The Slaughter on the Southern Border

At a joint press conference with Mexican President Felipe Calderon last year, President Obama vowed to make ending border violence a “top priority.” How’s that hope and change working out? Drug-related crime is out of control, the State Department is warning spring-break vacationers to avoid the Mexican states of Durango, Coahuila and Chihuahua, and the bloodshed has now reached the U.S. consulate’s office.

A young American consulate worker and her unborn baby were slain this weekend in Mexico, along with her U.S. detention officer husband and the Mexican husband of another consulate worker. The wanton murders appear to have been a coordinated drug cartel hit; the victims had all just left a children’s birthday party in Juarez and were headed across the border back into Texas. The pregnant American official, Lesley Enriquez, is reportedly the first consulate employee to die in drug-related violence since 1985. Her 7-month-old daughter, terrorized by the gunfire while strapped in her car seat, was the lone survivor of the attack.

The State Department has now authorized the evacuation of dependents of U.S. personnel in six Mexican cities along its northern border with the U.S. And the resort town of Acapulco saw at least 13 murdered over the past week — including four beheadings. The total death toll over the past three years is nearing 20,000.

Mexican government officials have been quite content to blame their neighbors for the outbreaks; to play the race card; to demand blanket amnesty for illegal aliens from their country trying to flee the violence and misery; and to collect massive infusions of U.S. aid that have fallen into the wrong hands. The question for this White House is: How many more Americans will be targeted for execution before we stop rewarding such fatally arrogant behavior?

Reminder: With bipartisan support, the Bush administration handed over $1.6 billion to help Mexico control its border chaos in 2008. The crime-fighting package known as the “Merida Initiative” funded helicopters, surveillance equipment, computer infrastructure, the expansion of intelligence databases, anti-corruption initiatives, human rights education and training, and an anti-money laundering program for our southern neighbors.

President Obama accelerated the release of Merida Initiative cash to Mexico and tossed even more taxpayer funding into the mix.

All of this while our own measly border enforcement initiatives have been shortchanged, demagogued or completely abandoned.

Critics of the Merida Initiative (including yours truly) warned that lax oversight would lead to inevitable plundering of the money by corrupt Mexican government officials and more unabated bloodshed. Calderon cried “racist!” and demanded that the aid be forked over with no strings attached: “Give it to me. And give it to me without conditions,” he told Congress.

Well, who’s watching over the program now? Who’s measuring its success or failure? Judging from the endless pile of corpses and horrific headlines, the Merida Initiative has turned out to be a boon and a boondoggle for the Mexican thugocracy. The civilian police force is notoriously under the thumb of the drug networks across the country. Infiltrators have penetrated at all levels.

The Brookings Institution warned two years ago: “Multiple Federal agencies have earned a reputation for ineffectiveness and corruption; among them, the Attorney General’s Federal Investigative Agency, the Ministry of Public Security’s Federal Preventive Police Force, the Ministry of Government’s Center for Investigation and National Security and the Ministry of Finance’s Customs Administration. … State security agencies and the courts have not protected the citizenry effectively. According to surveys carried out by Transparencia Mexicana, the police and justice system are perceived as having worse problems of corruption and inefficiency than other public agencies.”

Yet, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the lesson of this weekend’s killing spree is that the U.S. needs to work even closer with the Calderon administration — and at least one House Democrat in Texas, Henry Cuellar, is calling for a second Merida Initiative package. This is a recipe for an even bloodier Mexican Drug Cartel Stimulus Package.

If you subsidize it, you’ll get more of it. Loco.

  • eerieSteve

    Great article Ms. Malkin. This is exactly the type of issue Republicans should run on during this election: crime.

    The Obama administration has not been the savior but effectively worst. Empirically, he has set the American ship on sail for the death culture, as high unemployment breeds higher crime.

    For all the flack the Iraqis get, it is also important there are places here at home that are worst, like Bogota, Columbia or Nuevo Laredo. Those shall be the next battles on the war on terror, not Iran, as they are the same enemy.

    I say kill two birds with one stone. Get our essentially narco-terrorists who run on blood, ie Dick Marcinko and Seal Team Six, to forcibly kidnap corrupt Mexican officials and just parachute them into downtown Tehran strapped to some sort of foam gurney. Naturally due to the mistreatment they would side with Iran, and we will be flaming the flames of their problem, not ours.

    Then we unleash the gay army for “reconstruction”, ie the Democrats form of Blackwater!

    End of Story!!!!

