Sabotaging the Tea Parties

One of the popular signs spotted at Tea Party protests across the country over the past year goes like this: “It doesn’t matter what this sign says. You’ll call it racism, anyway!” It’s a pithy, perfect rejoinder to the fusillade of attacks that limited-government activists have weathered from their Democratic detractors and a hostile national media. Committed Alinsky-ites never let reality get in the way of a good Tea Party-bashing narrative.

The radical acolytes of Chicago’s late left-wing organizer Saul Alinsky also understand the importance of manufacturing demons. “Before men can act,” Alinsky preached, “an issue must be polarized. Men will act when they are convinced their cause is 100 percent on the side of the angels, and that the opposition are 100 percent on the side of the devil.” This explains the left’s relentless campaign to sabotage the anti-tax, anti-bailout movement from Day One.

President Obama’s community organizing allies whispered “racist,” “fascist” and “fringe” in the earliest days of the stimulus demonstrations in January and February 2009, when hundreds of first-time protesters turned out on the streets in Washington State, Colorado, Arizona and Kansas. The whispers turned to hysterical screams as hundreds became thousands and thousands became millions of peaceful marchers who gathered for the first nationwide Tax Day Tea Party. Some fringe, huh?

The latest effort to smear Tea Partiers involves self-appointed agents provocateurs who are organizing a “Crash the Tea Party” campaign to discredit the April 15 Tax Day Tea Party by making up bogus racist signs and providing false portrayals of grassroots activists to the press. An online punk, Jason Levin, is spearheading the infiltration effort to “act on behalf of the Tea Party in ways which exaggerate their least appealing qualities” and “damage the public’s opinion of them.” Never mind that public opinion polls now show that the majority of Americans stand with the core principles of fiscal responsibility espoused by Tea Party activists.

Levin may be a lone wolf operator, but he has many fellow travelers in the Democratic establishment and left-wing fever swamps.

And their efforts wouldn’t be possible without friendlies in the press who have openly insulted Tea Party activists with endless vulgar sexual taunts and Taliban comparisons.

A few months ago, Craig Varoga — a Washington-based Democratic political operative and overseer of a convoluted, money-shuffling web of political action committees — launched “” to target Republicans who supported the Tea Party movement. The site declared that it would prevent the “radical” and “dangerous” fiscal accountability agenda from “gaining legislative traction.” Varoga’s money funneling is designed to obscure the Big Labor/progressive funding of his enterprises under the umbrella of his “American Public Policy Center (APPC).”

After conservative blogs and Fox News exposed his deceptive web of grassroots groups, Varoga password-protected his website so that the Democratic plotting against Tea Party activists could be conducted out of view.

I speak from direct experience about the underhandedness of Tea Party smear merchants. On Feb. 17, 2009, at one of the country’s first tax revolt rallies in Denver, a man approached me amid a throng of bona fide anti-stimulus protesters and thrust a camera in my face. I obliged cheerfully, as I usually do after such speaking events. I later learned from the character assassins at Progress Now, a left-wing outfit that just happened to be there and just happened to snap a close-up photo of the interaction, that the man pulled out a sign at the last minute (which I didn’t see until later) sporting Obama’s name with a swastika on it. He held the sign away from me, but in direct view of the Progress Now cameraperson.

That cameraperson just happened to be a former CNN producer, whose blog post on the photo just happened to be immediately disseminated by the local press and to the hit men at the radical-left Media Matters website. The narrative was set: A conservative supporter of the nascent Tea Party movement posed for a photo with a man holding up a swastika at a protest against out-of-control spending! Ergo, the anti-stimulus protesters and the entire Tea Party membership are all racist, fascist menaces to society!

Fast-forward to April 2010. Alinsky’s avenging angels have declared open warfare on April 15. Will they be enabled again by “mainstream journalists” who have turned their Tea Party reporting assignments into search-and-destroy missions? The signs point to yes.

  • Jim Spencer

    Similar methods are used in Great Britain in attempts to demonize the grassroots, pan-ethnic EDL (England Defence League). The liberal mainstream media ignores a sign declaring solidarity with Israel, but just wait for a man to wave to his friend across the street and BINGO, we have an EDL member giving a 'Nazi salute'.

