The Politics of Hope and Fear Revisited

My good friend Brian recently put together a very good video exposing Al Gore’s utter hypocrisy. It pretty clearly shows that Gore’s a fake and a political opportunist of the worst kind.

The video particularly focuses on his position on outsourcing, and starts out by looking at his position in the 1993 NAFTA debate and the way he attacked his opponent in that debate, Ross Perot. Ironically, it ends with a clip from a speech Gore gave in 2008 where he rails against outsourcing and blames it on Bush, while all Bush did was continue the policies Gore was arguing for.

More in general, you can see Gore accusing Perot of appealing to the “politics of fear” instead of the “politics of hope.” He also takes great pain to imply, throughout the debate, that Perot is only taking his position for personal financial motives. Gore has used the exact same tactics on Bush and other Republican leaders.

It has to be pretty clear to everybody who watches this video that the whole ‘politics of hope’ rhetoric – also used by then presidential candidate Barack Obama last year –  is very old. It has been part of the Democratic playbook for a long, long time and gets pulled out any time they want to win an argument.Watch it:


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