  • badaboo

    Legalize pot & cocaine , drug cartels would disappear overnight , growing gangs in the US would be effectively rendered impotent , no more money for mack-10's ,ak's &m-16's.Use the money we're wasting on the War n Drugs , that we are and have always been losing to educate and rehab the addicts . Terrorists who finance their slaughters with drug money would be put out of buisiness , and the number of drunks on the road would be reduced , since the use of BOOZ The Legal DRUG of Choice in this country would be reduced . Since we allow drunk drivers numerous chances until they finally wipe out a family on the road , drunken husbands beating their wives to death and drunken shootouts would also be reduced . I'd rather face a "coke or pothead " behind the wheel on the road than a drunk .
    p.s. dont pay attention to steve , he lives on Mars where you can actuallyuse parachutes and gourneys .

    • DBCooper

      You think it that simple? The monsters in question make money on kidnapping for ransom, and sexual slavery too. You allow them to make legal billions on coke and weed and they continue to wage war over farming terrirtory, distribution districs, and yes they still sell rides on 11 year olds.

      Coke alone could make for an entire global economy and nobody is going to want to share production with anyone.

      People like you should have a look in the mirror when wondering why there is so much bloodshed. Every bag of weed, every line you snort costed a family their lives. You of course just shrug it off and blame alcoholics. They arent waging war over beer or wine, wake up!

      • badaboo

        Imagine that 18 year old cutting your wife's throat during a mugging to get drug money. TYour argument is "non-thinking " on its face . Even with a tax , a minimal black market MAY come intgo existence , but one thing is for sure , the "slaughter on the border " of which this article bespeaks would disappear . And btw , do you read things or just react out of lock-step rote .I dont use drugs , and the DEA will not save your children or prevent lives being lost …not in the least oh deluded guy .The "DRUG WAR " is political much much more than it is effective , in fact it exacerbates the problem . And YOU should check statistics , drug use is down among the young , andf THAT is due to GOOD PARENTING and EDUCATION AT A YOUNG AGE ABOUT THE DANGERS OF DRUG USE > The DEA will not be the hero or savior of the youth in America . , but it is gettin g alot of innocent CXolumbians and mexicans killed , and NOW it threaten to ewrupt across our southern borders . It's timed for new thinking , the US War on Drugs is a FAILURE .

        • Don

          If you are willing to cut someone's throat to get anything, why would making it cheaper stop you from cutting someone's throat to get it?

    • DBCooper

      By the way.

      Legalizing coke would make it possible for any addict to buy the product at any 7/11 as many times a day as they felt like. Imagine the average 18 year old finishing off a quarter and heading back to the corner store for another eight ball.

      The money needed to treat such people would be wasted as it would be right in their faces every time they stopped to buy gas or milk. Cocain is a powerful addiction and unlike alcohol next to nobody will be able to resist.

      I find it funny how this issue turns into a prohibition era rant against booze every time it comes up. You at the same time want to legalize things that are far more addictive and destructive. Alcohol is seen as a captalist enterprise that makes millions, thus many hate it. Cocain and pot alike would make 300 times the profits for capitalists!

  • Right in Left World

    $1.6 billion in exchange for what? Mexico's unwanted. The criminal Mexican costs America $1.6 Billion of taxpayer money. Seal the border and shoot anyone who tries to sneak across.

    • Ivano

      That's the most stupid thing I ever heard…., you should know that the violence in Mexico is overdue because of drug customers, if there were not exist american junkies and weapon ilegal traffic, there would not be vioence in Mexico. The US Goverment is taking a chance now to do something, hope is not too late.

  • blotto

    badaboo: "I'd rather face a "coke or pothead " behind the wheel on the road than a drunk ." Really?? Dying by either one is still dying.

    And you really think the drug cartels would just close up shop? And you think they would not be in the business of drugs anymore once the goverment legalized drugs? And you think that legalizing drugs would curtail our drug use or is that not part of your equation?

    You apparently don't care how many kids, juveniles and young adults get hooked on drugs and ruin their lives so long as you can ruin yours (assuming you use drugs)?


    And off topic.

    • badaboo

      I dont use drus slick , but I know a failure when I see it . The drug war is a bust , it only stops maybe 10% of the drugs coming into thee country . We're clogging up prisons with drug userts while murderers , rapists and pewdophiles get off easy …until nthey finally kill , and sometimes THAST only gets 'em 12 years .Legalization would not curtail drug use , in fact it may increase abit , but atleast we could spend those billions on rehab and education, because we're wasting our money now , and thousands are being killed [maybe you dont care about them huh ? As far as YOUR kids ? Man up and teach 'em right , and they wont use drugs , dont expect the DEA to keep your kids safe , if they want drugs they'll find'em , whether the drugs are legal or illegal .

