An American Family’s Cancun Horror

It’s every parent’s worst spring break nightmare come true: Fun in the sun somehow turned into a south-of-the-border bloodbath for 21-year-old Zeke Rucker. The vacationing Rutgers University graduate was discovered alone outside his resort hotel in the wee hours of the morning of March 16, bleeding and unconscious by a swimming pool. His heartbroken and horrified family has questions. American and Mexican officials don’t have any answers — or any immediate interest in finding out what happened to Zeke.

Did he fall? Was he beaten? Did hotel staff witness anything? A resort security guard found Rucker at around 4 a.m. near some lounge chairs with his head “bashed in.” According to family members, the hotel has interior surveillance video showing Rucker “staggering” from his room. But there is no exterior video to shed light on what happened once he exited the hotel or when and how exactly he sustained his grave head injuries. His wallet and ID were left intact inside his hotel room.

Zucker’s New Jersey-based parents strongly suspect foul play and random violence. But the American consulate told the family there will be no investigation, and Zeke’s parents say the Mexican police didn’t even bother to meet with them.

Mexican consulates on American soil are famous for vigorously intervening on behalf of their illegal alien citizens — lobbying to get them driver’s licenses, bank accounts and health care, for example, and rushing to defend illegal alien border-crossers arrested in reckless- and drunk-driving cases.

Where are our U.S. lawmakers to put pressure on our U.S. State Department to get to the bottom of the Ruckers’ Cancun horror?

For now, the family is focused on nursing Zeke back to health. He remains in a coma under heavy sedation after undergoing emergency surgery in Mexico to remove a hematoma in his brain. During that surgery, he suffered an infection that has left him with a raging fever and complications. Zeke was flown to Miami’s Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital for top-notch care.

But not without difficulty.

Zeke’s aunt, Jodi, related the Ruckers’ hellish experience transporting her nephew out of the violence-wracked country: “The air ambulance team is made up of ex-military men who have done evacuations out of many countries. They say that Cancun is one of the most difficult places to get out of. The air ambulance team when landed in Mexico was surrounded by military with guns drawn that then searched the plane.”

The Ruckers hired a “handler,” who “basically gives the Mexicans American cash for their plane to land and take off safely. It’s called ‘greasing the monkey.’ (Zeke’s father) was getting anxious because of the amount of guns and men surrounding the plane, and the pilot told him not to worry because ‘they greased this monkey (plane) good.’ They were allowed to take off about an hour later. Corruption is abundant there.”

Adding to the emotional strain and bureaucratic headaches: The Mexican hospital that treated Zeke demanded upfront payment for all of the costs related to his care, surgery and stay before allowing him to leave. Can you imagine the international uproar if a U.S. hospital demanded the same of Mexican citizens in their care? The Ruckers’ insurer here in the States was able to change the terminology of Zeke’s airlift from “transport” to “evacuation” in order to cover those costs.

Thanks to the kindness of strangers and help from Jackson Memorial Hospital, the Ruckers have received assistance for their hotel lodging while Zeke gets treatment. Their friends and neighbors are holding a benefit fundraiser on April 14 at Randazzo Pizza in Sewell, N.J., to assist with costs. And well-wishers can leave comments and tributes on their CaringBridge page here:

Amid myriad unsolved border violence cases over the past month — the cold-blooded murder of Arizona rancher Robert Krentz, the assassination of an American consulate worker and her federal security officer husband in Juarez, and on and on — the case of Zeke Rucker has a special, chilling resonance with every parent of a teen or 20-something. This could have been your child. What would you do if no one would answer your questions? Apathy is not an option.

  • Jonah Hex

    The kid should have stayed out of Mexico. He was asking for trouble by just going there.

    • USMCSniper

      Criminals have followed, harassed , and attacked U.S. citizens traveling in their vehicles in border areas including Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros, and Tijuana. Travelers on the highways between Monterrey and other parts of Mexico to the United States (notably through Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros) have been targeted for robbery and violence and have also inadvertently been caught in incidents of gunfire between criminals and Mexican law enforcement. Such incidents are more likely to occur at night but may occur at any time," the State Department alert says.