  • FBastiat

    President Obama’s community organizing allies whispered “racist,” “fascist” and “fringe”


    And so the Left sees no racism even in its own exaltation of the race above the individual (i.e., racism's very foundation) because — by virtue of that exaltation — there are no individuals. "Racism" can therefore be only some kind of "inequality" between irreducible races, the sole denizens of the "multiculturalist" Weltanschauung, where the "structure" of pigment gives rise to the "superstructures" of culture. Essentially, the Left is bringing to race the same collectivist paradigm it brings to class, which is why its rejection of colorblindness shouldn't be in the least surprising: Collectivism needs collectives. That's why America is not a melting pot but a "salad bowl" — an at-once insipid and ominous image for the revival of racial politics. That's why the legal equality of each individual's civil rights is as "illusory" as the legal equality of each individual's property rights. Leftism no more embraced the birth of racial impartiality than it did that of the market economy, preferring to conjure the twin zombies of racial primacy and racial conflict.

  • Steve Chavez

    I have been a neutral witness to countless "Peace" protests beginning in the 80's with the largest being about 700 even though the organizers said 3000. I mingle in the crowd, talk to people, ask who the leader of their movement is and their overall goals, and then to just sit back and watch. If there is a counter-protest, there have never been over ten people.

    When the local radio had guests advertising what was the first Tea Party, I thought it would be a waste of time so I didn't go. Then on the radio, they had updates and the crowd was so big that they ended up closing a major six lane Avenue during rush hour. Even the news said there were 7,000. Cars were stuck on the road and lights and all streets, close to the event were, clogged which kept me home to watch it instead of being an observer.

    Everyone was shocked at this new movement and now the Left fears it. 99.9999999999% of these people have never protested anything. Most grew up to see the evils of Communism but from a distance, and now they see it in their face.

    I screamed about this movement in the 80's, like Glenn Beck is doing now, but no one listened. Those followers of the 80's are now America's leaders! I tried to warn you!

    • Gary Rumain

      The hippies have had their turn. Now its the turn of the tax payers.

      • badaboo

        No one need sabotage tyhe teabaggers b, thy're doing a fine job all by themselves .And the only ones who need fear them is the Republican /conservative party . They are in fact racist , and they are in fact facist , and as the lunatic fringe among them starts to become more vocal and defines more of the narrative , well ….the centrists and moderates on both sides will speak in the next elections coming up . nLet'em enjoy their moment in the media spotlight , for coolert morer clear thinking minds will rule the day come November , and alot of the teabaggers and their approvers will still be foaming from the mouth about the Blackman whose their President ..They make for a real good three ring circus act .

        • badaboo

          lol….and who picture is beginning to turn up now at these psycho-bashes ? Yup …lol…Tailgunner Joe , you folks talk about intolerance ? Joe would ruin your life , take away your job , BLACK LIST you , after painting you with his "commie brush " … people who are clapping for all the wrong reasons , make me laugh . Go ahead start looking under your beds again for "the commies " . Lets bring on the Birchers , they'd make good for a new "brown shirt ' security force .
          p.s. look out for the flouride !!! IT'S IN THE WATER MAN !!!!

          • Sam Deakins

            and man you obviously been drinking that foul water. what a maroon.

          • glpage

            Tailgunner Joe probably was rude and obnoxious and perhaps an alcoholic. But, he was correct about Communists in our government. Documents from the Vernona Project, exposed by a FOIA request by a liberal – Daniel Moynihan, showed that just about every person, if not all, McCarthy said was a Communist in fact was and most were passing info to the Soviet Union. Further, documents released from Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union confirmed the info of the Vernona Project.

            And, just to set you straight on history, the blacklisting was done by the HUAC. That "H" stands for House, McCarthy was a senator. Oh yeah, and the HUAC hearings that black listed people were held in the late 40's. McCarthy didn't start his investigations until the early 50's.

        • coyote3

          What are they doing that is illegal? Also, what specific "race" are they against, because of their "race?"

