The Third Choice

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The dhimmi syndrome is analogous to that of the battered woman. An abused woman will often vigorously deny that her husband is doing anything wrong, even when her life is daily at risk from beatings. She will be schooled by the violence to be grateful for any small kindness shown to her, and to insist that he loves her. All the abuse is her own fault. The dhimmi syndrome causes victims to go to extraordinary lengths to preserve their worldview of denial.

I respect but deplore the psychological power of this dynamic. Respect, because these are the strategies of survivors. Deplore, because such soul-destroying strategies rob people of freedom and bind them into self-deception. Indeed I was amazed to discover a Moroccan jurist who in his commentary on Sura 9:29 of the Koran said that the purpose of the dhimmi system is to “kill the soul” of the non-Muslim, so he will render willingly everything demanded of him.

MT: What can be done to reverse the trend of surrendering to Islam’s demands?

MD: The most important thing is to understand Islam, warts and all, without camouflage, from the ground up, for ourselves. We must make sense of the theology – or ideology, if you like. We must also insist on reciprocity in all things. We need to recognize that handing over your worldview and allowing it to be shaped by an abuser is a terrible loss of freedom, and no good will come of it. We need to recapture our discourse, and demand that the word jihad be used where it is appropriate. We need to stop talking in circumlocutions which conceal and hide the truth. We need to stop protecting Muslims from being forced to account for their own religion’s teachings.

MT: The Ground Zero mosque controversy has amplified accusations against non-Muslims of Islamophobia, fear and ignorance. Are they legitimate, and can we put our trust in interfaith dialogue to resolve tensions?

MD: There is this idea floating around that those who are speaking up about Islamic radicalism must be bigots and therefore they must be ignorant. Ironically the loudest critics of Islam are usually the ones who have studied the fundamentals of Islam the most rigorously. Those crying “bigot” can be the most ignorant, and will come up with absolute howlers, real nonsense, spoken with a poker face as it were the most serious thing in the world. They decry accurate and reliable information about Islam as “Islamophobic facts,” just as the Soviet courts used to reject what they called “calumnious facts.”

When non-Muslims go into interfaith dialogue without a good understanding of Islam, they are severely handicapped. The dialogue can easily be manipulated to become an exercise in da’wa, or proclaiming Islam. A good example is the label “Abrahamic faith.” This is a Koranic term, and in Islam it stands for the idea that Abraham was a Muslim. According to the Koran, the faith of Abraham is Islam. Getting Jews and Christians to speak about “Abrahamic religions” has been a great coup – it is a manifestation of the Islamization of our religious discourse.

The problem of dialogue is especially acute if your Muslim counterpart subscribes to the doctrine of taqiyya, which favors the use of misleading impressions, or even direct lies. Everyone involved in interfaith dialogue with Muslims needs to understand that under certain circumstances – for example, if Muslims feel threatened – giving a misleading impression could be regarded as a righteous act. Not all Muslims will go down this track, but for some it is a real option, and there are plenty of clear examples of it happening all around us. In The Third Choice I give a very clear explanation of the doctrine of taqiyya, and explain how it arises in Islamic theology, how it is being taught by Muslims, and how it is being applied today.

MT: A distinction is often made between Islam and Islamism. Do you feel that it’s a valid distinction, and is a reformed Islam possible?

MD: A thorough reading through the hadiths, sira and Koran led me to believe that reform in the sense of “improvement” is incredibly difficult. In medieval Christianity, reforming religion meant making it better by going back to its roots, back to the gospels. The problem is, if you reform Islam this way, you go back to Muhammad’s message and example, and what you get is Wahhabism and al Qaida. Reform through reshaping Islam under the influence of external ideas, derived from non-Islamic sources, is conceivable, but the trend of the past 100 years has been just about all in the other direction.

If you put a young God-fearing Muslim in a room with an Islamic radical and an Islamic moderate, both trying to win over the young person’s soul, the radical would win again and again. It is because the canon – hadiths, sira and Koran – are massively stacked in favor of the radical position. Yes, there are violent passages in the Bible too, but it is an uphill battle to build a violent theology based on them. With the Koran, building a violent theology is like rolling balls down a hill. It is a huge uphill struggle building a “moderate” Islamic theology on the basis of the Islamic canon alone.

I think some commentators – whose work I respect and admire – speak of “Islamism” because they don’t want to dignify the radical cause by calling it “Islam.” Also, if they name the problem as “Islam,” it would seem too overwhelming. Nevertheless, I agree with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan and other ex-Muslims that the problem of radical Islam is the problem of Islam itself. The will to dominate is hard-wired into the core texts of Islam, and this cannot be excised from the heart of these texts without a traumatic assault on the fundamentals of Islam. So I don’t like to speak about “Islamism.” To me it feels like a cop-out.

