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Meghan: Cover Girl for New Progressive Movement or Cool Factor for GOP?

Posted By Michelle Horstman On February 12, 2010 @ 6:00 am In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Just Me & My Progressive Posse

Meghan McCain announced this past week, on the far-from-reality show “The View”, that she considers herself a “progressive” Republican. Having heard many of her witticisms in the past, this came as no great shock to me.

But perhaps I am being too hasty in discounting Meghan’s philosophy. Perhaps she is more intellectual than I give her credit for. Let’s see what her BFF (best friend forever) Tila Tequila, of VH1 fame had to say. I always value Tila’s opinion:

“She’s an cool [sic] girl and that’s all there is to say!” Tila wrote on her Web page that McCain is “cool, smart” and is someone to “have intellectual convos” with.

Regarding her friendship with the delightful Tequila, ‘Cult of Celebrity’ author and radio host Cooper Lawrence observed:

“Meghan has been trying to get some street cred for the Republican party for awhile now,” Lawrence says. “Her platform is basically, ‘Republicans can be cool,’ so she needs to be seen as someone who can hang with someone who is down. It’s an odd choice, but politics do make strange bedfellows. “

I wondered what this oxymoron, “Progressive Republican”, was all about. I discovered Travis Johnson, founder of the website Progressive Republican. The site appears to be down now; perhaps he is working on getting a spot on the Huffington Post.

According to Travis Johnson, this is how it started for him:

If I were forced to trace its origins, I’d have to say that it was a confluence of two things: First it was watching a man I’d admired for over a decade, Senator McCain, give in to the extreme right wing of the Party in his quest for the Presidency.

Then, after the election, I watched as men and women who’d dedicated their energy, time and personal lives to strengthening the GOP were attacked by conservatives because they dared to speak out about their dissatisfaction with the Party.

Don’t worry, Travis….it looks like Meghan is here to right that wrong. Yes, it’s all in the McCain family when it comes to progressive ideology. In fact, with McCain’s work on McCain-Feingold, which so benefited George Soros’ progressive agenda for getting the right people elected, it looks like we never had more than one choice for which way this country was to be directed. We could have voted for Progressive Obama or Progressive McCain. Of course, with McCain, we would have gotten a package deal, with the irrepressible Meghan in the White House as well. Just think of all the “intellectual convos” we’d be having by now!

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