  • USMCSniper

    The New Left's neo-Marxist vision calls for undemocratic means to establish true social justice, and the withdrawal of tolerance for any opposing ideas to produce true non-judgemental tolerance. Ever since the 1960s, the Left's patron saint Herbert Marcuse’s program of “repressive tolerance” has increasingly become the norm on campuses, in the mainstream media, and now in politics. More and more leftists of all persuasions welcome the most radical groups in the name of repressive tolerance, while vilifying and opposing anything that might sound the slightest bit conservative. Thanks to Marcuse, their is little free and open debate on the burning issues of the day. Only one side is tolerated in the name of “true toleration.” Thus, campuses, the mainstream media, and leftist politics have become Orwellian Animal Farms. As in animal house, some folks are simply more equal than others.

  • gpcase

    So how do we respond? When there is someone in your midst, say at the office, at school, or in the neighborhood who engages in intimidation and bullying behavior to exert power, those who remain silent or appease the behavior give tacit approval and by default empower the bully. To defeat such a political movement, you must call it out by name, expose the lies and the double standards, the sophistry of their arguments and reveal the philosophical foundation of their argument. Michelle Malkin has done a supurb job exposing their tactics, but one should read Hayek's "Road to Serfdom" and Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" to see where the left will take us…as well as Rand's book on Capitalism to discover the true nature of who we face as well as why free market capitalism is the only moral system.

    • USMCSniper

      Spartacus says we have only one solution. He says we need to "Kill them all!" Watch starz this Friday,

  • Esteban Cafe

    GPcase: You your fellow Americans must "Speak truth to Stupidity." FBastiat and USMCSniper do a good job of revealing the underpinnings of the Left's sophistry you mention. Victor David Hanson has a great site in which Post Modernism is detailed. The concepts espoused by the Left make reason stare and stand logic on her head–that is why there are so many Americans seething over the Obami and their rush to power.

  • pappy86us

    Since BO has taken over as President, he has been "Fundamentally Transforming" the US. Most people that voted for BO only voted for him because of his race. Let's face it, that is the truth. I can not tell you how many people of color I have asked, "Why did you vote for BO?" The answer, "Cause he black". Unfortunately, while many people were caught up in the wave of euphoria of "Change" and the fact that a "Black" man that wasn't like Jessie Jackson was running for President, forgot to really learn about this man. Glenn Beck did a show on how BO was raised. I'm sure many American's did not realize that both his parents were radicals, and his grandparents were radicals. His favorite poet was also a radical. BO said while in college that "he" went straight to the radical and Marxist professors. He spent 20 years in Jeremiah Wrights pew listening to his rants about how bad America is. This man (BO) never had a chance to like America. So, with that, why would anyone believe that he wants the very best for our country? This president has done so much against protocol in his effort to "Fundamentally Change" our great Republic. Now the Left, and all the haters of our Constitution have their man in office; Something they (the Left) have been trying to do since the 60s. However, with his "Change" Americans have waken up to see the slow demise of our country. Now, with the Tea Party movement, and with the "BIG" possibility that the Republicans will sweep the elections in 2011, they are turning to what I call, "Political Racism" The Left can not except the fact that they are slowly but surely, losing the grip that they had in both the house and senate, and eventually the White House.

    • trickyblain

      If the majority voted him simply because he is black, tell us why people didn't do the same for Jackson or Al Sharpton.

      • Philistine

        Because they have negro dialect!! Didn't you listen to Harry Reid? Obama is also clean, according to Biden, so my guess is people thought of Jackson and Sharpton as dirty.

      • Sam Deakins

        Shapie has all that greasy Pomade in his hair. Jackson ain't been cool since he cut his 'fro.

  • freedom fighter

    Most freedom-loving citizens will only tolerate being victimized by the leftists for so long. As the movement gains strength the left will incite violence and appear to be part of the right. No doubt well positioned for the cameras of the left.

    • badaboo

      Already making "pre -excuses " for violence huh ? Oh and "the left " will incite it " huh ? And yes , cameras WILL RECORD WHAT YOU DO ….AND CAMERAS DON'T LIE .
      What B.S. !!!…oh and it won't be the actual perpetrators of the violence , it will be the lefties that made you do it , and the lefties disguised as ….you …..oh what utter B.S. ………..reminds me of the way facists operate .
      What a paranoid mentality ! No wonder Birchers , Supremacists and neo Nazis are gravitating to the teaparties and the recent CPAC .

      • Sam Deakins

        man, clean that orangy Cheetos stain off yer face and fingers. foul water and cheetos is bad for you.

