The Despicable Human Being Max Blumenthal Is Just a Minor Cog in the Despicable Machine Called the Mainstream Media

NewsReal Blog’s Managing Editor David Swindle wrote a tremendous post yesterday, in which he exposes New York Times journalist Max Blumenthal for the liar and despicable human being he is. For those who don’t remember what happened last week: Blumanthal wrote an article in which he called James O’Keefe – the young conservative journalist who brought us last year’s ACORN scandal - a racist. Being the warrior he is, O’Keefe’s boss and founder of Big Hollywood, Big Government and Big Journalism Andrew Breitbart confronted Blumentahl with his sleazy attack when he saw him at CPAC.

“You’re a despicable human being,” Breitbart said rather succinctly. “You just destroy others, it’s all you do.” He asked Blumenthal why he had called O’Keefe a racist. Lo and behold, when he was called out on his vicious lies, the New York Times journalist immediately withdraw. No, he said, he had not called O’Keefe a racist. Breitbart had misinterpreted his post.

After a few minutes of debating Blumenthal Breitbart left. If the radical leftist posing as a journalist thought that would be the end of it, however, he was mistaken. Breitbart was quickly replaced by Larry O’Connor, who works for Breitbart’s Big Government website. “Did or did you not call James O’Keefe a racist,” O’Connor asked. Blumenthal repeated what he said moments before. O’Connor wouldn’t give in, however. He started to quote from Blumenthal’s hit piece, thereby making it impossible for the latter to deny he had accused O’Keefe “of the worst thing you can accuse a person of in America.”

As I said, David wrote a wonderful post about the whole controversy. In it, he points out that Blumenthal was clearly caught with his pants down and that he has now lost all credibility. “Henceforth,” David writes, “Max Blumenthal is to be regarded as a journalistic pariah.” He continues:

 But Blumenthal will get a pass. He’ll still have plenty of work for one reason: the Left does not care if one of their own does anything wrong. Here’s a challenge: try and find a single “progressive” publication anywhere that will really condemn what Blumenthal has done. *crickets*

And it’s here where I have to disagree with you David. You see, I get the impression that you actually think that Blumenthal’s fellow journalists find these tactics as despicable as we do. You imply that they have a problem with it, but that they choose to ignore it because he’s a progressive. In other words, because he’s one of them.

If these are indeed your thoughts on the subject, I’m afraid you’re wrong. What Blumenthal did is par for the course for the mainstream media. It’s their modus operandi to isolate, insult, denigrate, ridicule and destroy their opponents. They learned to do so from their great teacher, the Machiavellian community organizer,Saul Alinsky. This means that they not only have no problem whatsoever with Blumenthal’s actions, but actually applaud him for it. Heck, they may even look up to him because he had the audacity to do what many of them dreamed of doing ever since AcornGate first broke.

Breitbart singled out Blumenthal for a counterattack, which was the right (and justified) course to pursue after Blumenthal published his hit piece on his blog. But let’s not pretend that Blumenthal is anything more than a minor cog in the despicable machine called the maintream media.