      • Jen

        I would not be staggering drunk at 3:00 AM in any city, that is irresponsible. He would have had the same outcome in any major US city.

      • Jen

        Get rid of your guns! We don't need snipers in the US that are not on active duty in a war. If you own and sell guns you are the problem world wide. Thank you for your service to our country, I mean that.

        • davarino

          He is the problem world wide? You are kidding, right. Just by having guns he is the problem world wide. What, do the guns sneak out at night and shoot people? Your a nut.

    • aspacia

      Sorry Jonah,

      I pushed the wrong vote button. I thoroughly agree with you.

    • Poppakap

      I generally agree with you. However, historically Cancun has been safe and relatively uncorrupt. That's why so many foreigners go there these days instead of Puerto Vallarta, etc. On the other hand, if Zeke were my son, I would have kicked his ass for even thinking about going to anywhere in Mexico for spring break.

      • Jen

        Puerto Vallarta is very safe, I just spent 3 weeks there. What is unsafe is when these kids buy drugs, drink, and screw themselves into a stupor, Yes then you are asking for trouble in any country. I see them passed out, throwing up and asking for trouble when on the beach.

    • Jen

      BS! He was irresponsible and paid the ultimate price for binge drinking. Mexico has nothing to do with his foolishness, had he gone to Florida to get drunk and laid he would have died there.

      • maria brown

        you stupid B#tch! shut your F#cking mouth. what if that were your family member?

    • Jen

      I have lived in Mexico for four years, I am safe happy, and not an alcoholic.

    • Guest

      I think that all Americans should BOYCOTT ANY TRAVEL TO MEXICO. It has become a total crap hole and it will send the strongest message possible to both the politicians and the people of Mexico. As for the claim that "the people" of Mexico will suffer the most from this, "the People" already suffer enormously from the violence and victimization.

      • Screw Machine Parts

        maybe screw machine parts can use to u head

    • plymouth

      Foolish thing to say.His parents wanted to give him a paid for trip to celebrate his early graduation from Rutgers at a very respected retreat in Mexico.He and his parents didn't ask for this.Dumb and foolish thing to say!What world are you living in?

  • Ge0ffrey

    I love Mexico. j It's a beautiful country with warm, friendly people. I'd go back again tomorrow.

    Why don't you do a story about a foreign tourist horribly killed in New York City? At the end of your story, tack on a list of other crimes that occur in New York City so that the whole city or the whole country can be portrayed as dangerous! Right!? Isn't that your method?

    Or, do a story about an incident of corruption in Chicago. Then, tack on a tack on a list of other incidents so that the whole city or the whole country can be portrayed as corrupt.

    Let's be honest, shall we? There's more to this story. How drunk was he to be wandering around at 3 am by himself in Cancun? By the way, what's missing from this story is something I read in a different account of this incident. He left his room by himself drunk at 3 am, according to his friends.

    • Jen

      Exactamente! Thanks for telling the truth, you rock!

    • Stephen_Brady

      He was drunk at 3am? How dare he? He deserved the death penalty, then …


    • plymouth

      Try getting the facts correct before you make ignorant statements.He was pool side,not wondering around Cancun.Where did you get your incorrect information from?You need to appoligize to his family and friends for this incorrect and stupid comment you amde.Pool side,at the resort.You never in your life had a drink,especially at a young age.Right? Remarks like you have made with only a little knowledge, make you look pretty stupid,to say the least.

  • Dan

    The previous two posters are missing an important point. The tragedy of this case is as much about what happened after this youth sustained his injuries as the injuries themselves. No one in Chicago or New York is turned away from an emergency room hospital unless full payment is made first. No plane, authorized to land at an Amercian airport, is surrounded by machine gun toting thugs, who happen to be police officers, waiting for their cut. I don't know what happened to this young man; but the incident certainly deserves an investigation. I haven't vacationed in Mexico since 1996 and don't plan on visiting there anytime soon.

