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Leftist Thug Roughs Up Reporter!

Posted By Matthew Vadum On January 13, 2010 @ 3:19 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Martha Coakley (left) is indifferent as her staffer Michael Meehan (center) slams reporter John McCormack (on ground at right) to the ground outside a Capitol Hill fundraiser.

Left-wing thugs beating up their critics: It’s an all-too-familiar occurrence, whether on the campaign trail or at tea party rallies across the nation.

Americans feel like they’re being muscled by left-wing Democratic politicians like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi who are determined to force a Big Government socialist healthcare system down their throats.

Now they have a visual illustration of that left-wing thuggery.

Last night on Capitol Hill a member of Massachusetts Senate candidate Martha Coakley’s campaign apparently assaulted a Weekly Standard reporter who attempted to ask the candidate a question about why healthcare industry lobbyists were supporting her campaign. It’s a fair question: Timothy P. Carney writes in the Washington Examiner that Coakley is bought and paid for by the healthcare industry which is backing ObamaCare.

There are photos and a video too (see below) of the incident. Coakley never answers the reporter’s question and doesn’t seem to care that her goon has done violence in her name.

The reporter, John McCormack, tentatively identified his attacker as Michael Meehan, president of Blue Line Strategic Communications, Inc.

Watch the video below and you can see for yourself as Meehan roughly picks McCormack up off the ground and then challenges him, blocking his way. This is not the behavior of someone trying to help.

Will Meehan be brought to justice? Don’t hold your breath.

Leftist candidates must really dislike the questions that McCormack asks them.

Dede Scozzafava, the radical ACORN-loving left-winger who managed to get the Republican nomination in New York’s 23rd district, filed a false police complaint against McCormack after he posed questions to her on the campaign trail that she didn’t feel like answering.

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