How Did the Boston Globe Know Who Won The Election 8 Hours Before Voting Stopped?

Earlier today, I published a YouTube video that showed a woman handing out blank absentee forms. It was a sign that something fishy may be going on in Massachusetts.

Well, in the last hour or so, more reports have surfaced that should be reason for concern. Election Journal reports, for instance, that “reports are pouring in from across the city of Boston that Martha Coakley signs have been placed inside the 150 foot buffer zone mandated by Commonwealth law.” Watch the video at Election Journal.

That’s bad, but it’s not nearly as troubling as this article: it appears that the Boston Globe published the results of today’s elections, while people were still voting. The Bostonist logically wonders whether the Globe is ”rigging this election? Did somebody hack its data feeds? Are we dreaming? WHAT IS GOING ON?”

The Globe says they “tested” their map. OK, fine, that sounds like a plausible explanation. As a commenter at Free Republic points out, however, you’ve got to wonder what it says about The Globe that it tested the map with Coakley winning the race, while Brown is leading in every single poll.

Another question: if the race is so close, why aren’t Coakley supporters worried?

We’ll have more on this special election later today.

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