    • Jen

      Please! He did not go to the hospital because he passed out in a dark place at about 4:00AM and no one saw him. If you want someone to monitor you travel with your parents. I can walk into a health clinic or hospital and get care in any city at any time in Mexico that is much better then my US HMO. Mexico would not turn you away like the US does. The military are not machine gun toting thugs they are trying to stop the US flow of arms to Mexico and thwart the USA's high consumption of drugs. You don't want the cartel raising hell? Then stop buying the drugs, vote for US firearm control. You may want to vacation in Mexico so your opinion is not so dated and untrue. Spring break drinking binges kill people every year in every country.

      • Eric

        Jen, you poor sad deluded woman. Gun control doesn’t work in any country even in Mexico where they have lots of gun control. It wasn’t the fact he was attacked on the resort hotel grounds not some back alley but the aftermath was handled by Republicans in Mexico or at least the equivalent. Actually, 90% of the gun flow into Mexico is from other countries whereas 90% of the guns that are actually traceable are from the US (i.e., we keep much better records here and track guns better whereas other countries have no idea where the guns came from). So don’t get confused by where the cartels are getting their guns. If we were to eliminate all guns in this country right now the cartels would only see a 10% drop in gun supply. Actually, not that much since the criminals here would still have guns just like in the UK.

  • darkmorrow

    If even a Progressive administration like this obamanation issues a travel warning on Mexico, it has got to be bad. As well, this has been getting worse over the last few years. Nuevo Laredo has had 60+ Americans go missing, never to be heard from again. Decapitated corpses found laying in the streets. Even Dateline has done stories on kidnappings, including an entire family that was terrorized, thier truck and trailer with ATV's stolen and they, left for dead. Sorry to hear about this kid, but if you let your college age children go to Mexico, EXPECT this.

  • Ge0ffrey

    The "progressives" hate Mexico because it has a conservative, religious, pro-business President. They don't believe that Calderon is legitimate and that Obrador was robbed of victory in the last election.

    I think you should reread that state department memo. The warning not to travel to Mexico is very specific to northern Mexico where there is drug-related violence. The Obama administration caught a lot of flack last year for warning tourists to stay away from the entire country Mexico. They later retracted that warning and confined it to particular areas. I wonder if the Mexican state department has issued a warning to stay out of downtown Detroit after 10pm?

    Finally, the World Health Organization tried to smear the entire country of Mexico with swine flu. This is the same United Nations that also loves Chavez and hates Calderon. We now have 76 million doses of swine flu vaccine made at taxpayer expense waiting to be destroyed at taxpayer expense.

    Here's what the State Department says about alcohol in Mexico:

    Alcohol and Drugs

    Excessive alcohol consumption and unruly behavior can lead to serious problems with Mexican authorities. Alcohol is involved in the vast majority of arrests, accidents, violent crimes, rapes, and deaths suffered by American students on Spring Break. Disturbing the peace, lewd or indecent behavior, littering, driving under the influence, drinking on the street or on public transportation, using public transportation without payment, or making obscene or insulting remarks are all considered criminal activities by Mexican authorities. The importation, purchase, possession or use of drugs can incur severe penalties, including imprisonment without bail for up to a year before a case is tried, and imprisonment of several years following a conviction. All individuals 16 years of age or older are tried as adults.

    Here's what the State Department says about Cancun:

    Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel: Cancun is a fairly large city, approaching 500,000 inhabitants, with increasing reports of crime. Crimes against the person, such as rape, commonly but not exclusively occur at night or in the early morning hours, and often involve alcohol and the nightclub environment. Therefore, it is important to travel in pairs or groups, be aware of surroundings, and take general precautions. To protect against property crimes, valuables should be left in a safe place or not brought at all. If you are a victim of a crime, immediately notify the U.S. Consular Agency in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Cozumel or the U.S. Consulate in Merida at the telephone numbers provided below.

    Facts are stubborn things!

    • Jen

      I absolutely agree with you! Thank you for the most intelligent response. Common sense is always in order. I am sorry for the parents loss, it is horrible to loose a family member.

    • Jim C.

      At first I had to wonder what sort of obsessive goofball would begin commenting on "progressives" and how they (in his deranged mind) "hate Mexico" because…blah blah blah (too stupid to repeat, too delsuional to corroborate). All completely UNRELATED to the topic at hand.

