Wanted: Bloggers

NewsReal Blog’s Team MvdG is looking for new and energetic conservative bloggers. If you are passionate about politics and if you understand that there’s no taking prisoners in the political war we’re fighting against the Left, you might just be the perfect fit for us.

My team’s members have to be able to write clear, concise posts, that do not need a lot of editing. This is why blogging experience is a must. Only those who can write posts around a clearly articulated thesis and who are creative enough to come up with catchy titles need apply.

Potential members must have experience working with an editor, or at least be open to working with editorial guidance. Also, stories can and likely will be assigned to you. If you prefer to write in total freedom, this offer is not for you.

A good sense of humor is also a requirement, because, without humor, blog posts are dry, boring and uninteresting. In other words, bores need not apply.

Ideologically, I am quite flexible. You do not have to be a typical conservative. Fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, traditional conservatives, libertarians and even moderates are all welcome. The two principles you have to believe in are a hawkish foreign policy (pro-Israel, in support of the War on Terrorism) and small(er) government.

If the above is a nearly perfect description of you, please fill out the form below. Tell us what you’d like to blog about and what perspective you would bring to the team.

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