Look Who’s Nativist Now

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Obama Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, a soft-on-China corporate lawyer, collected thousands of dollars from “monks” and “nuns” at a Buddhist temple while running for governor of Washington.

The Federal Election Commission imposed a record-setting $719,000 in fines against Democrats for the 1996 Chinagate campaign finance scandal.

And the Obama campaign itself solicited foreign donations on its website — even cashing in a contribution from one Canadian donor who warned, “I am not a (sic) American citizen!”

Acknowledging the hypocrisy of the Team Obama assault on the Chamber of Commerce, one top Democratic staffer warned this week: “The White House may reap the whirlwind.”

As well they should.

While they gin up anti-GOP fear and hostility among blue-collar Americans worried about the economy, Team Obama has presided over job-killing policies that are driving companies overseas. The Obama drilling moratorium forced several American oil rigs to abandon the Gulf of Mexico. Radical environmental rules are strangling coal workers in West Virginia, where Democratic Senate candidate and Gov. Joe Manchin has filed suit against the Obama Environmental Protection Agency.

Wyoming GOP Sen. John Barrasso and Utah GOP Rep. Rob Bishop pointed out in a new report on the Democrats’ War on Western Jobs that the White House green agenda is driving mining jobs overseas and increasing our reliance on foreign nations for metals and minerals that power our economy and are integral to national defense technology.

In another high dose of cognitive dissonance, Obama has been pushing solar panels and other green technology pet projects as a way to create jobs and promote energy independence — while ignoring the fact that the rare earth metal market needed for such green technology is dominated by … China. After years of environmental obstruction of the industry, Democrats are now rushing to re-open rare earth metal mines in the face of this national security threat. The last one shut down in 2002. It could take up to 15 years to get it back up and running again.

The inconvenient truth: American workers are reaping what the newly nativist left has sown.

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  • Rifleman

    And soros says he's sitting this one out? His money's obviously not.

  • jacob


    For those that don't know the term, it refers to Jews that will fully colllaborated with the NAZIS such as SOROS who freely admited having given the Nazis a list of properties
    from Hungarian Jews..

    Strange no media dared elaborate on this issue but then again, we know the score…! ! !

  • Ret. Marine

    What is really funny is the "won" thinks he will be able to play nice with We the People after having "dissed" us for the past 21 mnonths, yeah that's going to work!

  • sflbib

    “…[Democrats] accused Republicans last week of benefiting from “money from foreign corporations”…”

    Why not throw up everything against the wall? Something is bound to stick. Plus, they found out that they can make any outrageous statement and not pay a penalty because, as everyone knows, there is a double standard that exempts Democrats. All this article does is complain about Democrat hypocrisy, as though – as Auster says – complaining is enough to prevent them from ever doing it again:

    “…that is as far as the typical conservative ever takes the argument. Apart from accusing the ‘liberals’ of hypocrisy or bias and calling on them to return to true liberalism, conservatives never suspect that there may be something about ‘liberalism's’ essential nature that has generated this double standard, and that will keep generating it as long as ‘liberalism’ itself survives.

    “Let us therefore go beyond these futile complaints about the double standard and instead ask why the double standard is so characteristic of today's ‘liberalism.’ Once we answer that question, we may be in a position to combat the double standard effectively, instead of spending the rest of our lives complaining impotently about it.”

    This was FPM a few years ago. Read the rest here http://archive.frontpagemag.com/readArticle.aspx?…

    • bubba4

      They are just throwing things against the wall? If this story about the Chamber is to you "out of the blue" or just suddenly happened, it is testiment to your limited reading. This has been a long time coming and was warned against the day the Supreme Court made it possible with it's unconstitutional decision.

      The same people that screamed that would never happen are the same ones that are defending it now. You might think that by defending the non-disclosure, they know something that the rest of us don't, but no…they are just blindly defending it.

      Fox gave a million dollars to the chamber…which then buys ads on Fox News. This too should set off ethical alarm bells, but no…they have you believing the outside world is "liberal" and evil or something and while you are distracted they bend you over and ….