      And then he follows up with a little common sense?

      This proves your mental disorder is not incurable. Stop obsessing about you idea of "progressives" and get on with your life.

  • kramosz

    Why don't the Feds pursue the violent criminal Mexican gangs that have taken over many major American cities with the same vigor that they pursue the "Christian militias"?

  • Ge0ffrey

    The "progressives" hate Mexico because it has a conservative, religious, pro-business President. They don't believe that Calderon is legitimate and that Obrador was robbed of victory in the last election.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Shocking. How dare a Catholic country elect someone who is religious, not to mention conservative and pro-business.

      Let's see, you state that the "progressives hate Mexico because it has a conservative, religious, pro-business President." Says something about the "progressives", and what they're trying to inflict upon this country, doesn't it?

  • Ge0ffrey

    The State Department warning is very specific to northern Mexico.

    Here's what the State Department says about Cancun:

    Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel: Cancun is a fairly large city, approaching 500,000 inhabitants, with increasing reports of crime. Crimes against the person, such as rape, commonly but not exclusively occur at night or in the early morning hours, and often involve alcohol and the nightclub environment. Therefore, it is important to travel in pairs or groups, be aware of surroundings, and take general precautions. To protect against property crimes, valuables should be left in a safe place or not brought at all. If you are a victim of a crime, immediately notify the U.S. Consular Agency in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Cozumel or the U.S. Consulate in Merida at the telephone numbers provided below.

  • Rick

    I am a Mexican American and I wouldn't set foot in Mexico! On the two or three occasions that I visited Mexico I sensed an underlying violence and contempt for those fortunate enough to live north of the border. Sure, people tell me it is a "cheap" good time and vacation; but before you buy into that" bargain," ask yourself what is the value of your life? Also note that the failure of the U.S. government both under Bush and Obama to demand that Mexico comply with appropriate investigation and protection of U.S. citizens contributes to this situation. Mexico is a very dangerous place.

    • Jen

      I am an American who lives in Mexico and is more afraid of crime in the US. You obviously are not well traveled and have bought into FOX news and their fear machine. This guy is on tape staggering down a hall , he obviously passed out like most drinking college fools and hit his head. Tough break but no ones fault but his own. You should travel more then comment on something you know about

      • Suzy

        YOU need to know what you are talking about first.
        First of all the type of contusions he had to his head
        are not from a fall according to what I’ve read. Head blunt
        trauma are contusions by force~ force blunt trauma and the
        a brain bleed like that is from a blow not a fall like that.
        Give me a break lady let’s face it… Cancun is dangerous.
        Been there enough times stayed at every resort down there!
        Mayan…. Forget that area, Wouldn’t even think of going back
        there! Can’t assume this young man was wondering around
        and ” just fell” hit his head and died. Don’t be ignorant to the fact!!!
        I am a Nurse!

  • Trey Cruz

    Just another horny Jew on a sex holiday. He probably got knocked in the head by a girl he wanted to do up her poop chute. He shoulda gone to Thailand.

    • guest

      You shouldn't speak about your brother like that but at least you opened a window into the mind of the one who calls himself trey cruz

      • Trey Cruz

        I speak of him like that BECAUSE he is my brother.

    • speedy

      Trey Cruz is nothing but a cretinous hater who uses others misfortunes to exercise his tiny useless brain.

      • Trey Cruz

        Speaking of "hate"……study the talmud, or read some choice selections from ben Maimon.
        They make Mein Kampf look positively benign.
        Do you really think the "Goyim" will put up with this forever?

      • Trey Cruz

        Any other ad-hominems you have stored in your enormous useful brain that you care to share with us?

    • BS1977

      Trey Cruz means dirt eating worm in Spanish

      • Trey Cruz

        Does B.S. stand for what I think it does?

    • badaboo

      with that remark trey , you totally invalidate yourself , not to mention it's obvious immaturity and bigotry .

      • Trey Cruz

        Hmmmmm…..maybe it just the beautiful weather, but I'm feelin' really valid today.
        Maybe you just need to clean your glasses and learn some new and interesting names to call people………..those are getting pretty shopworn and hackneyed.
        What David needs to do is a series of stories on Jewish sexual imperialism; but he never will: he couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it.
        Raised by liars to be a liar.

