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The Rent Is Too Damn High Candidate Doesn’t Pay Rent!

Posted By Matthew Vadum On October 22, 2010 @ 6:04 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Damn! That rent must be really high — NOT.

It turns out Jimmy McMillan, candidate for New York governor on The Rent Is Too Damn High Party’s ticket, who stole the show in a candidates’ debate doth protest too much.

After complaining about how high the rent was, now we discover he doesn’t pay rent at all. In fact he hasn’t paid rent since the 1980s.

“McMillan missed payments on his $800-a-month one-bedroom apartment in Flatbush and his landlord allowed him to live rent free in exchange for maintenance work,” according to a report.

He told the New York Times that at some he did pay $900 monthly for a rent-controlled apartment in the East Village where his unemployed grownup son resides.

“Even though my rent is not too damn high,” McMillan, “if I’m fighting for the children who can’t pay rent, who have no place to live, then my rent is too damn high.”

Is he a leftist? A free-marketeer who knows rent control reduces supply and drives up rents? An eccentric old man? All of the above? Who knows.

He’s been accused of anti-Semitism.

In a previous campaign, the perennial candidate for public office was accused of posting anti-Semitic messages on his website. He has reportedly blamed Jewish landlords for the lack of affordable housing in Williamsburg, a trendy neighborhood in Brooklyn.

The one thing we do know about McMillan for certain is that he strongly feels the rent is too damn high.

But it’s not his rent. Or is it?

I’m confused now. Good night.

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