Arrogant Ron Paul Angry He’s Facing a Challenge in His ”Own Primary”

Writing for Hot Air, Ed Morrissey reports that libertarian-oriented Republican Congressman Ron Paul is more than a bit perturbed by the primary challenge he’s facing from a tea party candidate.

In an email sent to supporters, Paul says that both parties are ”doing everything they can to make sure I am defeated.” He adds: “These candidates include three Republicans in my own primary on March 2,” he wrote (emphasis added by me), “and they will stop at nothing to tear down and destroy all we have worked for.”

Especially the last sentence is stunning in its arrogance. Your primary, Congressman? As Ed points out, ”It’s not your primary, Rep. Paul.  It’s the Texas Republican Primary, and it belongs to the voters who use it to hold their elected officials accountable.  That smacks of the same arrogance that led Democrats to reserve one of their Senate seats for the Kennedys or their approved, hand-picked successor in Massachusetts.”

It’s quite fascinating that a man who pretends to be an ideological libertarian is just as arrogant as social democrats. After all, while the latter worship at the altar of government power and influence, the former love individual freedom and the sovereignty of voters above all else. As far as I am concerned, Paul’s angry email is all the evidence we need to conclude that he is not a true libertarian. If he was, he would welcome a challenge from the tea party crowd. Yes, even if it would cost him his own job.

Now that Paul has shown us his real face, I suggest we stop referring to him as a libertarian. Instead, let’s call him what he is: a power hungry megalomaniac.