    • antifascist18

      Hope it happens to you someday – and very soon.

      Go down to El Paso and cross the border where you belong. Then don't come crying back here.

    • maria

      what a fu#ked up person you are, Trey. go get a rope and do us all some good!!!

    • plymouth

      You are the most immature,dumb person on earth! You make a stupid comment like this because you hide in a room with a keyboard to type obscenities and ignorant remarks like this.Your parents,if you have any,must be so proud of you.You corwadly punk should confront his family,friends with this type of talk and see how you end up! He is not Jewish,and even if he was,your comments must be one of your fantasies,the "poop chute" thing,that you seem to know so much about.Were you in a prison or do you just enjoy that so much you need to make it public?

  • Ge0ffrey

    I wonder if the Mexican state department warns Mexicans about traveling in downtown Detroit after 10pm?

  • Jen

    Kids come down here to Mexico to misbehave and drink their brains to death and get killed. Stop coming down here and killing yourself with alcohol and blaming Mexico. You would think an educated person could monitor their behavior and alcohol intake. I have no sympathy for this unruly dangerous behavior. Where are the parents? Why were they not supervising their child? He was obviously too young to be away from home.

  • kenavo

    Great food, great music, etc, all very cheap. But a horrible government and some of the worst corruption to be found anywhere on earth. The police are especially corrupt.

    Stay away fom Mexico.

  • BS1977

    Mexico is a very dangerous country…for tourists and locals alike. Don't believe me? Go there and check it out. I ve been there many times, but I wouldn't go there again. It is a corrupt, impoverished desperate place…no wonder millions of Mexicans crash the border and come to the US…….

  • Vera

    There are some people on this forum who have severe anger issues. This young man was caught on video ‘staggering’. One does not have to be drunk to stagger. This is an assumption. If he suffered a head injury, he will ‘stagger’. Those who rant and rave about his alleged drunken state appear to have personal issues related to alcohol. Bottom line…..have some compassion. It could have happened anywhere in any U.S. city. Jen, it sounds as though you may be a recovering Alcoholic. Have some empathy. If not, get some counseling.

  • von Starkermann

    It is always a tragedy to blame Mexico on just about everything. I am sure that many college age kids do not look at the many cultural sites that Mexico has to offer. Temples, churches, ruins of all sizes and shapes. If all they do is journey South to get cheap whiskey, party, and generally become abusive both to themselves and the natives…well…what do you expect the outcome should be? Case in Point…Natalie Holloway in Aruba. What moron sends their innocent looking cheerleader daughter to a wild place like Aruba? Need I say any more.

  • badaboo

    The trend in spring break or graduation outings to Mexico , by US colleges , and yes EVEN HIGH SCHOOLS is ill advised at best . Corruption in the Mexican Government , from top to bottom which of course includes the "police " [a joke and misnomer ] is no secret .oh and BTW , the kidnappings , murders disappearences , and people held for legal ransom , ocurr even to those who go to Mexico to take in the "Cultural " sights . If you've got ANYTHING worth stealing , or a afmily that the thieves belkieve can pay ransom ,, then you're at risk . Trips to Mexico are simply a bad idea , and there are Mexicans living in the US who won't even go back there . Unfortunately this sad story , and non-existant police response , are not by any means a-typical .

  • marga pierre

    It's sad to say that some people only want to have fun and they deserve to it. But terrible things happen. I hope he will survive from coma. I'll pray for him.

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  • BS1977

    Oh, by the way, in case you haven't heard, over 10.000….yes, that's right, over 10,000 people have been killed since apx. 2003… along the border by the crooked cops, gangs, heroin addicts, thieves, murdering bandits, kidnappers and smugglers…in Juarez, Mexicali, Tijiuana etc….Mexico is a garbage dump country….yes, some of the great Mayan and Aztec ruins, the Spanish cathedrals and natural wonders are great to see…but it is very dangerous for naive tourists and dumb bunny AMerican families. Allowing your teen age kids to go there is insane. Many are robbed or worse….going to the cops is futile. All they want is your money. I met some follks in Mazatlan who had their RV stolen, with all their camping equipment, kayaks, scuba gear, cameras, clothing ….plus the vehicle. They went to the police but that went nowhere. They felt like the police had something to do with the theft but couldn't prove it, of course. They left and said they would never return. When we drove to Mexico, everytime we stopped at a hotel for the night, I removed the coil wire and battery cable to prevent car theft. Nice, huh?

