Bernie Goldberg: “Media Justice” Crusader?

Bernie Goldberg can be clever, observant and he certainly knows the business, but sometimes things will come out of his mouth that make you go “Huh????” Last night on Bill O’Reilly was one of those big “Huh” moments for me, when Goldberg reacted to Fox’ dominating numbers in the latest Politico poll with his suggestions for improving on “fairness”:

And just to give one example, just one example, if Fox is going to cover Tea Parties, even, even opinion shows have to cover them and not champion them. Because you can’t be the most important news organization, as you think Fox is, if you’re going to champion certain causes and not others.

He goes on to say:

What I’m saying is something more subtle. Even its opinion shows they don’t have to be balanced. They can take a point of view, but they have to be fair. And the more Fox is taken seriously as a very, very important institution in America, the more responsible Fox needs to be.

I am definitely not on board with Bernie on this one. I would say that Fox does lean to the Right, but there is absolutely no comparison with the programming on MSNBC and other media outlets. In that regard, they have already established themselves as more than fair by comparison. Consider just a few examples:

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