When Do We Stand With Putin? When Jihad Comes To Russia

Yesterday, two female suicide bombers killed themselves and 39 others at two of Moscow’s subway stations. 70 innocent Muscovites were hospitalized, five of whom are in critical condition.

Russia’s Director of the Federal Security Bureau, Alexander Bortnikov, said that this gruesome terrorist attack was most likely carried out by “a terrorist group from the northern Caucasus.” Matt Gurney adds at FrontPage Magazine that this probably means Chechnya. He also argues that the women were probably members of “the Black Widows. These women, the female relations of Muslim rebels killed by the Russian military during numerous counter-insurgency campaigns in the Caucasus, seek revenge on Russia by striking at the heart of its cities.”

In other words, it was yet another massive crime against humanity carried out by extremist Muslims.

Although I’m certainly not a fan of either Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev or its Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, we have to stand by Russia on this one. Chechnya has become a hot bed of Jihadism. Many Arabic (and other) radical Muslims moved to the Caucasus years ago to carry out a Jihad against Russia. When they are done fighting there, they will not go home and become loving fathers to their children and kind husbands to their wives. No, they will turn their attention to other, new victims. They will declare war and fight against different countries, including those in the West. We can’t let that happen.

Now, that does not mean that I’m condoning or being an apologist for Russia’s policy towards peoples in the Caucasus or in Eastern Europe. I am not. I do realize, however, that this war is no longer truly about independence for the Chechen people, but about the ‘holy war’ Islamists have declared on non-Muslims and non-extremist Muslims worldwide. And because of that they have to be stopped against pretty much all cost.