  • zihuarob

    While I am truly sorry that Zeke Rucker apparently seriously injured himself while on a spring break drinking binge in Cancún, I can't help but notice the xenophobia and prejudice that taint both the writer of the article as well as many persons who responded here.

    To bribe Mexican officials and then accuse Mexicans of being corrupt is disingenuous and hypocritical. It takes two to carry out such acts of corruption, and obviously because of some xenophobic stereotype the US citizens involved forewent any pretense at having their documents in order or in being in compliance with Mexican laws. Otherwise there would have been no need to "grease any palms".

    It was for some reason incorrectly reported that Mexican hospitals demand payment up front. That is simply not true. What IS asked for is a manner of making payment, as would be done in any US hospital. It is again absurd to assume a hospital can demand payment up front for services that it has not yet rendered.

  • zihuarob

    There are many factual errors and erroneous assumptions made by the writer of the article as well as by many of the people who replied here. Some are innocent errors, but many are simply hateful comments with no basis in reality.

    Mexico is not a violent country. We don't have multiple incidents of schoolchildren carrying out massacres, we are not at war with anyone, we do not have jihadists looking to kill our citizens, and we have no nuclear weapons pointed at us. Confusing the violence between rival narcos for anything different than any violence between rival street gangs in the USA is not helpful and is erroneous. Let's not even get into why the US's narcotics problem is being fought in Mexico. This is not the place.

    Mexico is a much safer place to visit and to live than Miami or Los Angeles or New York or many popular tourist destinations in the USA and Caribbean. That is a fact.

    Spring breakers on drinking binges tend to do harm to themselves. That is also a fact.

  • badaboo

    yea ok , btw I'll remember that next time going to Miami Beach ,. Holywood or NYC .

  • Ivano

    Yes, Mexico has became a dangerous place, but only in some specific areas. Is curious how the most agresive comments are from people who have visited several times that Country…, Why they go there if consider "dangerous"? Mexico should start not allowing spring breakers.

    • badaboo

      That's right , because they FAT EASY TARGETS ,for the POLICE and the THUGS .

  • AntiFascist18

    The current issue of Phoenix Magazine, with a cover story about Phoenix's Best Doctors designed to delude the reader of its extremely vicious, pro-ILLEGAL, anti-Sheriff Joe Arpaio agenda. BTW – a columnist also smears J.D. Hayworth…

    If the editor of this rag pretending to be a classy, polished magazine had real writers with just a tad of objectivity, she'd have them cover stories like this, or of the Rancher murdered by ILLEGALS in Southern Arizona. She, her head writer Jana Bommermersch, and the Democratic-Mechista panderers in Arizona plus various churches have the blood of this man, and so many others on their hands. But don't look for the editor to display objectivity – being a Leftard and demonstrating prowess with crayons is so much more lucrative.

    I just wonder what it would be like if they lived in a Barrio, or those sanctuary groups had gunfire on a nightly basis erupt outside of the garbage dumps they call churches. Or if Phoenix was on the verge of become a free fire zone as El Paso is.

  • Mary

    Until or when changes take place……………stay home. The article said what would you do if that was your child………………mine would be at home! PARENTS don't let your children go to Mexico………….period!

  • Mike

    The same can be said for the United States too. When I lived in Europe, the locals there always looked at the US as "gun loving freaks". When i asked them why they would mention Columbine, Virginia Tech, serial killers, and other violence. So you see, all countries have bad things and don't be quick to say that the US is a perfect little country because that is being biased since you live here.

