Brigitte Gabriel: A Christian Survives Radical Islam

It boggles my mind, the things that I am beginning to learn now that I have freed myself from the Left.  I am still a progressive, of course, but then, so is Ms. Gabriel.  Until today, to my shame, I had simply never heard of her.  Or, if I had, I am sure I just shrugged her off.  My own left-wing ideology, my self-imposed blinders, did not allow someone like Gabriel to come through.

I understand that Phyllis Chesler has already highlighted Gabriel in various places including, I assume, these pages.  Her story is just amazing.  Born in Lebanon as an Arab Christian she tells a horrific story of persecution at the hands of Arab Muslims during the Lebanese Civil War.  For seven years her family lived in a bomb shelter, without running water, without electricity, but with plenty of anti-Christian violence.  If you give the video below some time, you will hear a heartrending tale of misery, persecution, moral reevaluation, and redemption.

Please excuse the brevity of this post. I merely want to alert readers, who may be unaware of this woman, to her story.  The video is about 45 minutes long, but well worth every second.

I promise you that.

Her organization is American Congress for Truth.

Check it out.

{As an aside, by the way, I want to thank American Christians for your support of Israel.  It’s so critical that I can’t even begin to express my gratitude and sense of friendship.}

Peace to you, please.

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