Often I meet people who want to be informed about Islam but will let their minds grasp the problem only if the solution is clear. This is hopeless. You must first live with the problem, even for a long time, before solutions will come. But I am convinced we will  find solutions to the challenge of Islam. That is why I wrote The Third Choice – out of conviction that facing the truth will bring liberty.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    Durie hits the nail on the head…returning to the "roots" of Islam and embracing the example of Muhammad means embracing genocide (the Jewish Banu Qurayzah tribe), political murder (K'ab Al-Ashraf; Abu Afak, the octogenarian; Marwan, the pregnant poetess), mutilation and torture (Kinana; the renegades} and other crimes against humanity. These are all documented in the Hadith and the Sirat Rasul.

    Durie is also right that some problems can't be solved, only managed. But to do even just this, one must stop the denial. Appeasers seem to believe that if we proclaim Islam a "religion of peace" often enough, it will become so. This is both delusional and dangerous.

    • sflbib

      I wonder if anyone has taken a poll to find out what percentage of the American people really believe the line that "Islam is a religion of peace hijacked by a few nut cases."

      • Chezwick_Mac

        Don't know, but at Daily Kos and Britain's Guardian, it's considered sacrilege to suggest otherwise.

      • hrayspitz

        I've have the definition I need:

        Islam is not a religion. It is a pernicious ideology equivalent to Nazism, Fascism and Communism in the threat it presents to Civilization, both East and West.

        • John shepherd

          Yes!!…when I see the straight armed salute of the Romans , the Nazis , and Islam especially and know full well of the histories of their murderous intent and practice I know that we are looking at three manifestations of the same satanically evil animal ? May God open the eyes of more of the world's people to see this and to flee to Him through Yeshua the messiah for their eternal safety !!!

  • Yossi Ben-Aharon

    Having study Islam and kived for a while in a Muslim country, I have come to the conclusion that the only way to stem the growing time of Jihadism is by exacting a heavy price for every act of jihad, not just violent Jihad, but legal Jihad, Propaganda Jihad, expose Takiyya for what it is and reject any attempt at applying Sahriah in any non-Muslim society, openly and without absolute determination. Only then, there will be a slight chance, that Jihadists will begin to realize that Jihad simply does not pay.

  • jacob

    Thank GOD OBAMA took off his "Christian" mask declaring we OWE to Islam but didn't elaborate in which way.

    Later on, he claimed Muslims helped in USA independence and I wonder how as, if and when they actually did, it must be a damned well kept secret.and probably, in his infinite Harvard wisdom, was able to uncover…

    I guess we have been putting up too long with all the crap Muslims in this country have been dishing out at all levels and morons in high places have been saying AMEN to, the
    last straw being this mosque close to the WTC…

    One doesn't have to have a PhD to realize they are using our democracy principles to impose ISLAM on all of us and time is pasee already to put a stop to all of it or weep like women what we were too damned lazy, sorry or stupid to defend as men…

  • Beverley

    This applies to Obama … "Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch." Matt 15v14

    I believe America is waking up. "You can fool some of the people some of the time etc….

    Let's see what happens in November.

  • dhimminology

    Wow! A great interview. I agree and agree and agree with the author Mark Durie! Anyway, I am a Dhimmi living in a Muslim country close by Indonesia. My country is not as bad as Indonesia but will become like Indonesia in future as the non-Muslim population shrinks and the Muslim population increases exponentially and our rights are slowly taken away to nothing. What Mark described about how we Dhimmis feel are so true – although at least in spirit, I am not a Dhimmi but outwardly I have to behave like a Dhimmi to appear inconspicious and avoid detention as 'a national threat'. Islam IS the problem. Destroy Islam(the ideology camoflouging as a 'religion') and then only can not only non-Muslims be liberated from an ever-increasing threat of war but Muslims too will be free from the evil machinations of their power-mad clerics. It is tragic that the West has already succumbed to the spirit of dhimmitude. Unless the West wakes up and meets Islam as the evil ideology that it is(akin to Maoism, Stalinism, Nazism and all those totalitarian regimes that killed millions of innocent people but far worse than even those ideologies), the West is doomed to become Islamized and its civilization become the dust of history.

  • Mike Elmore

    Read Mark Durie's book Revelation if you want to know what God Muslims believe in verses the God Jews and Christians believe in. This guy is spot on..elmore

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    We are all moved by what can't be seen. For example an Idea or emotion moves us. That's why the purveyors of ideas, intellectual's, dishonesty has been so damaging to the human race. In fact dishonest intellectuals are behind many of the tragedies of our race.

