Castle Goes Nuclear on O’Donnell in Delaware

The Sept. 14 Republican primary in Delaware is one of the exciting races in the country right now. It’s current representative is Mike Castle. He is facing a serious challenge by Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell.

Interestingly enough, conservatives are divided about the question whom to support. Some, such as the folks at National Review, are convinced Castle-supporters. Others, for instance Dan Riehl, are passionately pro-O’Donnell. The debate between the two politicians’ bases is becoming increasingly aggressive in tone. See for instance here and here.

Then there are conservatives who have no bone to pick with either candidate, but who simply fear that O’Donnell won’t stand a chance in November. She is, they argue, not ready for prime-time. She may be the more conservative candidate, perhaps, but what good is that to conservatives if she can’t beat whomever the Democrats will nominate?

The candidates are playing increasingly rough as well. Today, for example, the Castle campaign released an ad in which they go nuclear on O’Donnell. She, the ad alleges, “didn’t pay thousands in income taxes,” “had to be sued by a university for thousands in unpaid bills,” and “defaulted on her mortgage.”

Watch the ad:

Without voicing support for one candidate over the other, it never ceases to amaze me that two members of the same party – be they Republicans or Democrats – are so ambitious that they’re willing to destroy one another… even if that means that they give quite some ammo to their real enemies (in this case Democrats, obviously). I can’t help but believe that, to most of them, these battles are more about personal ambition than anything (say, ideology) else.

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