  • Frank

    I just want to warning you about this tour called bar leaping tour and party hopper tour in CANCUN, they sale drugs for kids inside the tour, my wife and me we bought the tour trew our travel agency and the rep said that this will be the best way to go on the discos but at the city we saw that the guides from the tour the were offering drugs to the kids and also the service was really bad!! they screw our vacations with this…make sure your kids know that and don`t take this tour cuz when i asked about it in the hotel they said that the owner is involved with the drugs. and something else..WARNING! DON`T TAKE THIS TOUR!!!!

  • Carlos

    Let the liberals all go vacation in Mexico, where the rule of law is essentially nonexistent. I'll gladly pay the premium for an American cerveza at an American resort.

  • Katy

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    Katy Perry

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  • Suzy

    I have travelled to cancun several times & l loved it! I’ve seen many times
    young kids boozed up and in drunkin stupers. Most are belligerent but some
    are just having a good times as well.
    This time around was different for me. I travelled aug/2011 of this year normally
    I travel with a group this time It was just myself and my niece ( who’s 18 ).
    As many times before I’ve had cocktails while on vacation & tried out some bars.
    We stayed at the Riu Caribe in cancun ( great hotel) we met a club promotor that
    Toured us around ( thank god ) this time I found it very dangerous at times out & about. Most clubs were safe except… The city and Daddy O’s! Please do not go to
    either!! Daddy O’s have a lot of locals and with in 30 seconds of my first bathroom
    visit I was almost punched in the bathroom by some local females ( unprovoked ).
    I was not drunk or even close ( keep that in mind) they we’re looking for trouble and that was a fact they called me a ” puta ” and tried picking on me ( they was about 7 of them) I just put my head down a stood there ( in the bathroom ) until they
    exited. We did not stay or go back there. The hole club was shady!!!
    The next night we went to the Me Hotel a small but very beautiful club there & then from there we were going to check out ” the city”.
    Ok… Now we still have the club promotor taking us out ( thank god) he is close with the mayor of Canun’s nephew ( whom we had dinner with, nice kid) we meet up with him at the ME Hotel. The promotor had pointed out a group of women to us, tall, very pretty just standing around enjoying a cocktail and dancing… Turns out they were ” escorts”!! A very handsome guy in his late twenties/ early thirties was hovering around them. After having that pointed out to us we decided to leave there… On our way out the door the man that was with the escorts tried to get my attention and grabbed my arm to say ” hello” and was also very interested in my lovely niece… We bolted! Now the mayors nephew witnessed this and sent his body guard to the ” city” with us. Here we go off to the city with the club promoter
    and now a body guard! Keep in mind this club promotor was friends with the owner
    of the city so we are thing it’s safe. Arrived, VIP all the way in the owners section treated like a celeb! ( still either of us really r drinking ) so, we are sitting & chatting.
    Once again we are approached by a couple of men offering us to sit with them and sending over bottles. ( this went on for a while keep in mind) it was getting creepy! The promoter toured us to the bathroom and waited for us to exit. Upon exiting the bathroom the body guard shuffled us through a back entrance and we were all out of there! Apparently, while away from our section the waiters were watching and listening to these men ( the owner kept his eye on them)… After leaving… The body guard said ” they wanted the girls” ” they wanted to take you”! Found out later they were NOT from Cancun they were mafia from Mexico City! They muscled their way into the club and threatened the owner to let them in!
    Long story short…. This is all very true and very recent! It was a blessing we were with the club promotor from the Riu and him also knowing the Mayors Nephew they were very kind to us & we still keep in touch! But if traveling to cancun PLEASE stay away from those clubs~ your looking for trouble if you don’t! It’s not the people of Cancun it’s the gun runners, mafia & pimps that are now trying to invade certain places in Cancun! This new Mayor is NOT corrupt he is trying to clean up Cancun.
    I can go on and on with everything political I learnt this last visit to Cancun. And yes, the police… Pure corruption it’s all about the ” pay off” keep in mind they have ZERO education! The Feds are different they are educated and stand by the legal system. Just be-careful when traveling there now it’s not the same anymore! Stay out of the large night clubs they look for pretty young intoxicated women to prey on.
    Don’t even think about renting a car there either unless u want to ” pay off” the local police officer when you get pulled over for no reason what so ever.
    Thank God I live in Toronto, Canada!