The Green War on Children

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And perhaps some of their propaganda-swallowing teachers might actually talk to a family or two who find zero humor in environmental terrorism.

Violence is no joke to the children of animal research scientists at the University of California-Santa Cruz. Over the past two years, eco-terrorists have physically attacked and intimidated the biomedical experts and their spouses. As The Chronicle of Higher Education reported in 2008, one “researcher and her children cowered in the back of their house” while environmentalists assaulted her husband. “(A)ctivists had scrawled the words ‘murderer’ and ‘torturer’ in chalk on the sidewalk in front of her house and leading up to her front porch. They wrote graffiti at the home of one of the postdoctoral research fellows in her laboratory, and they appeared at the homes of two other university employees, smearing garbage and yelling at them.”

In a separate incident two summers ago, another Santa Cruz-area researcher’s home was firebombed by animal rights terrorists. The scientist and his two young children escaped on a fire ladder from a second-story window. Earlier this year, yet another researcher’s car brakes were sabotaged and emergency brake cables were cut.

When these planetary crusaders aren’t harassing children with their terror campaigns, they’re openly deriding youngsters as loathsome burdens or selfish indulgences whose numbers must be curtailed. The eugenics-inspired officials of Planned Parenthood have blanketed the Third World with population control signs and stickers that preach, “The fewer, the merrier.” London academic John Guillebaud of the Optimum Population Trust in London assailed children as energy thieves a few years ago: “The effect on the planet of having one child less is an order of magnitude greater than all these other things we might do, such as switching off lights. An extra child is the equivalent of a lot of flights across the planet. … The greatest thing anyone in Britain could do to help the future of the planet would be to have one less child.”

Guillebaud accused large families of committing “eco-crimes.” Al Gore’s four children were unavailable for comment. The elite commanders of the green war on children get to live by their own special creed: Do as we say, not as we breed.

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  • kblink45

    Are we sure this video wasn't produced by the right? It certainly doesn't further the green cause. Instead it reveals them for the misanthropes they truly are. Mass suicide is in fact consistent with enviro-radicalism. Save the planet. Jump off a bridge.

  • tagalog

    If the group "stands by" their "humor," then we can draw two conclusions, can't we: (1) they have fanatsies of being in such control that they can stifle dissent (by violence, murder, and terrorism if need be), and that point of view isn't simply a matter of not having thought things through very well, but instead is quite deliberate. Stalin couldn't have been more specific when he said, similarly, "One death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic."

  • IDB

    My reactions was to get an old refrigerator and smash the damned thing up, where is your ozone layer now you liberals!

  • William_Z

    This video shows a enemy, which has removed its mask. We must remember this, spread the word (or video) and not let the enemy forget.

  • Ghostwriter

    I remember seeing this video on Fox News and I'll be honest. I didn't find it funny. Humor was entirely absent from that video. It seems that the people who made this thing's idea of humor is something straight out of "Psycho,""Halloween,"and "I Spit on Your Grave." If they think that blowing up kids was funny,then to them,the Kennedy Assassination was a real laugh riot. In closing,that commercial had all the laughs of a Steven King novel and I mean it had none.

  • kblink45

    Dear William,

    I wasn't being serious. I know it's a leftie video, but it is so ill-conceived that it may as well have been made by the right. That is how stupid the left is.

  • Frederick

    These eco freaks are worried about diminishing resources and a dying planet due to humanities existence. I have a partial solution, they can sacrifice themselves on the alter of Mother Earth, we can chop up their bodies and spread them around the closest farmer's field and help restore the diminished top soil and their overall reduced carbon footprint will prolong the life of the planet by, oh, maybe a millisecond. maybe this effort could be kicked off by the head snake oil salesman himself – old Al !

  • hijinx60

    I laugh every time a commercial comes on about cutting carbon dioxide emisssions. They worry about the world, yet if all co2 emissions were cut, then all plant life would die. plants take in co2 and "feed" on it, then release o2 or oxygen that we breath. Shows just how smart their "scients" are !!

  • R/T

    Stupid is as Stupid does ……and there's no need to join them . C'mon folks ..blowing up kids ??? If it's not black humor ….then what kind of mentality is his video appealing to ?

  • Joe Killian

    I think this video indicates a "transformation" point for ecosymps into ecoterrorists. Like slime molds budding when local food sources are depleted. Once a primitive concept like Gaia relegates children to dismembering sacrificial videos we should expect more Gaiagoons to be competing with Al Qaida. Not the brains at the top but their puppets at the bottom.

    My suggestion for wannabe ecoterrorists: get out and garden more.,2933,343768,00.htm

  • badaboo

    Yea ok Joe , but just keep the "proverbial WE " limited to those of similar mentality to yours .
    It's obvious the filmakers were idiots , the film being mader for idiots , and only idiots would give it any second thought . And proof positive of this ,is the fact that it has been deemed rubbish by anyone who's viewed it [ "future eco-terroristas included ] .

    • bubba4

      Nice try badaboo…but I have already arbitrarily made you responsible for this video. The world feels safer and easier to handle if I put all things that rub me the wrong way into a big pile of indistinguishablle crap.

      Also, I feel less intimidated by you if I think of you as being funded by Soros.

      • badaboo

        Ooops I'm busted Bubba4 , someone must've spotted that solar panel on my roof ! Proof positive , my next step into eco -terrorism will be blowing up kids in their classroom desks ! And how UN-AMERICAN of me ! I've not paid for hot water since 1980 ! Thanks to Fla . sunshine and at the time a 600 dollar investment .
        So all that calculated savings ,…….is just BLOOD MONEY !

  • bubba4

    Alright Michelle…why won't any of you supply links to anything? It's the #^#*$) internet.

    Here's the ACTUAL VIDEO she is talking about:

    This has to be the worst series of ads I've ever seen. Really off-color "humor" if there at all…I don't get it.

  • Lori

    Is their any Morality Left?

  • badaboo

    No , not a bit …..ANYWHERE .

  • Jim Johnson

    The video bares the soul of the Eco freaks . It shows the hate of humanity that burns in their brains. "Clean up the planet or I will kill you" is the message of the ad just as it is of the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

    Had Che been alive now days he would have made a great Eco freak