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Tom Hanks Is At It Again, Says Overcoming Racism Is Taking US “An Awfully Long Time” and Calls WWII a War of “Racism and Terror”

Posted By Michael van der Galien On March 15, 2010 @ 12:26 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Can a sane friend or relative of actor Tom Hanks please tell him to stop talking? Seriously, what’s wrong with that guy? First he says that the U.S. wanted to “annihilate” the Japanese “because they were different,” now he adds, in a sad tone of voice, that it is taking his country “an awfully long time.”

“I’d like to think that as our time has gone by and as Americans have found themselves in 2010, ignorance is being replaced by a certain amount of enlightenment and racism is going to be replaced eventually by an acceptance,” said Hanks. “It’s just taking an awfully long time.”

“I’d like to think,” Tom? Is there any doubt in your mind that America has, for the largest part, overcome racism? A black man was voted into the White House, for God’s sake. What more proof do you need to understand that racism is, by large, a thing of the past?

As if the above quote isn’t bad enough, Hanks also reiterated his point that America was supposedly fighting a racist war against the Japanese:

In an exclusive interview with CNSNews.com, Hanks further explained–but stood by his statement–that the Pacific theater of World War II was a war of “racism and terror,” saying that he thinks America has made progress since then away from what he called “ignorance” and “racism.” (See video above and transcript below.)

How to respond to such a ridiculous, outrageous, shameful and historically revisionist statement? I honestly don’t know. Should we laugh it off, shrug our shoulders and move on? Or should we, recognizing that Hanks influences America’s culture more than many think, take him seriously and debate him?

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