        • badaboo

          real intelligent Sam , but to be expected , racism underlies the tea party , it just took a black president to bring'em out of the woodwork . And Facists ? you bet ,they display all the signs , I said it's no wonder , Birchers , trufers , neo-nazis , white supremacists , birthers are showing up at their rallies and CPAC., they sniff out racism like flies to a dead carcass .

          btw how can you see anything on my face with your head so far up your opposite end ?

          • Sam Deakins

            That smell is not from a stinking carcass, that's your own breath CheetosMan. I can smell it from here. You are definitely a waste of space.

      • Rifleman

        It's the lefties that have to crash the party pretending to be conservatives. You don't see us crashing your freak shows.

        • badaboo

          Hey you two oughta get a room ….and you're both evenly matched with intellect . You think lefties have to disguise themsellves to what ? pretend to be Palin sycophants ? LOL… ,all the democrats gotta do is let her run her course ,hopefully the true conservatives will smarten up before it's too late , but if they're made up dimbulbs like you two , they dont stand a chance .

  • temarch

    The liberals have had control of the media just as the Wizard of Oz did. And just like the Wizard got exposed to the masses, the Tea Partys are exposing the liberals and things are changing fast. Have heart.

    • Liarsall


  • cochavi1

    That's right. Obama could be packaged like Tiger Woods, as multiracial, and he sounded 'white'; and he had a Senate background (sort of) and was a successful lawyer (supposedly), and he could sound like he loved Americans when he was really telling them he'd be changing their ways. Al Sharpton is a joke, though he has been 'legitimated' by liberal sycophants like the CNNs. Jackson was too obviously a con artiste.

  • Art Telles

    "… The signs point to yes."

    "Alinsky’s avenging angels have declared open warfare on April 15.

    "Will they be enabled again by “mainstream journalists” who have turned their Tea Party reporting assignments into search-and-destroy missions?

    "The signs point to yes."

    – – – – – – – – –

    Hi Michelle,

    The only thing that should have been added at the end of your article, after the word "… yes," which suggests acquiescence, i.e., without protest, is something along the lines of that very old sermon about the death of Jesus on Friday… BUT…, Sunday is coming.

    Yes, the deceivers, manipulators, obfuscators and polarizers will vomit their rhetoric through the mouths of the media lap-dog "mainstream journalists", BUT… 2010 is coming… AND, year after year, we're going after the education of America's children K-Graduate School!!!

  • Jim C.

    I think TEA partiers suffer from cognitive dissonance. No, this does not mean they are not stupid by any means–just that they don't have a coherent message. They do have legitimate concerns, but only emotional, nebulous solutions. As to leaders, well, if Palin and Bachmann are leaders…don't get your hopes up. This isn't 1994 when we had Gingrich and new ideas.

    When the economy bounces back the TEA party will lose steam. And conservatives will be back to where they were between Hoover and Reagan–back bench Bircher fogies.

    • Jim C.

      Should say "…they are not stupid by any means"

    • Fiddler

      "They do have legitimate concerns, but only emotional, nebulous solutions"

      Let's talk about solutions for a moment. Speaking about the president: is redistribution of wealth a solution for anything other than securing your party's power by pandering to a short-sided base? Does it BUILD anything, or is it merely a shell-game of red ink (now you see it; now you "don't"). Isn't it merely gining up a destructive "emotion" to wit: jealousy? Instead of "Social Justice", this smacks of SOCIAL VENGENCE. Is that a healthy thing to run on; fomenting jealousy among people for YOUR benefit? It may have WORKED, but is it good? Does it build anything? Does it inspire anyone to be better? OR does it merely instill a PAYBACK mentality among it's adherents?

      Obama's who mentality is: I don't like America, and neither should you!!

  • Liarsall

    But is it illegal – like the taping of ACORN conversations, or the spying of the NSA, or the torture at Guantanamo? Didn't think so

    • Fiddler

      Or presumptive people coming over the border in droves, then people being call ed racist if they object? Or William Ayers blowing up police stations, or draft dogers like Bill Clinton.

      Torture at GITMO? Hmm 3 meals a day. No beheadings, Loud music, no deaths, Qu'rans and prayer rugs upon request. Allowed to pray, daily exercise, soccer. Wow such deprivation!!!

  • Liarsall


    • Samurai Hit Woman

      Michelle Malkin isn't white even if you thought so.