Obama’s War on the West

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Last week, Salazar defended pulling 77 oil lease contracts granted in the final days of the George W. Bush administration. Salazar’s inspector general concluded that there was no evidence of any rush to auction off the parcels — as baselessly claimed by environmental groups and Salazar himself. In fact, the leases were granted only after seven full years of rigorous study and debate.

That makes two Salazar job-destroying bans based off bogus eco-claims. (Remember: Loathsome cowboy Salazar was behind the shameless doctoring of a scientific report to bolster the Obama administration’s devastating offshore drilling ban.)

Uintah County, Utah, officials have sued the Interior Department over the rescinded leases, which have cost the state untold millions of dollars and countless jobs in a tough economy. Not to mention the court expenses, legal morass and regulatory uncertainty.

Other Western states are reeling as a result of the Democrats’ eco-radicalism — and the rest of America is paying a high price, too. Salazar was a leading opponent of oil shale development when he served in the U.S. Senate for Colorado.

There are an estimated 800 billion barrels of recoverable oil shale in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming alone — enough to potentially free us from Saudi oil dependence. Yet as Obama’s interior secretary, Salazar has wielded his power to halt plans to lease oil shale rights in the West. In addition, Obama’s Bureau of Land Management is dragging its feet on more than $100 million in unissued oil and gas leases in Wyoming. These resources remain untapped thanks to militant greenies who pay lip service to energy independence while blocking all practical means of achieving it.

At a partisan rally on Monday to crusade for endless unemployment insurance benefits extensions, President Obama lectured Republicans to “stop holding workers hostage to politics.” Speak for yourself, pal.

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  • Stephen D.

    We can't harvest the oil reserves!! What's wrong with you folks? If WE get them, there won't be enough to give to Soros to "redistribute" worldwide. Geesh, you'd think you still believed their concern is for the environment. Hahh! If these reserves could buy them more power they would harvest it. But, if they contribute to a demoralized populace and a deeping depressed economy, the oil staying in the ground is money in the bank for them. This is all good…if you're a socialist!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/The_Inquisitor The_Inquisitor

    "All but five Senate Democrats (Indiana’s Evan Bayh took a pass and didn’t vote) sided with the anti-Arizona Obama administration — and against not only a majority of Arizonans, but a majority of Americans …"

    Getting elected is simply a ticket to membership in the ruling class. That is why we cannot settle for the lesser of two evils at election time.

  • jacob

    We need new people in Congress regardless, PEOPLE THAT CAN'T BE "CONVINCED" TO TOW OBAMA's LINE AFTER A FLIGHT ON AIR FORCE ONE and the only ones that can achieve it are TEA PARTY people and never professional politicians regardless of affiliatio…

    It is time to end federal govmt. dictatorship once and for all

    Come November, let the people regain the Congress and keep the rascals out forever

  • Jean

    I love you, Michelle.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Wesley69 Wesley69

    Didn't you know, these western states and Texas are going back to Mexico. Obama may try holding onto California since it votes Democratic.

  • http://mycubavisit.com Christopher

    stupid racist flyover states

  • Lauramaern

    Arizona needs to fix their own democratic party…

  • Guest

    In earlier, less PC days, there were times when an irate populace went down to the legislative buildings, or the courthouse, ousted the lawmakers or justices from their chambers, brought them out into the light of the public square, tarred and feathered them, and rode them out of town on a rail to show them the peoples' disapproval of their actions.

    • lovezion

      What would it for us, 21st century citizens to do just that??? It sounds precious, not costly and fast action. I like it! :o)