    But Islam's idea's can be seen, we are not being deceived into servitude by Islam as we were by the other "ideas" perpetrated by the "thinking" class.

    The worthlessness of Islam can be seen in its history, obscenity of ideas, and actions. Therefore if we don't turn Islam back at the gates we'll asking for it with our eyes wide open.

    • marie

      Great points SHW.

      The Islamists have been very open and forthcoming with their message. Read the placards at their protests. Death to America. Democracy go to hell. Infidels will burn in hell. etc. It is the dishonest media and intellectual elite that lie and try to cover for them telling the dhimmis: "They don't really mean that."

      Well I think the dhimmis are slowly waking up to this dishonesty and I am grateful to people like Mark for helping us to see the truth.

  • kafir4life

    islam has been proven again and again to be nothing more than a gutter cult, invented by an epileptic, low IQ barbarian named mohamad. He made himself famous by appealing to the less than religious fellow barbarians by giving them a "faith" that they can believe in by their own warped standards. He would counsel his fellow goats and pigs that according to his allah the moon god, if they accept him as their lord and mad mo as the "prophet" that they could kill and rape and they'll have a special "heaven" where they can rape and rape (boys and girls……it's all the same to islam). Of course his fellow barbarians thought this was indeed a great religion! That concept continues today among the 1.5 billion adherents. That may seem like quite a number, but look at ANY dog poop on a hot summer day, and you'll see the reasons.

  • tanstaafl

    Islam is a movement founded by a sociopath, run by sociopaths and forces the normal adherents of it's murderous cult to behave like sociopaths.

  • Voltimand

    Okay, so cartoonist Molly Norris has had a fatwa (i.e., "contract") put out on her from a murderous imam in Yemen which has the FBI telling her to "disappear," new identity, etc. Has anybody any remembrance of the Salman Rushdie affair over his novel "The Satanic Verses"? This is what these murderers do when they do what they do. The FBI hereby admits that it can't protect a US citizen against an incitement to murder, which is itself a crime, and tells her to go disappear. This is an example of de facto dhimmitude. Instead, we should have a SF hit squad on the ground in Yemen right now hunting down this twit and showing what happens to people who incite jihadist thugs to murder US citizens. The only thing jihadists respect if the use of violent force, whether coming from them or, for that matter, aimed at them.

    What's going to happen is that incident-by-incident, the muslim Jihadists are going to cause an every-growing portion of the US population to conclude that this country is in a defacto war waged against it by worldwide Muslim jihad. This hardcore of American patriots will also have to face the every-growing group of appeasers who have become already dhimmi, and as such have gone over the enemy and are traitors to this country.

  • dhimminology

    Whereas Islam has already named non-Muslims as enemies(especially Jews and then Christians followed by 'pagans'), we non-Muslims are so confused by our politically-correct media and backboneless leaders that we non-Muslims generally fail to identify the enemy.

  • OldChick

    *What they neglect to mention is that historically, non-Muslims under Muslim rule have been presented with three choices: conversion to Islam, death, or the subservient status known as dhimmitude.*

    If it ever comes to that, I know who my one phone call will be to…Dr.Kevorkian.

  • bompins

    I have heard this term "Abrahamic Faith" a number of times and have heard a number of noted individuals talk about how Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have the same origin in Abraham.
    This is nothing more than slick marketing and a clever attempt to legitimize Islam and give suspecting people the warm fuzzies. But we must remember that Mohammed introduced his new religion to the world more than 600 years after Jesus' time on earth. 600 years!
    Put in simple terms, he was just a modern forerunner to many of these cult figures who have come along and deceived people… names like Sun Myung Moon, Jim Jones, Joseph Smith, David Koresh, etc. etc.
    We need to stand up and challenge anyone who gives us this line and ask them to document where exactly the connection exists between Abraham and Mohammed because there is absolutely none.

    • AirCavRick

      Islam is a "religion" of hate and intolerance. There book reqiuires the destruction of western civilization. What more is to be said?

  • marie

    Hi Brad thank you for your insights. I have read Bawer's "While Europe Sleeps" and Mark Steyn's "America Alone". These really opened my eyes to what I had been seeing but didn't want to acknowledge. I will take your advice and read Surrender.

    I am awaiting delivery of "The Third Choice", having ordered it after listening to a podcast of an interview of Mark by Pamela Gellar. He is very level headed and thoroughly well informed. Just the sort of voice we need at this time. The podcast is available on Mark Durie's homepage or at Atlas Shrugs Blog Talk. Highly recommend it.

  • jones123peter

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