Eric Alterman: A Symbol of the Left’s Arrogance

After our very own Editor-in-Chief David Horowitz wrote a post blasting progressive columnist and Professor of literature Eric Alterman, I sent the latter an email, inviting him to respond to Horowitz’s post right here, at NewsReal Blog. Why? Well, because we, unlike most progressives, mean it when we say we encourage debate.

Alterman emailed me back immediately. The answer was short: “No thanks.”

It’s what I should have expected from a leftist, of course, but for some reason, I expected better of Alterman. I thought he would actually be willing to break ranks with the rest of the radical progressive movement and engage in a serious debate with conservatives.

Not so. Instead, Alterman proved Horowitz is right when he says that most leftists have no tolerance for dissent. They only communicate with those who share their views. Everyone else is ignored.

The good news: that’s also why conservatives will win this battle in the long run. You can only win a political debate by engaging your opponent. The Left has become too arrogant. It’ll be their downfall.