      When you wake up and the middle class is gone and your job is in Thailand, you rub your sore arse and shake your fist at "liberals"…

      • billbacon

        Blindly? No, afraid the only one here who is blindly carrying on is you.

        Again, the Chamber is doing nothing illegal, immoral or even fattening here. The foreign revenue the Chamber receives is a small percentage of its total budget and provided the Chamber can segregate them (and no one can prove that it doesn't), what the Chamber is doing is allowable.

        Again, you may not like the law, but it IS the law. Claims of foreigners "buying" U.S. elections are scare tactics, pure and simple.

        • bubba4

          do I have to repost from yesterday? No is saying it's against the law…
          I'm asking for disclosure. They can by law never disclose.

          You have been clear, we should trust them. Fine. That's your position.

          • billbacon

            >do I have to repost from yesterday?

            Pot, kettle, black, again. You repost the same talking points from earlier this week, to which I merely repost the same responses. Sorry, you don't like it? Don't post the same talking points again.

            By the way, the law doesn't require them to disclose their donors. They can choose to do so and have chosen not to do so – just as the Obama '08 campaign chose not to disclose additional information on their small donors when requested to do so by watchdog groups such as the Center for Responsive Politics. The McCain campaign, faced with the same request, did disclose. What was the Obama campaign trying to hide? Shouldn't we assume, as you do, that there was something to hide?

          • bubba4

            "Pot, kettle, black, again."

            Yeah, that again. Um…ok..I'll bite. What did I say that was hypocritical?
            I'd hate to think you just post nonsense because you like the ring of it. So explain that one first.

            "You repost the same talking points from earlier this week, to which I merely repost the same responses."

            The fact that the Chamber doesn't have to disclose isn't a talking point..it's the issue…lol.

            "Sorry, you don't like it? Don't post the same talking points again."

            Well, if you're an intellectually dishonest schmo who didn't bother to follow up on your other post…what can I say. Wednesday you couldn't stop telling me that my argument was that the Chamber was breaking the law. So if you are going to argue with phantoms while pretending to talk to me, why bother?

            "By the way, the law doesn't require them to disclose their donors."

            Hey…progress! This is what I was telling you. Good to see it only took two days for you understand some of the basics of this story.

            And again with the equivocation. I don't answer for the Obama Administration, or for stories FPM or Newsmax wrote in 2008. If the Chamber isn't taking foreign money but you are OK with it if it does…because in your mind Obama took lots of foreign money, then why bother arguing at all.

            You trust them…end of story.

  • Michael

    November is closing in . May "Sanity" win out. If not buy Burkas,Prayer Rugs and Sombreros. "Insanity" dictates learn Spanish and covert to Islam.
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

    • bubba4

      Your a hysterical ninny.

      • sflbib

        And you're illiterate, using "your" for "you're".

  • george rennit

    According to Obama's rationale, we are all guilty because there is no evidence to show that we are innocent. Never forget that he wants a civilian army. Perhaps we will soon be getting knocks on our doors at night by arm banded visitors with the authority to arrest us as political dissidents and enemies of the state. Sound familiar?

  • truebearing

    This nonsense by Obama and the Soros minions calculated to peel off a few of the confused, uneducated voters. The left is switching strategies as fast as they can to distract and to save as many seats as they can, but the other thing they are doing is trying out new strategies under battle conditions, for 2012. They are setting things up well in advance. The left plots and schemes far further into the future than the right and they are already setting up straw men and cover for the desperate, ruthless actions the plan on using to stay in power.

    The DNC chairman accused the Tea Party of planning to intimidate voters on Nov 2nd, so you know the left is planning more Black Panther type crap, only much worse. They are setting it up now, and will keep repeating it all the way through the election and after. This is a set up for 2012 as much as anything, where they know they will need to pull out all the stops when it comes to election fraud. They are gearing up for the most massive election fraud in this country's history.