Crunching the Unemployment Numbers

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This is a lot like eating greasy, sugar-filled food till you’re a hundred pounds overweight and then devoting another year or more of hard work to lose the extra poundage. The slide into obesity probably took longer but we didn’t have to take contrary actions that required work so we never noticed the time slipping away from us. Same deal here.

Other sectors showing signs of recovery are healthcare, which added 27,000 jobs and warehousing and transportation, which added 56,000 new employees since February.

The sector that is still lagging behind is professional and business services, which makes sense because the more highly skilled people aren’t as needed until there’s more money to spend. As Americans cut back further and further just trying to stay afloat they whittled away till there was nothing left but the basics and they’ve been slow to start spending much since. Frankly, considering what our baseline was for percentage of income devoted to spending that’s probably a good thing.

Here’s where part of the hard work is going to have to happen so we can all get back to work. Things aren’t going to return to where they were in December of 2007 regardless of who we elect because we were out of control and operating on a system of mortgage and financial lies, both on the big level of Wall Street and the personal level of our own household budgets.

Therefore, we’re going to have to accept that our disposable income, the splurge and acquire portion, may always be smaller. We may actually have to learn how to get our happiness fix from the relationships around us because they’re free and within our budget.

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  • brimp

    According the Shadow Government Statistics, , If unemployment was measured the same way as it was in the 1960's, it would be calculated as 22%. Every administration since LBJ has fudged the numbers to make their programs look more successful. The problem is that these changes to the way the statistics are calculated are compounded. Now most of the numbers coming out of D.C. are totally bogus.

    • Melissa

      You are right, they do not count the college grads who cannot draw unemployment because they have never worked, or the high school grads! Someone finally got one right! Even the women that have never worked that have always been home with their kids are not counted! We need an executive order and screw FOX TV AND THE GOP!

  • cedarhill

    One needs to wait until the real, adjusted downward, numbers are released next month. Given the Obama czar/commissar approach, none of their numbers are believable.

    • Melissa

      You still dont get it do you? Your racist attitude shows! People are starving and homeless, children are hungry and you think we can all wait until next month? If it were not for the GOP and FOX tv and the republicans voting no just to make the president look bad, there would be progress in the economy, where did you go to school for finance?

  • fox

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    • Melissa

      Who cares at this point about your crap! US citizens are starving due to FOX TV and the GOP not helping the unemployed they claim are lazy and drug addicts! I want everyone at fox tv drug tested, including good old Glenn boy, and the entire republican party! Take your poppie fields you goone and shuv em up your a**!Children are starving try helping one!

  • Melissa

    MSNBC is the only station that cares about the unemployed! FOX TV is bashing Nancy Pelosi for her gesture,3 some odd months ago? Your station never tells the truth or they beat around the bush just to make the president look bad! Glenn Beck is a disgrace to christianity! Also to the geek that wrote about the 5% that utilize unemployment for the wrong reasons, well they will have starved by now, and by this time sweeties, they will be back on welfare, because they have no home in forclosure or anywhere else to go! Also I watched Sarah Palin today, I could have just laughed my A** off when a woman started to debate her, Sarah sounded like an idiot as usual but soon the lady shut her up quick! Sarah ran her mouth until she found out the woman was a teacher, and then the look on Sarahs face was like a deer in the headlights! Whats wrong Sarah? Afraid you might pronounce a word wrong? HA HA What an idiot, Keith on countdown You gotta say that more often, I missed hearing it last night!

  • Melissa

    Fox TV and the republican party and all the racist people in this country that have pulled together to form the new republican party (the GOP) Shame on you all! Just because the president has black skin? You all look rediculas! Mr. President, its time for an executive order and an address to the nation to let people know that the republicans do not care about starving children! Or the unemployed homeless!

  • Melissa

    I saw the list under Muslim dating sites, actions FOX and the GOP speak louder than words. You all make me sick! You are not what I call American! Your all trying to take us all back to civil war times! FOX TV your insane!!!

  • Melissa,
    Your needing to keep better company and possibly get some class to add to your magazine!!! Your in desperate need!!

  • Melissa

    Thats a great new name for your magazine!

  • truth to tell

    Poor Melissa she seems to be thoroughly caught in liberal think

  • To the ignorant

    Malissa is an ignorant idiot that got the diarrhea of the mouth and no body is taking the time to just tell her to go away.

    Or better yet why don't you, dear Malissa, give everything you own to feed the starving poor children!

    It will make you feel better and you will finely shut up!!!!!!!!!