Found Guilty of Adultery Sentenced to be Stoned to Death- US Has “Concerns”

CNN reports that Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani, 42, has been found guilty of adultery by Iranian authorities and will soon be stoned to death for that crime – a crime that she confessed to after receiving 99 lashes of the whip in front of her kids.

They will bury Sakine up to her chest and then pelt her to death with stones. The stones, however, cannot be big ones. They cannot be stones that would cause a quick, merciful death. They have to be smaller rocks that take some time to kill the victim. In other words, it’s not just a matter of capital punishment for the heinous crime of adultery, but there must be torture in it, as well.

Ashtiani’s two children, Farideh and Sajjad, have written a letter to the world community in support of their mother:

Today we stretch out our hands to the people of the whole world. It is now five years that we have lived in fear and in horror, deprived of motherly love. Is the world so cruel that it can watch this catastrophe and do nothing about it?