      Dont assume chump , I dont use drugs , nor do the three sons I raised . Worried about your kids ? Do your job asto vdo your job . a parent and dont expect someone else

      • badaboo

        and statistically , people under the influence of booz are far more likely to cause a crash and kill someone than those under the influence of pot and cocaine …those are simply the facts .
        Funny how most of you guys dont want the government in your lives , but when it comes to what should be the most important things , like your kids , you want the government to be responsible by building useless fences , and wasting billions on corrupt governments to safeguard your kids , which is YOUR JOB .

        And THAT is PATHETIC

        It is the money which corrupts , and that corruption will get the drugs into the country . Seal the borders ? And the drugs will come in another way.

        • DBCooper

          Your prohibition statistics are a bit off. In my younger years I thought drug legalization was the answere to every global problem, I even joined a group that claimed the same things you do. As I matured I started to question their dogmas, and no other member ever came up with any real anseres for them.

          Alcohol can be involved in a crash in many cases but often isnt the cause of the crash. Your stats assume every crash involving alcohol was caused by a drunk driver. We now imprison people and rely on funds generated by drunk stops because the legal limit is constantly reduced. Right now 3 beers can get you thrown in prison and activists such as MADD want the limit reduced to .01 as we speak.

          #1. Legalize all substances and tax them. Would this not make for expensive substances due to taxation, thus a continued black market?
          #2. What might manufactureres in the new market add to such substances to increase their potency and adictive strength?
          #3. Where would said taxes go?
          #4. Creating a society where a high number of people spend life in revolving door rehab like hollywood stars would have what positive impact?

    • DBCooper

      I would rather share the road with a guy who had 3 beers than a coke addict who just spent the last 4 days awake.

      He thinks the cartels would just go away when in reality they would continue a drug war for farming terrirtory and distribution rights.

      Why would they stop making money on sexual slavery and ransoms just because weed and coke are legitimate? They of course would continue to do what cartels do regardless of our policy. They are greedy sociopathic mobsters who want more and more and more money, selling Marlboro brand pot at the local gas station isnt going to change that.

  • ack

    Take all of our troops out of South Korea and put them on the southern American border. South Koreans would be happy and we would effectively shut down our border. The U.S. needs to stop supporting the failed state of Mexico, instead of coming here to escape, they should be staying in Mexico and fixing their country. Sorry but they need to kill off the established order in Mexico and start over, perhaps modeling their country after their Northern neighbor, but with a more limited government. Real freedom, like we used to have.

    • USMCSniper

      Take all of our troops out of South Korea and put them on the southern American border. Ahhh..errr… What will be the rules of engagement? Will the lives of Mexican nationals when used as human shields be deemed more valuable than those of our troops just like in Aghanistan.

  • Historyscoper

    Sorry, but Malkin is just perpetuating the old paradigm of trying to treat failed Mexico as a separate country while letting its root causes of poverty, injustice, corruption and crime fester. Instead, it's time to try a new pardigm, my 7-step nonpartisan Megamerge Dissolution Solution of ending the 160-year de facto apartheid of brown-skinned peoples and inviting the Mexican people to dissolve their govt. in favor of joining the U.S. as 10+ new states, allowing the U.S. military to move in and set up bases and end the lawlessness, the U.S. border to be expanded to the seas to make it stronger against world terrorism, and pop. and resources to freely mix, developing Mexico as a new U.S. sector. The only losers are white supremacists and Anglophiles. So what if the U.S. becomes bilingual? Both English and Spanish are here to stay, and in the Internet Age it's becoming a trivial obstacle. The real question is, can all 414 million Americans learn to share the New World in peace and prosperity instead of repeating the mistakes of the Old World. For those aware of the threat of Islam, these new Americans will send reps to Washington and help decide who's president and what our new immigration policy for overseas immigrants will be. Study the MMDS at

  • JosephWiess

    Texas Governor Perry has been asking for federal help on the border since last year, and DHS secretary Nepalitano has yet to reply.

