magazine, as independent proof that Hollywood is apolitical. On the contrary, it’s merely independent proof that someone else’s logic is as flawed, and eyes are as blinkered, as Goldstein’s.

(As an aside, if Patrick Goldstein refers to your site as his “favorite conservative film blog,” then I’d say it’s time to reassess your conservatism.)

The thrust of the article is that, in Goldstein’s words,

the real driving force behind most industry decision making is one emotion, and one only: fear.

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