Greece on the Brink of Collapse

The AFP reports that three people “were killed in a firebomb attack on a bank in central Athens on Wednesday” during a demonstration. “Twenty others were being evacuated from the building.”

It’s obvious that the firebombing is the result of the major economic crisis in Greece. People are upset, they fear that their futures, which once seemed so bright, are being taken away from them or at the very least clouded in darkness.

The Greek government knew for years that the economy was weak and unstable. They knew that the first serious economic crisis to come their way would ruin the country. Yet, they did nothing.

This truly is a country on the brink of collapse. We can only wonder what its impact will be on the Euro and, of course, on the European Union as a whole. There are already some in Germany who say that they want get rid of the Euro and replace it with a new currency. It’s likely that others will follow suit, especially if the situation continues to deteriorate in Greece.

Meanwhile, every European now fears that it won’t end with Greece. Portugal and Spain are, experts say, next. North-Western Europeans, however, are not willing to bail out all these countries. “Why should we pay for their irresponsible behavior?” the average Dutchman, for instance, wonders. And even if Germans, the British, the Dutch and so on did want to help out weak EU-member states they could not afford it because they too have serious economical problems looming ahead.