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Britain Votes

Posted By Michael van der Galien On May 6, 2010 @ 9:00 am In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

From left to right: David Cameron (Tories), Nick Clegg (Lib-Dems) and Gordon Brown (Labor)

Today, the British people will determine who will be their next prime minister. Will it be the current PM, Gordon Brown of Labor, the surprising Nick Clegg of the left-of-center Liberal Democrats party, or Tory leader David Cameron? Which one of these ambitious men will move to 10 Downing Street?

Shortly before election day, the conservative Tories were leading relatively comfortably in the polls. Their lead on the number two, Brown’s Labor party, averages 7% according to the poll of polls. The Lib-Dems, meanwhile, trail Labor by a mere 1%.

That’s the good news for Britain’s conservatives. The bad news is that the Tories might fall short of an overall majority of 326 seats in Parliament. Experts believe that they need 37% of the vote to do so: 2% more than what the opinion polls predict they will get. If they’re not able to form a majority by themselves the Tories may have to form some kind of alliance with the center-left Lib-Dems. That’s not what Cameron wants. He, rightly, believes that Britain needs a strong, conservative government, that’s willing to do whatever is necessary to put the (economically weak and unstable) country back on the right track.

However, not all is lost. British newspaper the Guardian seems to believe that Cameron may yet pull it off. Since this newspaper is left-wing, they would not publish such an article on the day of the elections if they thought it could very well be rather close. After all, such reports will encourage progressive voters to stay at home, believing their cause to be lost before the voting booths even opened.

As an aside, the AFP is also keeping an eye on the British elections. They published an article about them early in the morning, and are updating it throughout the day. It’s quite an interesting read, even though they rely a bit too much on FaceBook polls. These are, needless to say, rather unreliable.

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