  • badaboo

    ALL of the Governors of the states that border Mexico have been asking for HELP ON THE BORDER FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS …..yea they're still waiting

  • badaboo

    And to address your RIDICULOUS statement's last sentence , no one's blaming alcoholics …can't you read ? And there is no raging war over beer and wine …BECAUSE IT IS LEGAL . Hey genius , do you remember prohibition ? Everybody who drank , continued to do so , and those who supplied it -Gangsters got rich , politicians were corrupted by the money , and yes people got killed .Instead of making biuased assumptions about me , try using your head for something productive …like THINKING .

  • badaboo

    Therer is no war being waged over "beer and wine " Because they are LEGAL . Addiction to alcohol is handled through rehab and education , just as would be done with THE OTHER DRUGS . However war WAS waged during Prohibition . Read my statement , I dont blasme al;coholics for anything , NOR DO I USE DRUGS …dont twist my words to make your argument . The War on Drugs is corrupting law enforcement , corrupting government officials , and getting people killed , it has not reduced drug use in this country . YOU check the statistics , drug use is down among the young due to GOOD PARENTING and EDUCATION , not by any efforts of the DEA .

  • alzaebo

    drug gangs… a much greater benefit to society than bad habits. Bad habits might destroy Civilization As We Know It.

    All drugs were legal before 1940. Those rampaging, godless Depression bastahds.

  • alzaebo

    Alcohol Prohibition and it's immediate replacement, Drug Prohibition, were means to fund violent Democrat auxillaries under the table- the Klan, the Mob, the "trade unions". Look where the mobsters are in the mayor's office in the South and the NorthEast.
    They violently enforced Democrat power and the will of City Hall.
    Other corrupt agendas were also at work- such as the profit of a few "connected" elitists.

    Illegal money to fund illegal politics. Look where the decades of this growing corruption has gotten us.

    Ever wonder how money laundering became the largest function in government and finance? Untraceable liquidity leverages much larger asset classes- stocks, housing, govt contracting, nonprofits, trusts.


  • alzaebo

    Republicans getting rich on prison stocks and building enforcement unions to counter Democrats building 'schools', stadiums, and social justice unions hasn't helped either.

    This lie has created the first global crime cartel and the largest crime wave in history.
    Do you really believe government players are not using this to their advantage? They are funding rogue armies from common agricultural commodities!
    After 5000 years of common usage, answer- why did all governments declare that hemp was too 'dangerous' to exist?

    A world war was fought over hemp in 1812- it was as important to global trade (ropes and sails don't rot in saltwater), as oil is today. The Colonies got rich from marijuana, tobacco, and potash (burnt oak). Not just rope marijuana (hemp), either.

    Mexican cartels make 85% of their profits from marijuana. That could be an 85% reduction in their crime. 85% reduction!

    My granny used to grow pot in odd years, tobacco in even years, like 100,000 other farmers in the1920s and 30s. Not exactly a bunch of immoral, lazy slackers then.

  • alzaebo

    What happened to the the idea of freedom? You gladly embraced it's murder!
    Ethics died when you believed corrupt liars!
    If "Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" are meaningless phrases, so are the rest.
    If you attack my freedoms, yours… will. be. next.

    These laws against consumer choice have destroyed constitutional republicanism and replaced it with lies, corruption, and gang warfare. Where are the hordes of heavily armed winos?

    Ignorant potheads like Abe Lincoln, George Washington, and Tom Jefferson would agree.

    I understand your rage and confusion over the increasing rot of society. It began because you were lied to, good people.

    It's the failure of yet another FDR program.

  • alzaebo

    theives supporting their liquor habit?

    83% of heroin users had already commited 100 burglaries before their first use of heroin.

    Poverty doesn't cause crime. Crime causes poverty (unsafe neighborhoods are poor neighborhoods)

    Drug use doesn't lead to crime. Crime leads to drug use.

    I never once considered stealing for a fix. NOT EVER. Neither would you… not even for a beer.

  • alzaebo

    darn it, last one. I swear.

    Methamphetamine (crosstops) was legal until 1980.
    No toothless, scabby meth-heads, tweakers, or zombies. No labs or gangs.
    ( North Korea happens to be the biggest producer today.)

    Workers might pop one after a late nite with too little sleep, that's what it was created for in 1915. That's about it.

    The "speed freak" media myth was a slap at returning Nam vets.
    Kind of like the "crack baby" myth that was a part of the era of "repressed memory" hysteria. We live in a world of lies and breathless rumour.

  • Ivano

    For all americans, the droug cartels situation now is an issue because it is a problem southern border in Mexico. Americans were happy before because the most important droug cartels were in Colombia, thousand miles away from the US.